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Erstellt von MIC SOKOLI, 04.02.2005, 14:28 Uhr · 973 Antworten · 54.680 Aufrufe

  1. #371

    Registriert seit
    Zitat Zitat von Metkovic
    vorallem bei der bekanntesten Schlacht an der Neretva 1943,wo Cetniks,Ustase und Deutsche gegen die Partisanen kämpften....
    So haben die serb. Cetnici mit den Ustascha-Faschisten zusammengearbeitet:

    Sag mal, glaubts Du deine NDH-Propaganda selber? Wahrscheinlich gezwungenermasen - aus primitiven Serbenhass...

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    Sag mal Metko, warum postest Du nicht mal diese Bildchen ...

    General Mihajlović zusammen mit US-Piloten

    Die sind nämlich auch historisch wertvoll

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    Registriert seit
    Zitat Zitat von Karadjordje
    Sag mal Metko, warum postest Du nicht mal diese Bildchen ...

    General Mihajlović zusammen mit US-Piloten

    Die sind nämlich auch historisch wertvoll
    1944 !!!!

    Draza Mihailovic wäre schön blöd gewesen, wenn er die amerikanischen Piloten an die Deutschen ausgeliefert hätte. Man muss wissen, dass diese ganze Rettungsaktion im Jahre 1944 stattfand - und das Ende des Dritten Reiches war bekanntermaßen nur noch eine Frage der Zeit. Das wusste auch unser Freund Draza Mihailovic.
    Unbestritten ist allerdings seine aktive Teilnahme an sämtlichen Großoffensiven der Achsenmächte gegen Titos Partisanen im Jahre 1943. Bei der berühmten Schlacht an der Neretva waren gar 15.000 Cetniks der Ravna Gora Bewegung engagiert. Bei den Rückzugsgefechten, wie etwa die Verteidigung von Knin gegen heranstürmende Partisanen im Dezember 1944 waren unter direktem Befehl von Momcilo Djujic ebenfalls tausende Cetniks, gemeinsam mit Ustaschas unter deutschem Kommando ebenfalls beteiligt.

    Draza Mihailovic war ein Opportunist, der bereit wahr, mit jedem ins Bett zu steigen, um seine Ziele zu erreichen. Diese Ziele hat er selbst definiert ("ethnisch reines Großserbien") am 20. Dezember 1941. Und die dazugehörigen Massaker, die ab dem Sommer 1941 zur Realisierung dieses faschistoiden Konzeptes einsetzten, sind genau unter diesen definierten Zielen zu betrachte

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    TIME, 25 Mai 1942


    Und der original Text dazu (Achtung! Gänsehautfeeling ...)
    Reprinted from Time Magazine
    May 25, 1942

    Cover Photograph of Mihailovich: Yugoslavia's Unconquered

    The Eagle of Yugoslavia
    (See Cover)

    'He clasps the crag with crooked hands...he watches from his
    mountain walls, and like a thunderbolt he falls.'

    These words, written of an eagle, today are a far better fit
    for one of the most amazing commanders of World War II. He is
    Yugoslavia's Draja Mihailovich. Ever since Adolf Hitler
    vaingloriously announced a year ago that he had conquered
    Yugoslavia, Draja Mihailovich and his 150,000 guerrillas in
    the mountains southwest of Belgrade have flung the lie in
    Hitlers teeth. It has been probably the greatest guerrilla
    operation in history
    Last fall Mihailovich kept as many as seven Nazi divisions
    chasing him through his Sumadija mountains.
    Mihailovich's swarming raiders have preserved an 'Island of
    Freedom,' which for a time was 20,000 square miles in area,
    with a population of 4,000,000.
    Mihailovich's annihilation of Axis detachments, bombing of
    roads and bridges, breaking of communications and stealing of
    ammunition have been so widespread that the Nazis had to
    declare a new state of war in their 'conquered' territory.
    Last October the Nazis even asked for peace. When
    Mihailovich refused, they priced his head at $1,000,000.
    When the Nazis desperately needed troops in Russia, they
    tried to leave Mihailovich to the forces of their Axis
    partners and stooges. But Italian, Bulgarian and Rumanian
    soldiers could not deal with him, and the Nazis went back.
    Only last week the Russians announced that a Nazi division had
    arrived at Kharkov fresh from Yugoslavia-where it had
    certainly not been stationed for a rest.
    Mihailovich's example has kept all Yugoslavia in a wild
    anti-Axis ferment. the Axis has resorted to executing untold
    thousands, but the revolt continues. Last month the Nazis
    said they had seized Mihailovich's wife, two sons and
    daughter, threatened to execute all relatives of Mihailovich's
    army and 16,000 hostages if the General did not surrender
    within five days. He did not.
    It is a misfortune that conquered Europe cannot learn detail
    by detail the effective methods used by the gaunt,
    hard-bronzed figure of TIME'S cover (painted by one of his
    compatriots, Vuch Vuchinich). But Draja Mihailovich is
    completely cut off from the democracies' press, hemmed in by
    the Axis forces in Yugoslavia. Rumania, Bulgaria, Albania and
    Greece. His only direct contact with the world beyond has
    been through smugglers and a mobile radio transmitter which he
    concealed somewhere in his mountain fastnesses.
    Even so, he has already become the great symbol of the unknown
    thousands of supposedly conquered Europeans who still resist
    AdoIf Hitler. As he watches from his mountain walls, he
    stands for every European saboteur who awaits the moment to
    jam the machine, plant the bomb or pry up the railroad rail.
    He has directly inspired others, like Rumanian Patriot Ion
    Minulescu, who harries the Axis from the Carpathians, and
    Albanian and Montenegrin guerillas who worry at Italian flanks
    on the Adriatic coast.

