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Mazedonien auf dem Weg zur EU

Erstellt von Boom_Boom_BaBa, 06.05.2010, 14:35 Uhr · 4 Antworten · 1.421 Aufrufe

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    Mazedonien auf dem Weg zur EU

    Ist zwar etwa ein Jahr alt aber trotzdem nicht schlecht

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    Mazedonien auf dem Weg ins Verderben

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    Hip Hip Hurra Hip Hip Hurra

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    Mazedonien ist aktuell das drittbeste Reformland Weltweit!

    Stavreski receives “Doing Business” award for Macedonia as third top reformer in the world
    Wahington, 25 April 2010 (MIA) - Deputy PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski Sunday in Washington received World Bank award for Macedonia, which according to “Doing Business” report is one of the top reformers in the world, MIA reports.

    - The feeling is nice when receiving such award from world’s best renowned institution for assessment of the business climate. “Doing Business” ranks Macedonia third, which is a great success and recognition for reforms being made for improvement of the business climate. Bigger success is that third year in a row Macedonia is so highly ranked, Stavreski said after receiving the award.

    This according to Stavreski means that reforms are conducted in continuation and we are already in a group of more successful countries from aspect of improvement of investment environment.

    - Certainly this is also larger challenge for all of us to continue to resolve open issues. I expect based on plans and undertaken measures that Macedonia in the following period will still be among world’s top countries according to business climate and reforms, Stavreski said.

    - This was an excellent opportunity through exchange of experiences with other countries to see how to mend some matters aimed at being more successful and enabling better business conditions for home and foreign investors, Stavreski said.

    Government’s priorities in the following period will be in two spheres – issuing construction permits and acceleration of court procedures for resolving bankruptcy proceedings.

    - In this way we can help overall environment, financial discipline to improve and to set higher standards, Stavreski said.

    Macedonia, in latest “Doing Business” report, is ranked third in the world according to conducted reforms for improvement of business climate. In relation to the last year, it made a jump of 37 places.

    - “Doing Business” awards are confirmation for the efforts that the countries are making in reforms for improvement for the business environment. Macedonia for the third time in a row is among the top ten reformers. It made large progress in registering companies and protection of minority capital. The recognition of the World Bank means that important and sustainable steps of the government are recognised, Penelope Brook, director in “Doing Business” said.

    She recommended Macedonia to focus more on problems with issuing construction permits and in this direction to use foreign experiences.

    Deputy PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski, who takes part at World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings in Washington, Saturday met with senior officials of the two financial institutions. sk/fd/12:31

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    Zitat Zitat von Posavac Beitrag anzeigen
    Mazedonien auf dem Weg ins Verderben
    Uns gehts besser als manch anderen ländern auf dem balkan... bestes bsp. wie immer griechenland.

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