Die beste Investikative Jounalistin des Kosovos, die Albanerin Fatmire Terdevci von der Koha Ditore, wollte die UCK Mafia im Kosovo umbringen. Diese Journalistin ist die Beste, wenn es um Verbrechen, Korruption (UCK Führer bekanntlich) und andere Mafia Verstrickungen geht.

Die selben Leute haben schon Ende 1999, den Kommandant Drini erschossen, der ebenso nicht mehr bei den skrupellosen Mafia Geschäften der UCK Banditen mitmachen wollte.

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Kosovo Journalist Wounded in Shooting

The Associated Press Friday, September 24, 2004; 1:00 PM

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro - Unknown assailants shot and wounded an investigative journalist from Kosovo's leading daily newspaper, a police official said Friday. Fatmire Terdevci, 30, was shot in her left shoulder as she was traveling late Thursday in the car of the Caritas humanitarian organization, accompanied by several people, in the village of Trdevac, said Refki Morina, a police spokesman. The shooting took place about 20 miles west of the capital Pristina. Terdevci was treated in a hospital, where doctors said her condition was not life-threatening. She works at Kosovo's Koha Ditore newspaper and has written numerous stories dealing with corruption, organized crime and official misconduct. Morina said police were investigating the shooting. At the newspaper, colleagues said Terdevci's work could have prompted the attack. "The fact is that she is one of the best investigative reporters around, and she tackled a lot of stories which might be seen as a possible motive, but we still have no idea whether this is the case or not," said Agron Bajrami, the newspaper's editor.

Kosovo's media commissioner, Robert Gilette, said in a statement that his office expressed "revulsion, concern and sadness" over the shooting. "The possibility that this was a random crime cannot yet be ruled out," Gillette said. "However, the fact that one of Kosovo's outstanding journalists was wounded is a matter of grave concern. "An attack on one journalist is an attack on all journalists, and on their right and need to work in an atmosphere free of intimidation." The commissioner regulates media licenses and protects freedom of expression in the disputed province. Kosovo formally remains part of Serbia-Montenegro, the union that replaced Yugoslavia, but has been run as a U.N. protectorate for more than five years

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