    SERB. The once-obscure Balkan officer who has thus far
    successfully challenged the modern world's greatest conqueror
    was born 47 years ago in Chachak, Serbia. His parents died
    when he was a child, and he was raised by an uncle, a musical
    Serbian colonel. Draja Mihailovich plays the mandolin
    excellently. He entered Beograd's Serbian Military Academy at
    15. He has been a lifelong soldier, an officer who got his
    training under fire. He is also profoundly a Serb. For those
    who know the Serbs, that fact alone would account for his
    great-hearted defiance.
    The blood bath of oppression which for centuries has laved the
    minarets and green poplars of the Baikans has also watered a
    glowing military spirit in little Serbian unconquerable will
    toward freedom.
    In 1389, a date of horror in Serbian minds, the Turks defeated
    the Serbs on the plain of Kosovo and slaughtered the cream of
    Serbian manhood. For the next four centuries Turkey bore down
    on Serbia as hard as Adoif Hitler has done, with such devices
    as impaling mutilation and the roasting of living Serbs on
    Early in the 19th Century the great Serbian King Kara George
    fought Turkey with Russian aid, got a limited autonomy with
    Turkish garrisons still in Serbia. But Napoleon's advance on
    Moscow drew away Russian support, and the Turks pressed Serbia
    hard again. This time Serbia's Milos Obrenovich made a deal
    with turkey for recognition. the deal included the
    assassination of Kara George, and this started an
    Obrenovich-Kara George dynasty rivalry that was to continue
    for decades.
    Serbia's rulers were often personally weak and depraved, but
    the Serbs in general grew hard and defiant in the schools of
    Turkish tyranny and European Realpolitik. They never suffered
    from the flabbiness that comes with ease. In the First Balkan
    War (1912), Serbia and her Balkan allies finally ousted
    In World War I a supposedly exhausted Serbia hurled back two
    Austrian attacks, was ravaged by typhus and gave way before a
    third, then fought back again from Salonika. Only a year ago
    a revolution in Yugoslavia, where the dream of Balkan
    federation was becoming an actual as well as a political fact,
    deposed the pro-Nazi regent Prince Paul, and Serbian General
    Dusan Simovich courageously challenged the juggernaut of AdoIf
    Hitler. in Draja Mihailovich's mountains the challenge
    persists today.

    SOLDIER. In 1912, at 19, Mihailovich left the Serbian
    Military Academy to fight the Turks. Wounded the next year,
    he returned to school as a sub-lieutenant wearing the Obilich
    medal for 'personal courage.' In 1914 the Austrian attack
    again broke up school and Mihaiiovich was again wounded,
    received the Order of the White Eagle. On the eve of the
    Salonika offensive he rejoined his company and finally
    returned to Serbia wearing its highest decoration, the Kara
    George Star with crossed swords.
    He was sent as military attache to Sofia (1934) and Prague
    (1936), and is rumored to have been connected with underground
    movements working against Nazi influence in both Bulgaria and
    In 1939, as chief of Yugoslavia's fortifications, he revealed
    himself as a Balkan De Gaulle, holding that a nation of such
    limited financial means should not try to build Maginot Lines
    but should concentrate on mobile and offensive possibilities.

    STORIES. Tales about Mihailovich, apocryphal or smuggled out
    of his mountains, abound in Yugoslav circles. It is said that
    he has done some of his own espionage, eating with German
    officers in a tavern where the host, devoted to him, was
    panicky with fright. Nazi officers are said to have driven up
    to a farmhouse where Mihaiiovich and friends were staying.
    When he had convinced the Nazis of his innocence, one of his
    friends remarked: 'That was a close one.' Mihailovich
    replied: 'It was close for them, too.' He pointed to a bush
    behind which a guerriila machine-gun crew had been ready for
    the Nazis. The General is also rumored to have done a brisk
    trade exchanging Italian prisoners for Italian gasoline at the
    rate of one Italian private for one can of gas, one colonel
    for 50 cans.

