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Berühmte Albaner (inkl. Bildergallerie)

Erstellt von Albanesi, 30.11.2004, 19:42 Uhr · 377 Antworten · 96.457 Aufrufe

  1. #201

    Registriert seit
    Kommt es gibt etliche albanische oder albanischstämmige Berühmtheiten

    Es gibt so viele Informationen , auf was wir auch stolz sein können , die ich jetzt posten werde

    Lasst diese Provokationen userer Erzfeinde und Neider beiseite und macht diese Liste richtig voll.
    Egal auch wenn Halbalbaner dazu kommen , das ist auch egal

    Albert Einstein ist ja auch kein echter Deutscher , genauergesagt , sondern Jude.

    Falemenderti Vlezzerit Shiptar

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    Bard Quku, 2004 Outstanding Alumnus

    Bard Quku earned a bachelor of science in marketing from The University of Tulsa in 1963. Today, Quku serves as senior vice president of custom portfolios for Morgan Stanley, where he has built a 37-year career. He manages client portfolios in excess of $600 million and is a charter member of the Morgan Stanley Chairman’s Club, which honors the firm’s top producers. Financial World magazine has named Quku one of the top 10 brokers on Wall Street.

    He is a regular commentator on “Bloomberg Financial Television” and a frequent guest lecturer at universities and corporations. The Wharton School of Finance student body voted him one of its top speakers.

    Quku fled the communism of his native Albania, coming to America in 1949. Today, he is a prominent figure in the Albanian-American community and is a member of the National Albanian American Council Portfolios, a nonprofit organization promoting peace and economic development in the Balkans. The president of Albania invited Quku to promote investments in that country.

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    Nate Dushku , Bruder von ELiza Dushku

    Date of birth (location)
    8 June 1977
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    Sister, Eliza Dushku. Has 2 older brothers, Aaron and Ben. (show more)

    Sometimes Credited As:
    Nathaniel Dushku

    Actor - filmography
    (In Production) (2000s)

    Reverie (2005) (announced) .... Preston

    The Zodiac (2005) .... Scott Washington
    Kiss Me Again (2005) .... Student #2
    "Joan of Arcadia"
    - Just Say No (2003) TV Episode .... Clay Fisher
    Learning Curves (2003) .... Phil
    ... aka Angel: The Series (USA)
    - Orpheus (2003) TV Episode (uncredited) .... Armed Robber
    My Dinner with Jimi (2003) .... George Harrison
    Reality Check (2002) .... Gar
    Vampire Clan (2002) .... Tony
    Wolf Girl (2001) (TV) .... Whiffer
    ... aka Blood Moon (Canada: English title: video title) (USA: DVD title)
    Antitrust (2001) .... Brian Bissel
    ... aka (Europe: English title)
    "Undressed" (1999) TV Series (as Nathaniel Dushku) .... Milo (2000: Season 2)
    ... aka MTV's Undressed (USA: complete title)
    - Surprise (2000) TV Episode .... Reims
    - Greeks and Geeks (2000) TV Episode .... Reims

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    Enver Petrovci

    Gluma u filmovima:

    1979 Kad proleće kasni
    1983 Stepenice za nebo
    1984 Lazar
    1984 Opasni trag
    1987 Uvek spremne žene
    1988 Čuvari magle
    1988 Neka čudna zemlja
    1988 Ortaci
    1989 Hajde da se volimo 2
    1990 Gluvi barut
    1990 Sex - partijski neprijatelj br. 1 kao vozač džipa
    1990 Stanica običnih vozova
    1992 Bulevar Revolucije
    1992 Prokleta je Amerika
    1998 Stršljen kao Salih
    1998 Tri palme za dve bitange i ribicu kao Skočajić

    The Return

    Directed by Enver Petrovci and Vanessa Redgrave, produced by Bill Kenwright, and supported by a host of artists including, among others, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Bono, Elton John, Sting and Meryl Streep, The Return will feature Canada's Men of the Deeps and Tribe of One

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    Ana Oxa

    Ana Oxa , gewann schon bereits zum zweiten Mal , dass San Remo Festival
    Der Kosovo-Albaner und große Bauunternehmer Begjet Pacolli ist ihr Ehemann

    Anna was born in Bari to an Albanian father and Italian mother. She started her career as a punk music singer back in 1978. Since then she has released more than 20 CDS.

    She has won the San Remo festival twice. The first time was back in 1989 with the duet Ti lascero (I will leave you) together with Fausto Laeli. The same year she represented Italy in the ESC with the song Avrei Voluto, another duet with Laeli. Her second victory at Sanremo came in 1999 with the song Sienza Pietta (No Mercy). Last month she took part in the San Remo Festival again with the song L'eterno movimento which came 10th, although Oxa gave a most impressive performance in her usual...unique way.

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    Eliza Dushku ist nur zur Hälfte Albanerin.

    Das bedeutet ihr Blut ist nicht sauber. Nur Albaner mit illyrischem Blut sind echte Albaner.

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    der ehemalige präsident kosovas

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    Cal Carozzi

    Cal Carozzi At 14 years old, started in one of the few karate schools that were in Massachusetts at the time. The art of Shodokan Karate. After attaining a rank of Brown Belt, he moved on, and met a man from Central Europe and became friends.
    This 150-pound Albanian held a fifth-degree Master level in Aikido. Practicing on his own, he then began studying Kempo with Fred Villari

    After attaining the rank of senior Master level (7th dan), and teaching hundreds of Black Belts He also worked out under Professor Nick Cerio (R.I.P. 10/7/98), who had been one of Grandmaster Villari's teachers. GrandMaster Carozzi has now aligned himself with another one of his senior instructors, Professor Charles Mattera.

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    milosh kopiliqi, halb-albaner, -halb-slawe

  10. #210

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    der löwe von janina, ali pashé tepelena

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