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Milosevic the Biggest Hero!

Erstellt von ooops, 02.03.2009, 13:42 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 558 Aufrufe

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    Milosevic the Biggest Hero!

    Cabinet minister: Milošević "biggest hero"

    ...these men were only defending their country and their fellow citizens at a time of the most unjust operation of world powers – referring to the NATO attack on Serbia.

    "Instead of becoming heroes, they got 100 years in prison," Mrkonjić told Tanjug. ..

    "The biggest hero of all, Slobodan Milošević, showed how the honor of one's country and its people should be defended. He accused no one, but just fought for truth, and history will show that Milosevic was right," Mrkonjić said. ...

    Meantime, the League of Vojvodina Social-Democrats (LSV), which supports the Cvetković cabinet in parliament, called on the prime minister to publicly distance himself from Mrkonjić's statement about Milošević as "the biggest of heroes" whom history will "prove to have been right".

    "Such a statement is a slap in the face of the victims of Milošević's regime and all the parties in the ruling coalition who fought against that same Milošević and the evil he inflicted on the citizens of Serbia," said a party statement.

    The LSV – a party led by Nenad Čanak –also said it is a shame for a Serbian government minister to express positions of the kind Mrkonjić did.

    "We are convinced this is not the stance of the government we support. The principles on which the Serbian government rests are directly opposed to the principles of Milošević's policy, and the SPS when it entered the government accepted those principles"......

    B92 - News - Politics - Cabinet minister: Miloševiæ "biggest hero"

    in Serbien hat sich wirklich nichts geändert.

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    gibts schon

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