der Albanische Roman "Der General der toten Armee" würde in Roma-Sprache übersetzt und auf "Romisch" heisst es “Mula armadako generalo

Albanian Best-Seller Tanslated Into Romani

Pristina | 23 February 2009 |

TheGeneral of the Dead Army

“The General of the Dead Army", a best-selling novel by Albania's greatest living writer, Ismail Kadare, has been translated into the Roma language as part of a project financed by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo.
In Roma the title of the novel is “Mula armadako generalo”.
“The translation was very hard, because the Roma language is very poor and undeveloped”, said translator Ibrahim Elshani, adding that he needed to create some Roma words to accommodate the meaning of the novel.
“The Roma people don’t have much literature and there is a definite need for support in this area”, an official from the Swiss Cooperation office in Pristina told Balkan Insight.
The Roma suffer discrimination around Europe and are usually the poorest and most marginalised minority in the Balkan states. Most live in informal settlements with basic utilities and make a living through scavenging, begging and menial work. Mutual suspicion and deep-rooted prejudices mean few children go to school.
Albanian Best-Seller Tanslated Into Romani

das sind die neuesten Schlagzeilen aus dem Kosovo überall wird diese Neuigkeit gestrahlt und bei den Roma wird wie die Unabhängigkeit Kosovos gefeiert (wenn nicht mehr), die Strassen sind voll, endlich mal was zum lesen auf Romisch.