Unglaublich das das Museum dort bei einem der berühmtesten Antiken Tempel im Balkan, jetzt kurz vor dem Zusammenbruch steht.
The museum of Apolonia endangered
Fier- The archeological museum of ancient Apollonia is endangered to breakdown. A landslide has started to advance on the backside of the building since ten years ago causing problematic and dangerous consequences. Everything appears very obvious and sad.The crack occurred since at the entrance of this important historical complex and it goes up to the end of the building. The construction of the museum itself is fragile and it can breakdown in any moment. The weight of exposed items, which include sarcophaguses and marbled statues make the risk more evident and present. Meanwhile the damage is gradually transmitting to the roof, masterly handcrafted by some specialists. According to the well known archaeologist Vangjel Dimo “everything is reported and made clear to the Culture Institute and to other responsible organisms in Tirana. They are acknowledged with the situation and know how difficult is for this building to stand the winter rainfalls. There were carried out some approaches to prevent and restore the situation but, without funds it is almost impossible” – he said. He added that with an immediate intervention and investment this museum will preserve its values. Meanwhile, according to a study carried out for this purpose involves building a barrier to protect its basis from the heavy weight. But everything requires investments, which are not appearing so far. The museum of Apolonia was built 40 years ago welcoming thousands of tourists and which presented the ancient values of Apolonia’s civilisation.