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Massaker der Türkei in Smyrni/Izmir

Erstellt von Sonne-2012, 15.09.2013, 21:28 Uhr · 1.381 Antworten · 78.051 Aufrufe

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    THE BLIGHT of ASIA: On the History of the Systematic Extermination of Christian Populations in Asia

    by George Horton](Author)

    I was in Smyrna in May of 1917, when Turkey severed relations with the United States, and I received the oral and written statements of native-born American eye-witnesses
    of the vast and incredibly horrible Armenian massacres of 1915-16—some of which will be here given for the first time; I personally observed and otherwise confirmed the outrageous
    treatment of the Christian population of the Smyrna vilayet, both during the Great War, and before its outbreak. I returned to Smyrna later and was there up until the evening of September 11,
    1922, on which date the city was set on fire by the army of Mustapha Kemal, and a large part of its population done to death, and I witnessed the development of that Dantesque tragedy,
    which possesses few, if any parallels in the history of the world. nocide-20&linkId=c0ee89ea3ae65a566b369232b73f1a6a

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    Smyrna, September 1922: The American Mission to Rescue Victims

    [COLOR=#555555 !important]2016

    by Lou Ureneck

    On the 10th of September 1922, the Turkish cavalry passed through Bournabat, a district of #Smyrna, terrorizing the Levantine residents and looting their homes and businesses and killing refugees in the streets.
    In one instance Turkish soldiers fired on a group of Greek women and children killing 48. A British officer described how a boy of about 3 years old played around the body of his dead mother, still holding a baby, who was alive.

    A Turkish soldier then appeared in the street, came up and saw the little boy, raised his rifle and fired point blank at the child. The little fellow fell dead. The noise startled the baby who commenced to cry.
    Shooting the smaller child as well, the Turk proceeded on his way.

    For more on the Smyrna #Holocaust read 'Smyrna, September 1922'

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