Es gibt jetzt ein Geheim Abkommen mit Griechenland, weil diese Art von Faschistischen Fälschungs Schulbüchern Europa nicht akezptieren kann.

Albania and Greece to overhaul Greek-Albanian history
Tirana, November 02, 2004 - Greece and Albania secretly signed a protocol in Athens in March 2003 that binds the both countries to overhaul the history, media in Tirana said.

The document was signed for realization of the activities in the period from 2003-2005. Both countries founded Expert Committee to review the history, geography and other subjects in the schoolbooks.

The protocol has been kept secret till the last visit of the Greek Education Minister Marietta Giannakou to Albania. Minister Giannakou announced that schoolbooks impede the bilateral relations between Tirana and Athens.

There are still ideas for Greater Albania in Tirana's schoolbooks. It is unacceptable for Greece, Giannakou said.

According to Albanian historians, the history of Albania is objectively presented in the books, media said.

If the history of the two neighboring countries was not friendly in the past, it doesn't mean that it should be changed, Gazmen Shpuza, Albanian historian, told the newspaper Sekuli.
Source: Makfax