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Bilderthread über albanische Krieger und sonstige Albaner (traditionell)

Erstellt von Pejan, 17.08.2010, 21:15 Uhr · 2.300 Antworten · 506.170 Aufrufe

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    Dimitrije Tucovic nuk eshte trim shqiptar, po behet fjale per periudhen nga te cilat po postohen shumica e ketyre fotografive dhe shpjegon indirekt shume per historine e disa fotografive ketu ne kete Thread:

    '' We have carried out the attempted premeditated murder of an entire nation. We were caught in that criminal act and have been obstructed. Now we have to suffer the punishment.... In the Balkan Wars, Serbia not only doubled its territory, but also its external enemies. ''

    — Captain Dimitrije Tucović on the forced expulsions and massacres of ethnic Albanians in 1912-1913.
    Tucović devoted entire life to fighting for workers' and human rights, gender equality, universal suffrage, social justice and civil liberties in the Kingdom of Serbia.

    The goal of the forced expulsions and massacres of ethnic Albanians was a statistic manipulation before the London Ambassadors Conference which was to decide on the new Balkan borders. The number of victims in the Vilayet of Kosovo under Serbian control in the first few months was estimated at about 25,000 people. Highest estimated number of total casualties during the occupation in all the Albanian areas under Serbian control was about 120,000 Albanians of both sexes and all ages.
    Even one Serb Social Democrat who had served in the army previously commented on the disgust he had for the crimes his own people had committed against the Albanians, describing in great detail heaps of dead, headless Albanians in the centers of a string of burnt towns near Kumanovo and Skopje:

    ''...the horrors actually began as soon as we crossed the old frontier. By five p.m. we were approaching Kumanovo. The sun had set, it was starting to get dark. But the darker the sky became, the more brightly the fearful illumination of the fires stood out against it. Burning was going on all around us. Entire Albanian villages had been turned into pillars of fire... In all its fiery monotony this picture was repeated the whole way to Skopje... For two days before my arrival in Skopje the inhabitants had woken up in the morning to the sight, under the principal bridge over the Vardar- that is, in the very centre of the town- of heaps of Albanian corpses with severed heads. Some said that these were local Albanians, killed by the komitadjis [cjetniks], others that the corpses were brought down to the bridge by the waters of the Vardar. What was clear was that these headless men had not been killed in battle.''


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    Marrja e nuses me qerre qesh e mbuluar me qilima.

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    Vdekja Skenderbeut image.jpg
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    Lufta Iliro Romake
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    Lufta Iliro Romake
    Wer kämpft da gegen wen?

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    So wie ich mit meinen wenigen albanisch Kentnissen erkennen kann der Kampf der Illyrer und Römer)

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    Wer kämpft da gegen wen?
    Illyrer und die Römer

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    Kann mir jemand sagen von wo da Foto ist ein sehr Interessantes Bild Albaner,Serben,paar typen mit dem Fes
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    Shar ne Kosove

    Presheva 1915

    Kosova 1915

    Berati 1957

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    Ftoje gjithe shqiptaret te mblidhemi ne™ Forumi ku shqiptarët mblidhen!

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