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Berühmte Griechen - International

Erstellt von evropi, 24.02.2012, 00:30 Uhr · 676 Antworten · 49.939 Aufrufe

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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. vollbracht

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    Maria Menoounos ist Schauspielerin, Journalistin, Moderatoring und trat ebenfalls für die Wrestling-Company WWE auf!

    Maria Menounos trat gestern beim größten Wrestling-Event des Jahres WRESTLEMANIA vor ca 78.000 Zuschauern!

    Weitere Bilder:

    habe gestern wrestlemania geguckt habe aber jetzt net so auf diese maria geachtet irgendwann ich gucke ihr so auf die brüste unbewusst merke dann so hää ist das die gr fahne ??

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    habe gestern wrestlemania geguckt habe aber jetzt net so auf diese maria geachtet irgendwann ich gucke ihr so auf die brüste unbewusst merke dann so hää ist das die gr fahne ??
    Haha Maria Menounos ist in Amerika als Moderatorin recht bekannt.
    Sie war auch mit Sakis Rouvas 2006 bei der Eurovision in Athen die Moderatorin, sie spricht fließend griechisch.

    Ich hab Wrestlemania auch komplett gesehen und hab vorher schon erwartet das sie mit einer Griechenland-Flagge auftritt. Sie ist halt sehr Stolz auf ihre Heimat.

    Aber die Hauptsache ist, sie ist heiß.

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    hoppala maria

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    hoppala maria
    Ich sehe Mumu!

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    Der wäre ich mal gerne hinterhergeschnorchelt!!!

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    Griechen in Argentinien....wir sind wirklich überall

    The Greek community in Argentina numbers between 35,000 and 60,000 people.[citation needed] The first immigrants arrived at the end of the 18th century, while the bulk of immigration occurred during the first half of the 20th century.

    With the advent of the 60's and 70's the official Greek School in Buenos Aires was established but an informal "Saturday School" still took place in the koinotites. During this time, many teachers from motherland Greece arrived with the sponsorship of the Greek government and the embassy. During this period the first graduations of Greek blooded professionals -mainly doctors, lawyers and business accountants- took place in the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina's main national university.
    Ethnically, the Greeks of Argentina are a very "endogamic" society, maybe the most after the Jewish, although intermarriage between people from different European descent is the common throughout the country.[citation needed]
    In terms of cultural background, the lack of using the Greek language is making third and fourth generation Greek-Argentinians to start losing it. Instead, the knowledge of Greek folk dances and music in Greek-Argentinians is extremely remarkable[citation needed], being this highlighted by the Greek Government itself during the Annual Cultural Exchange Trips for Greeks Abroad, known as "Programa Filoxenias tou Apodimou Ellinismou", where Hellenic-Argentinian boys and girls show greater skills and performances than every other diaspora Greeks -and even better than those from motherland Greece.

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    Oscar R. Panno (born 1935 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine chess Grandmaster.
    Panno won the World Junior Chess Championship in 1953, and also won the championship of Argentina the same year. He became a grandmaster at the age of twenty. He had an Elo rating of around 2580 Elo in his prime, and of 2515 in 1986 and 2429 in 2008. Panno has several successes at the tournaments at Mar del Plata. He won the international tournaments in 1954 and 1969 (shared with Miguel Najdorf), and the open tournaments in 1986, 1988, and 1994. Panno tied for first at Lone Pine 1977. He played various famous grandmasters, occasionally losing to them brilliantly. Panno was the first top world chess player born in South America. He played eleven times for Argentina in Chess Olympiads (1954–1958, 1962, 1966–1970, 1976, 1986–1988, 1992).[1] He was still active as of 2008, finishing third in the Bobby Fischer Memorial tournament held in Villa Martelli.

    Graciela Paraskevaidis (born 1 April 1940) is an Argentine writer and composer of Greek ancestry who lives and works in Uruguay.

    Miguel Samuel Spiro was born in Hydra Island, Greece. He emigrated to Buenos Aires with his two brothers in 1810, and was an early supporter of the May Revolution that year.
    He had been a Navy Captain in Greece, and took part in organizing the fledgling naval forces of the United Provinces of South America.
    Spiro died on 28 March 1814 during a naval battle near Concepción del Uruguay (Combat of Arroyo de la China), when he decided to scuttle his ship rather than surrender to the enemy.
    The Argentine navy has named two ships in his honor, the most recent being the corvette ARA Spiro (P-43), commissioned in 1988.

    Constantino Tsallis (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Τσάλλης; b. 1943) is a naturalized Brazilian physicist working in Rio de Janeiro at CBPF, Brazil. He was born in Greece, and grew up in Argentina, where he studied physics at Instituto Balseiro, in Bariloche. In 1974 he received a Doctorat d'Etat et Sciences Physiques degree from the University of Paris-Orsay. He moved to Brazil in 1975 with his family (his wife and daughter).
    Tsallis is credited with introducing the notion of what is known as Tsallis entropy and Tsallis statistics in his 1988 seminal paper "Possible generalization of Boltzmann–Gibbs statistics" published in the Journal of Statistical Physics, vol. 52, pp. 479–487. The generalization is considered to be one of the most viable and applicable candidates for formulating a theory of non-extensive thermodynamics. The resulting theory is not intended to replace Boltzmann–Gibbs statistics, but rather supplement it, such as in the case of anomalous systems characterised by non-ergodicity or metastable states.
    One of the most impressive experimental verifications of the predictions of q-statistics concerns cold atoms in dissipative optical lattices. Eric Lutz made an analytical prediction in 2003 which was verified in 2006 by a London team.

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    Die Website der Griechen in Argentinien
    ..::: GREEKS IN ARGENTINA :::..

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