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    "I became a friend of the Church's Council and after some days one of the church advisors called çiko phones me to let me know about their difficult position. During the conversation he told me that he found that I was interested about the history of Albanians and he wanted to show me what his father or his grandfather had told him. He told to me that his father had graduated at the Cairo University and as a student he went for a walk together with an Albanian student. A student of another nationaliy joined them too, their friend. While, they were walking they spoke in Arabic language. When they had to talk about something that was secret they spoke in Albanian in order not to be understood by their friend. Their friend kept quiet and when they finished the conversation he told them that he understood everything, and that he speaks that language too. Two Albanian students remained amazed and asked him why he didn't tell what he had studied Albanian language. He swore that he had never studied Albanian, but that language was spoken in his birthplace. They told him how could be spoken the Albanian language there; that he came from the cursed (edituar) in Pakistan near India. He esplained them that his country was called Burria(men)(Burushu) and surely all of them were burria (men-soldiers) of Alexander the Great. The two Albanian stubborn students didn't believe to him. The boy became nervous becouse they called him a liar. He wrote to hsi father that when he will buy him the ticket for sumemr holidays he wanted to take two of his friends from the university who were speaking Albanian language. So, two Albanians went on summer holydays together with their friend in the place called Burria and when they arrived there they remaned senseles when they realized that they were speaking Albanian Langauge(surely in dialect). The boy's father since he was the Governor of Burria accepted them with a lot of pleasure and explained to them many interesting things and told to them that beyong the monuntains on the Indian part live our people in a place calles Kaushet(Qaushet).
    I think that they didn't settle there after the murder of Achilles(Cleats), but they remained there when Alexander the Great decided to come back from India to Babylon and older soldiers who were Phillip's soldiers, bedore leaving he asked them to go through Hindu Kush, an easier way for older people. Whereas he left himself, Petale, India, through the desert of Makran, a very difficult and dangerous road. Whereas half of the army leaded by Narkos was aksed by him to go through the Indian Ocean, thinking that he will be connected with Nile and will come out in the Mediterranean Sea. I think that those who were sent through Hindi Kush about six thousand soldiers stopped in actual Burria. But, it is not sure yet becouse Alexander in order to protect the rear of the supplies he left many of his soldiers as in Baktria and in any other fortress. Burushu could be any of those soldiers.

    Common mistake

    Whereas in 1990, in a cocktail in Washington t was my honor to have a long conversation with the Pakistani's abassador in Washington and I asked him: "Tell me does it look like that the family Buta seems to be with European face that it is whiter from other Pakistanis". He told me that they are Greeks and remained there after Alexander, they even have the monument of Alexander the Great in their town and that they are called Pashtun-Pashto-Invader(Pushtues-Albanian).

    "The Bridge" pq 25.

    Falls ihr mehr Infos habt bitte posten....

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    Habe mall davon gelesen ergenwo.

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