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Albania to Open Three More Universities


Responding to the labour market's need for a skilled workforce, Albanian authorities have decided to open three new universities. Starting this autumn, students can enroll at the universities of Berati, Durres and Fieri

By Erlis Selimaj for Southeast European Times in Tirana -- 10/08/05

With the addition of the three new schools, Albania will have nine universities in its main cities. [File]

Starting in the 2005-2006 academic year, Albania will have three more universities. Earlier this month, the government approved legislation paving the way for the opening of institutions of higher learning in Berati, Durres and Fieri.

The Council of Ministers passed the draft-law to open three new universities in Berati, Durres and Fieri to create new possibilities and development spaces for the higher education in universities according to the European standards, according to a press release from the government's Department of Information.

All three universities will have education departments, helping to meet a demand for pre-elementary and elementary school teachers. Berati's university will also offer diplomas in public administration, tourism management and nursing. Students at the university in Durres can take courses in foreign languages, naval engineering, the social sciences and tourism management, while the Fieri university's department of applied sciences will offer training in agriculture, engineering and social work.

The government's decision brings the total number of universities in Albania to nine. Authorities are in the process of finding physical locations for the universities, while the ministry of education and science has begun recruiting staff.

Liberalisation of higher education is a major topic of discussion in Albanian academia. As reforms are enacted and more institutions established, it may soon become possible for any Albanian wishing to pursue a university degree to do so, provided he or she passes the entrance exam.