Hier am Beispiel Tepelene und der berühmten Burg des Ali Paschas.

Allein 30 illegale Construktionen innerhalb der Burg.

All dies ist überall im Lande zu sehen und lt. Gesetz gibt es keinerlei Baugenehmigungen auf Antiken Grund.

Illegal Constructions surround Ali Pasha
Tepelenë- The castle at the center of Tepelena city which is and remains the most important historic and architectonic building in the small southern city has undergone destruction and gradual deterioration of its walls and cementing all around it.Built form the famous Ali Pasha of Janina, during its glorious days, the castle still maintains its original form, with over 60 wall windows, three doors, one headed west, one east, the other south. In the meantime, the view of the castle is wonderful, a big valley and a river passing through the hills. But to a visitor or tourist which rarely happens to visit the small southern city suffering of destitution, the castle which is a first-class “monument of culture“ does not offer anything to the tourist, who cannot find even a sign with information on tourist details.
The cement is covering the famous castle and is ruining its beautiful environment eroding thus its historic values. There are over 30 buildings within the walls of the castle. Within its walls live many habitants who don’t respect the law and neither the historic values of the castle. The constructions have practically covered the west side of the castle and the walls cannot be seen. To make things worse the litters are everywhere and have blocked the two major ports of the castle. Despite this continuous daily damage nobody thinks to rehabilitate the castle of Tepelena in which one can find modern houses amidst the castle and you cannot call it neither a castle nor a modern neighborhood.