Das Decani Kloster und den Sitz von Erzbischof in Pec.

Ringherum wird die KFOR Check Points errichten.

KFOR to Tighten Security for Two Kosovo Serb Religious Objects


BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro -- KFOR will strengthen the security for two Serb religious objects -- the Visoki Decani Monastery and the Pec Archbishopric -- the Serb government's Co-ordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohija said Saturday (13 August). The Centre praised KFOR's decision, describing it as "proof of the good bilateral co-operation with KFOR that significantly contributes to preserving stability of Kosovo". The Serb request was presented during a meeting in Raska on Friday between Serbia-Montenegro Army Chief General Major Dragan Paskas and KFOR Commander Lieutenant General Yves de Kermabon. KFOR Multinational Brigade Southwest Commander Brigadier General Norbert Stier confirmed that they would set up checkpoints around the two sites. (Tanjug - 13/08/05; B92 - 12/08/05)