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Albanien: Die Umwelt Zerstörung wird nun beendet

Erstellt von lupo-de-mare, 08.08.2006, 20:31 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 909 Aufrufe

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    Albanien: Die Umwelt Zerstörung wird nun beendet

    Nach den Fatos Nano Mafia Verwüstungen, mit Hilfe dubioser Deutscher Politiker wie Joschka Fischer-Rezzo Schlauch und den unfähigen Diplomanten vor Ort, kommt jetzt diese neue Politik, einfach zu spät.

    Albania seeks to reduce pollution


    Albania has drafted a new national strategy meant to improve air quality, protect water sources and forests, and promote recycling.

    By Erlis Selimaj for Southeast European Times in Tirana – 08/08/06

    Automobile pollution is a serious problem in Albania. [Getty Images]

    Albania last month drafted a new national strategy for lowering the amount of pollution in the country. Priorities include improving air quality, protecting water sources and forests, and promoting recycling.

    "In the last years, the environment in Albania has been damaged, leading to a bad impact on peoples' lives," Environmental Minister Lufter Xhuveli said. The new strategy is expected to help remedy the situation, he added.

    According to Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Tirana is one of the most polluted cities in Europe. He urged state institutions and local authorities to work together to clean it up.

    "The problem of the environment is not an issue of a certain institution, but a problem affecting all … everyone has to make their own contribution," Berisha said.

    He urged the ministry of education to review textbooks and see that they include sections on protecting the environment, and promised the government would take additional steps.

    However, it will be a few years before the new national strategy is actually put into action. Its objectives are to be implemented starting in 2010.

    A major contributor to the pollution problem is the large number of cars, most of them old. According to official estimates, there are more than 200,000 cars on the road now, a figure that is rising by about 10,000 annually. About 40,000 of these cars still use leaded petrol.

    More than 80 per cent of cars are diesel-powered. If not maintained properly, diesel engines emit large quantities of microscopic particles, called PM10s, which can lodge deep in the lungs and are carcinogenic. The WHO limit for PM10s is 50 microgrammes per cubic metre of air, but at one central Tirana crossroads, the 24-hour average exposure was 483 micrograms, with peak-hour levels far higher.

    According to reports, traffic-related pollution has increased death rates in parts of the capital by 20 per cent in the last ten years.

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    alta, nano war ein hurrensohn man

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