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Zwei Kugeln für Pavelic..

Erstellt von , 12.11.2005, 20:18 Uhr · 2 Antworten · 1.296 Aufrufe

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    Zwei Kugeln für Pavelic..

    Hier könnt ihr eine Art Biographie des Blagoje Jovovic, den Mann der dieses Schwein Namens Ante Pavelic liquidierte, lesen! Das Buch geht über mehrere Seiten..

    Leider nur serbisch kyrillisch..

    Wer irgendwo ne Übersetzung findet, nur rein damit..

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    So habe was..

    ON THE NIGHT BETWEEN April 9th and 10th, 1957, one of the most infamous figures of the 20th century was shot by unknown assailants near Buenos Aires, Argentina. His name was Ante Pavelic, the poglavnik or "fuerher" of the Nazi-aligned puppet state called the Independent State of Croatia. Argentina was his place of refuge, a sanctuary for the highest ranking war criminal to escape from justice after World War II.

    Pavelic had been hit by two bullets, one of which was lodged near his spine. The sensational story of the attempted assassination made news around the globe, and brought intense pressure to bear upon the Argentine authorities. The government ordered his arrest, though the poglavnik had already left the country for Franco's Spain, where he succumbed due to complications sustained in the attack two years later.

    For years, blame for the attempt on Pavelic's life was lain at the feet of Tito, the Communist dictator of Yugoslavia, and his fearsome secret police. Then, in 1999, a Montenegrin returned to his homeland for the first time in fifty-five years and made a startling confession to Archbishop Amfilohije at the famous monastery at Ostrog. His name was Blagoje Jovovic, a Montenegrin Chetnik who had emigrated to Argentina after the war. He, Blagoje told the Archbishop, had fired the two bullets which killed Ante Pavelic.

    Archbishop Amfilohije encouraged Blagoje Jovovic to tell his story to Tihomir-Tiho Burzanovic, a journalist. The subsequent book was published in Yugoslavia under the title Two Bullets for Pavelic.

    The editors of The Pavelic Papers are pleased to announce the release of the first English language translation of "the story of Blagoje Jovovic," undertaken with the kind permission of Mr. Burzanovic and made available to our readers free of charge. The book was translated by the co-editor of The Pavelic Papers, Sinisa Djuric.

    The first section of the book, "Royal Emblems and Red Stars," is almost entirely concerned with the internecine struggle between the Royalist Chetniks and the Communist-led Partizans - the "civil war within a war" that followed the Nazi dismemberment of Yugoslavia. The account of the wartime fighting also sets Two Bullets for Pavelic apart as the only memoir of a participant on the Chetnik side currently available in English.

    Two Bullets for Pavelic will not end the intense debate about the identity of the man who killed Ante Pavelic, but it offers an intriguing possibility that cannot be ignored.

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    Pavelic der Hund,er wird für immer in der Hölle schmorren.

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