Damals war ich in Albanien und die Leute waren empört, als der Amerikanische Botschafter nach dem 11.9.01 behauptete, es würde keine Islamischen Terroristen Zellen bzw. von Bin Laden in Albanien geben.

Was für ein Lügner und Josef Limbrecht starb dann auch am 17.5.2002, als er ein Terroristen Ausbildungs Camp in Nord Albanien - Peskopje besuchte (angeblich an Herzinfarkt, aber Eingeweihte sagen: Herzinfarkt nach Sex mit einer jungen Frau)

Die Nachrufe der Amerikanischen Regierung enthüllen die Amerikanischen Lügen (hier starb er plötzlich in seinem Büro)und die Fakten.

Unten sind dann die Bin Laden Hochhäuser in Tirana, wo Limbrecht jeden Tag direkt gegenüber im Rogner Hotel, seine dubiosen Politischen Bekannten aus den Albanischen Terroristen und Mafia Kreisen empfing.

Mit Sabri Godo traf er sich besonders oft.

Albania's interior minister Ilir Gjoni rejected the allegations out of hand. His cause was bolstered by the US ambassador in Tirana, Joseph Limprecht :!: , who commended the Meta administration for its collaboration with anti-terrorist efforts over the past three years. The ambassador also said Washington had neither identified nor located any terrorists cells :!: in Albania.


Du weist doch das der US Botschafter Josef Limprecht in Peskopje am 17.5.2002 starb. Dort war ein Terroristen ANA-AKSH Ausbildungs Camps, wo ja auch Gafur Adili festgenommen wurde.

US envoy dies

The American ambassador to Albania, Josef Limprecht, died of a heart attack yesterday at the end of a four-day tour of the country's northern districts.


Josef Limprecht, the US ambassador to Albania, died of a heart attack today. He was 55 years old.


Death of U.S. Ambassador to Albania

Secretary Colin L. Powell
Washington, DC
May 20, 2002

The United States Ambassador to Albania Joseph Limprecht died suddenly of a heart attack yesterday, May 19, 2002, while hiking with his wife and colleagues in Northern Albania. The State Department is deeply saddened by Ambassador Limprecht’s untimely death, and we extend our sincerest condolences to his family –his wife, Nancy and daughters, Alma and Eleanor – as well as his friends and colleagues.

Ambassador Limprecht was a career Foreign Service officer who assumed his duties in Tirana in September 1999 and was in the final weeks of a very successful three-year tour.

Joining the State Department in 1975, Ambassador Limprecht had a distinguished career in which he served in multiple and varied assignments, in Washington, DC and overseas in Germany, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. In recognition of his talents and contributions, he had received several State Department honor awards.

After a ceremony in Tirana this week, his wife will accompany his remains to the United States.

Released on May 20, 2002




Joseph Limprecht
Ambassador, Albania
Term of Appointment: 07/22/1999 to 05/19/2002

Released on May 20, 2002


October 2001
Officials Claim Bin Laden Bases, Cells Excised
Washington, D.C. - Minister of Public Order Ilir Gjoni stated that Al Qaeda, the terrorist network led by Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect behind the attacks on the U.S., did not have bases in Albania.

Gjoni stated that the Albanian government had adopted stringent measures to prevent the infiltration of people into Albania who were sought by other countries for alleged criminal activities. He added that Albania had been working in recent years with the intelligence services of several countries, including the U.S., and had exchanged information with them in this regard.

U.S. Ambassador to Albania Joseph Limprecht stated that the U.S. was appreciative of the support it had received from the Albanian government and intelligence service for Washington's effort to pursue the perpetrators of the attacks.

In recent years, Albania has taken steps to identify and expel foreign Islamic extremists from the country. Many of them sought out Albania as a safe haven for their operations in the mid-1990s due to the lax government and security measures in place at that time.

In 1998, joint action by U.S. and Albanian intelligence authorities resulted in the arrests of about 10 terrorist suspects, including several alleged to have been associated with bin Laden. Two of those arrested were Egyptian nationals sought by Egypt. They were extradited to Egypt, where they were tried and executed.


In fact, Albania deported two suspected terrorists to Egypt in 1998 where they had already been tried in absentia. They were executed after their return. A third Egyptian suspect was killed in a shoot-out with police in Albania. A fourth, a Saudi pediatrician and director of an Islamic foundation in Albania, had Albanian citizenship and was deported to Turkey, where he was released.

The U.S. ambassador to Albania, Joseph Limprecht, told reporters in Tirana (Sept. 21) that in the mid-1990s some terrorists found shelter in Albania because of links they had with the Albanian government at the time or due to inadequate controls by state police structures.

Limprecht says that, at the time, Washington was concerned that some of these people had been granted Albanian citizenship. The ambassador says that, while it is not U.S. policy to comment on intelligence operations, he can say now that no terrorist cells or individuals :!: have been identified or located in Albania :!: .


Seine Vorgängerin US Botschafterin Marizo Lino war in Tirana bekannt, das sie mit jeden Mörder, Mafiosi ins Bett sprang. Einer dieser Türsteher Boy's war auch Hashim Thaci.

Foto der Bin Laden Hochhäuser in Tirana.


In den längst beschlagnahmten Hochhäusern, welche fertig gestellt wurden, kann man sich inzwischen ganz nett treffen und es gibt dort Bars und Büro Räume.

Die UCK und der Mazedonische Ableger der Terror Organisation (vertreten durch Ali Ahmeti), erhielt direkt von Bin Laden Geld, wie es bewiesen ist.

Details über die Bin Laden Verbindung und Finanzierung in Bosnien und der UCK Terroristen und deren Ableger der Mazedonischen UCK mit dem Bin Laden Vertreter Ali Ahmeti.