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Wunderschönes MAKEDONIEN!

Erstellt von LouWeed, 04.08.2009, 14:30 Uhr · 440 Antworten · 70.711 Aufrufe

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    Wunderschöne dojtsh.
    hehe spass

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    Republik Makedonien extra noch fett rot markiert, damit mans ja nicht übersieht und er wieder nen Ausraster kriegen muss xD

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    Republik Makedonien extra noch fett rot markiert, damit mans ja nicht übersieht und er wieder nen Ausraster kriegen muss xD
    Und sich vor Zeusanbetern abzusichern

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    das land der CCCClinge

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    Bike tour offers the best route through Macedonia


    Even as Fort Collins locals, we (Sarah and Jaime) didn't meet until we were sharing a taxi cab in Pittsburgh. We were on our way to a two-day staging event before starting our 27-month Peace Corps service in the Republic of Macedonia, a small country of 2 million that borders Greece.

    In that cab, bags piled everywhere and nerves on high, we never would have guessed that the project we would design together, in partnership with some incredible Macedonians, would be the highlight of our time here.

    Surprisingly enough, we were placed to work in small local municipalities only 15 miles apart. There, we struggled, as do most Peace Corps volunteers worldwide, to find exactly how best to contribute. You learn to celebrate the small, tiny, even minuscule successes, like the first time someone waves to you on your way to work, or you successfully communicate in Macedonian how you drink your coffee. You dream of big projects and ways to best help your community but work on anything you find.

    To some extent, that is what led us to be able to work on something we felt was personally rewarding as well as highly beneficial to Macedonia. Being from Fort Collins, we both enjoyed the outdoors and particularly loved biking around this beautiful country. Sometimes, we chose our bikes over waiting for buses, other times we argued with bus drivers about getting our bikes onto the buses. The more we rode, the more we realized how scenic the country was from the vantage point of a bike seat.

    In preliminary research, we realized that neighboring countries were increasing their bike tourism offerings while Macedonia had a few solo adventurists pedaling through each summer. We also saw bike tourism as a way to highlight our own and similarly small communities. Many visitors here simply come for Lake Ohrid, the crown jewel of Macedonia, but miss the unique towns and villages that showcase monasteries, centuries-old icons, fresh fruit and vegetables from the backyard and famous Balkan hospitality. We realized that traveling through on a bike would allow you to slow down a little and experience these particular treasures.

    (2 of 2)

    In conjunction with an extremely motivated and effective local counterpart, Zoran Grozdanovski of Sunnyland Tourism, a tourism operator who has worked with Peace Corps volunteers in the past (it's amazing how important that network is) and a few area bike shops, we created Cycle Macedonia and set out to design a tour route that would highlight the best that Macedonia has to offer by bike.

    After months of planning, riding through the backcountry of Macedonia in preparation, meetings held through Skype and a few new gray hairs, we welcomed six Americans to the starting point in Krusevo. At the first evening together at dinner, we quickly fell into a comfortable rhythm, sharing each other’s food while just getting to know each other. We all realized what an incredible group of people had risked joining us our first year.

    The following morning, the nine of us took off on a seven-day adventure. While there were some bumps and bruises along the way (all figurative), the participants loved the scenery of rolling hills and old stone houses, taking pictures of the grandmas standing on their balconies, meeting people on the street and even getting invited for a cup of coffee or to stir the pot of ajvar, a traditional tomato and eggplant spread made every fall, cooking on the fire. They even laughed along with us when we encountered a large hole in the road and stopped to take pictures before walking our bikes around it.

    As guides, we were pleasantly surprised at how our months of training had clearly accustomed locals along the route to crazy Americans biking long distances. Very few people honked at us and others who recognized the project laughed and waved as we rode past.

    The tour covered about 150 miles with some shorter days and other days requiring a little more pedaling. There were some flat stretches and days that required a little more uphill work, though it was always worth it for the view at the top. The easier days gave us time to enjoy visiting archeological sites or to wander through the towns and villages.
    The harder days made the shot or shots of rakija, a traditional homemade whisky that must accompany the cabbage or cucumber and tomato salad that precludes a meal, taste even better. Our nights were spent resting in wonderful accommodations from monasteries to guesthouses to private hotels.

    The project managed to cover all three Peace Corps goals. There was cultural exchange on both sides, as well as incredible professional development for everyone, including the three of us involved in creating Cycle Macedonia as well as the bike shops with which we worked.

    From here, the idea can only grow. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to work on a project that capitalized on our own personal interests, work with such incredible partners and had a group of participants that we hope to see again in the near future, either in Macedonia or stateside.

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    shqipes hört auf zu provozieren
    mazedonien heißt mazedonien und nicht FYROM, bulgarien, ost-albanien oder sonstwie

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    Rebublika makedonjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ich nenne das land makedonien und das MKD in Griechenland nenne ich auch Makedonien

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    Biking around the World - Macedonia
    by ivan litovski
    Jul 22, 2010

    I'm sure some take for granted the well established MTB scene in North America and some parts of Europe, but in some emerging countries, biking is just getting started. Have a look at this user's take on riding in Macedonia as they trail blaze the scene in their country.

    Story inside,

    Some Wikipedia action for more info on Macedonia -

    Bitola is the second largest city in Macedonia and is located in the southern part of the Pelagonia Valley. The city is dispersed along the banks of the Dragor river at an altitude of 2,019 ft (615 m) above sea level under Baba Mountain. Spreading on an area of 1,798 sq. km. and with a population of 122,173 (1991), Bitola is an important industrial, agricultural, commercial, educational, and cultural center.

    Baba Mountain overlooks Bitola from the east. Its magnificent Mount Pelister(2601 m) is a national park with exquisite flora and fauna, and not so well-known ski resort.

    Mountain Baba offers a lot's of trails where you can go Downhill or you can just go XC to the top of the mountain. There are epic views from everywhere especially from the top of the mountain from where you can see the Prespa's Lake and other summits in Macedonia.

    It was Sunday when we all gathered and went for a ride on a local DH trail called Kopanki which is on the mountain Baba.

    Quelle: Pinkbike
    PS: sind schöne Fotos und ein Clip dort zu finden!

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