Und wieder mal bilden unser Dummi Wessis, nur Drogen Händler und Ganoven aus im Drogen Geschäft. Dort nennt man es dann Ausbildung um den Drogen Handel zu bekämpfen, aber in Wirklichkeit sind die Beamten und Regierungs Leute dort, die Drogen Bosse.

OSCE Centre organizes training on advanced drug recognition and testing in Turkmenistan

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ASHGABAD, 4 November 2005 - Experts from the German Customs Service, specializing in drug recognition and testing, conducted the first of two one-week practical training courses in Ashgabad, organized by the OSCE Centre in co-operation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

"The training course aims at improving the ability of law enforcement personnel to respond to and counter drug trafficking activities, which is a pervasive problem in the region and which has become increasingly sophisticated and diversified, thus posing new challenges for law enforcement," said Ambassador Ibrahim Djikic, Head of the OSCE Centre in Ashgabad.

The experts instructed the participants in the use of the latest state of the art equipment for drug recognition and testing, and employed interactive methods such as concealing drug samples in cars which the participants had to locate.

Thirty-two State Border and Customs officials are participating in the training sessions. These officials will later train personnel deployed to border posts.

The second course will follow in the upcoming week.

The OSCE Centre in Ashgabad and the UNODC Office will continue their close co-operation in the area of combating drugs. A joint training event on railway car and vessel search is currently being developed.