Basta Giorgio

(1544 - 1607)

Albanian originated Habsburg general,

fought against the Turks, and since 1598

he was the commandant of Kassa. In the

fall of 1600 he defeats

count Mihai at Miriszló,

then on the other years

summer together with

Mihai V., already, they

defeat the third time

returned count, Báthory

Zsigmond, at Goroszló. He ruled over

Transylvania between the years of 1601-

1604, by gaining absolute power from the

emperor. During these years he practiced

a terrible reign of terror: his soldiers were

stilling and killing, and all the regions were

depopulating in Transylvania. People got

«« back

- 33 -
so poor, that they kept themselves into the

cart and yoke, this is what being kept by

tradition too: on the name of "Basta's cart".

The notorious emperor's commander was eventually defeated by Bocskai.