Die Al-Haramain wurde als Terror Hilfs Organisation des Bin Laden auch im Balkan verboten. Die Büros in Albanien, Kosovo und Bosnien geschlossen. Die Mitarbeiter des Landes verwiesen.

15. Mai 2005 9:59
Bin Ladens Hilfs Organisation klagt jetzt gegen Rice in den USA

Jetzt wird gegen die US Administration aber in den USA geklagt.

Former Saudi charity head to sue Rice in U.S. court
14 May 2005 18:35:29 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Dominic Evans

RIYADH, May 14 (Reuters) - The former head of Saudi Arabia's
Al-Haramain charity said on Saturday he was filing a lawsuit in the
United States against senior officials including Condoleezza Rice for
putting him on a U.N. terrorist blacklist.

Washington said the charity's international branches provided
"financial, material and logistical" support to Saudi-born bin
Laden's network, a charge Aqil repeatedly denied.

"Since my opponent is the American administration, which is working
on the principle of 'guilty until proven innocent', then the way to
clear my name is through the American judiciary," Aqil said in a

"... I have decided to file a case against the American government in
the federal court in Washington DC."

It said it provided assistance and food to Muslims in East Africa, the Balkans, Chechnya and several Asian countries. It also built 1,300 mosques, sponsored 3,000 preachers and produced 20 million religious pamphlets, Al-Haramain officials said.