    Today Draja Mihailovich seems legendary, but he is a legend
    with a big basis in fact: the fact that he has kept from five
    to ten Nazi divisions at a time fighting to conquer the
    country which they destroyed twelve long months ago.

    May 25th, 1942 Time

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    Registriert seit

    Vierte Bild von rechts oben genau angucken ...

    (Bestellen: )

    "Over the past year, THE NEW AMERICAN has profiled 25 of these extraordinary individuals in a series entitled '20th Century Heroes.' (Other worthy candidates could have been profiled, space permitting.) In one of those essays - the one honoring World War II freedom fighter Draza Mihailovich - Fr. James Thornton observes: 'Without heroes and without heroic sacrifices, there would be no liberty, no law, no order, no justice, no civilization, no great nations or peoples, and no history as we understand that word. Without heroes, such records as might exist among men would be squalid tales of cravenness and brutality.' But thanks to heroes, the history of the 20th century is not confined to "squalid tales of cravenness and brutality.' Liberty, law, order, justice, civilization, and great nations and peoples still exist, even though all are under attack. Without 20th century heroes, the Total State would have triumphed long ago; because of them we still have the opportunity to save our Christian-style civilization."


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    Registriert seit
    Zitat Zitat von Karadjordje
    Zitat Zitat von Metkovic
    vorallem bei der bekanntesten Schlacht an der Neretva 1943,wo Cetniks,Ustase und Deutsche gegen die Partisanen kämpften....
    So haben die serb. Cetnici mit den Ustascha-Faschisten zusammengearbeitet:

    Sag mal, glaubts Du deine NDH-Propaganda selber? Wahrscheinlich gezwungenermasen - aus primitiven Serbenhass...

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    Registriert seit
    Zitat Zitat von Legija
    Zitat Zitat von Yugo4ever
    Zitat Zitat von Schiptar
    Was die beiden verblödetsten und rechtesten US-Präsidenten des 20. Jh. vor Bush 2 über einen jugoslawischen Kriegsherrn gesagt haben, kann man den Hasen füttern. (Gerade Nixon konnte man seit Watergate eh nicht mal mehr die Uhrzeit glauben.)
    Welchen Aussagewert hat so was? Gar keinen.

    Darauf wollte ich hinaus

    ja ne ist klar darauf wolltest DU hinaus....
    8O dieser Post war ja so schlagfertig mich hats 10m weit vom Stuhl gehauen :!:

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    Im Vergleich zu Cica Drazas Cetnici die Heldenhaften Masenkindermörder der Ustaschen ...

    "In Bosnia... the Croatian fascists began a massacre of Serbs which, in the whole annals of World War II was surpassed for savagery only by the mass extermination of Polish Jews."

    Dieses Zitat findet man in allen Ausgaben der Encyclopedia Britannica von 1971 bis 1987. Man kann es z.B. in der Encyclopedia Britannica Edition 1971, Volume 23, Seite 922 oder in der Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1987, Volume 29, Seite 1054 finden.
    "Im übrigen konnte auch bei früheren Unternehmungen festgestellt werden,daß die Ustascha keinen Angriffsgeist besitzt,wenn es darauf ankommt,gleich starke feindliche Kräfte zu schlagen,und sich nur tapfer zeigt gegen völlig unterlegene oder unbewaffnete zivilie Bevölkerung"

    Einschätzung der 718.Wehrmachts-Infanerie-Division, vgl. BA/MA RH 26-118/12 KTB-Eintrag vom 07.07.1942

    Aus dem Buch Partisanenkrieg in Jugoslawien S.95 von Klaus Schmider
    "Die kroatische Gruppierung der Ustascha ist katholisch, undiszipliniert, schlecht militärisch ausgebildet, und für den Kampfeinsatz nicht geeignet und zeichnet sich aufgrund dessen aus, dass sie 600 - 700,000 konfessionell und politisch andersstehende nach Methoden das Balkans abgeschlachtet hat. Sie bezeichnt sich selbst als die kroatische SS."

    Generalmajor der Waffen SS Ernst Fick, am 16.03.1944 in einem Brief an Reichsführer der SS Heinrich Himmler

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    Registriert seit
    Ihr seid alle so Lächerlich. Alle samt. Anstatt das ihr auf jede Einzelne Anti Faschistische Bewegung stolz seid. Auf die Menschen die mit ihrem Blut für die Freiheit eingetreten sind. Mit ihrem Leben das Recht der Völker verteidigt haben!

    Zerfetzt ihr euch gegenseitig. Wer seid ihr das ihr das Andenken an solch Tapfere Männer besudeln könnt? Jeder Kommunist, Edelweisspirat, Chetnik und andere.

    Jebo vam pas mater!

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