Es geht vorwärts, wenn der berühmte Tenor Carrera dort singt. Anwesend alle Staatspräsidenten der Region.

Jose Carreras Opens Ohrid Festival


World-renowned tenor Jose Carreras, together with soprano Tina Gorina, performed a two-hour-long concert at the Antique Theatre in Ohrid. In attendance were the presidents of Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia-Montenegro, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina's prime minister.

By Marina Stojanovska for Southeast European Times in Skopje - 26/07/05

Spanish tenor Jose Carreras performs at the opening of the Ohrid Summer Festival on 12 July. [AFP]

World-renowned opera tenor Jose Carreras sang in Ohrid on 12 July, opening the 45th International Ohrid Summer Festival. The two-hour concert was held at the Antique Theatre under the auspices of the president of Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski.

Carreras performed in front of a more than 2,500-strong audience that included Albanian President Alfred Moisiu, Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov and Serbia-Montenegro President Svetozar Marovic, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina Prime Minister Adnan Terzic and the diplomatic corps in Macedonia.