Die KFOR - NATO und UN benimmt sich halt wie ein Balkan Banditen Clan! Diese Leute plündern und stehlen die wertvollsten Dinge im Kosovo und Abends stellt die Mafia junge Sex Sklavinnen zur Verfügugn.

Four UNMIK police officers have been allegedly caught searching for archeological treasures in the medieval fort of Novobrdo in eastern Kosovo.

An UNMIK source said members of the Polish Special Police Unit, PPSU, based in northern Mitrovica, were using metal detectors and digging holes within the walls of the old mining town on which the fort was built..........

But the fort’s guard, Albanian Islam Vllasaliu who confirmed the report of IWPR’s UNMIK source, said this did not deter the policemen from digging for about three hours.

“I told them in Albanian that it is forbidden to dig in the castle, but they would not listen,” he said.

As they may have not understood each other, the guard called the Kosovo Police Service and handed them his cell phone, so they could speak to the KPS directly.

He said when KPS officers arrived on the scene the UNMIK police officers refused to hand over the objects they had uncovered, including coins. Haxhi Mehmetaj, director of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and of the Pristina Museum, which has custody over Novobrdo, said the museum has not recovered the stolen objects.

Mehmetaj said the coins probably had some value, while the other items might be of “invaluable archeological importance”. Veli Bytyqi, of Kosovo’s culture ministry, said the affair raised important issues about protecting Kosovo’s archaeological heritage.

“The authority of the officials in charge of the protection of our cultural heritage is not being respected,” he said. “The case of the Novobrdo guard and UNMIK police officers is a case in point.” Cultural experts complain that objects are regularly removed and sold. Mehmetaj said he knew of “dozens” taken by KFOR soldiers or UNMIK officials, often with the cooperation of local officials.