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Weihnachten- Serbian Style

Erstellt von ooops, 27.12.2009, 02:00 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 1.289 Aufrufe

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    Reden Weihnachten- Serbian Style

    Christmas Gifts - Serbian Style

    | 23 December 2009 | By Laura Wolfs

    If you’re looking for something to take back to the family that is incontrovertibly ‘Serbian’ we have a few suggestions which will leave them all under absolutely no illusion where you live. Rakija

    Some people love it, others would fight wild animals to avoid it, but nothing says Serbia quite like Rakija. Much like wine, Rakija can be bought for as little as just a few euros but quality costs and for the very best rakija you’ll not see too much change from €150. Available in almost as many flavours as there are fruits, from the traditional plum to the more esoteric Komova, made from refermented grape pomace or Stomaklija, a plum rakija, flavoured with wormwood – an acquired taste, renowned for it’s ability to calm the stomach, we’re told. If Rakija’s what your after you could do worse than check out the gift shop at the Rakija bar at Terazije 42, where you can pick up a huge range. They stock the really rather nice Stara Soklova at around €40 and a good selection of boxed presentation packs, some with glasses included


    Rest assured that the folks back home won’t know just how kitschy the locals all think those items from the craft stalls on Knez Mihailova or at the Kalemegdan Fortress really are.What’s more with a little searching and some hard bargaining there are some diamonds in the rough. One or two of those hand-embroidered tablecloths and some of that artisinal crochet-work really was made by hand in Serbia by Serbians. There really are still plenty of artists and craftsmen in Belgrade producing top quality items.

    Those of you too busy or just too lazy to make the trip for yourself will find Serbia Souvenirs, ???????? ?????? | ???????, ????????, ????? ??????, ??????? ????????, ???????, ????? ???., a site supported by Serbian Tourist Organisation, just the ticket a few clicks could solve all your present buyimg dilemmas. What’s more they vouch for the authenticity of their products, so granny isn’t going to find a ‘Made in China’ label on that pretty embroidered cushion.

    Tito’s Cookbook

    Josip Broz Tito, President for Life of Yugoslavia, and one of the founders of the Non-Aligned Movement, met with all of the great leaders of his day, and the menu’s from the state dinners that were prepared for these famous guests have been meticulously preserved and put together into a hardback book by Anja Drulovic. Recipes and archive photographs are combined with brief reminisces from the events to provide a fantastic insight into the great leaders life. So if you want to know what Saddam Hussein or the Queen of England had for lunch when they came to visit, this is just the item. Available in Serbian or English from good bookshops across town.

    Red Star or Partizan?

    Our sports correspondent likes to talk about what he calls the ‘eternal rivaly’ between Serbia’s two most illustrious sporting clubs, but for us it comes down to a choice between red and black. Their football teams are known the world over, and nothing will keep the sports fan in your family as happy as a Red Star or Partizan football shirt or basketball jersey. Kit can be bought in sports shops across town and Red Star even have one or two exclusive stores selling everything from Red Star caps to Red Star baby-grows.

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