Viele Firmen in Albanien gehen im Moment bankrott und damit verschwinden noch mehr der wertvollen Arbeitsplätze

Die Arbeiter rufen jetzt einen General Streik aus bei Alb Petrol, weil sie ihre Gehälter noch nicht bekommen haben.

Oilmen, strike on December 7
Fier- Oilmen Union of Oil Production Centre in Marinez warned a general strike starting from December 7.According to them, all this derived as consequence of non-consideration of their demands that has only economic character. Yesterday, the union’s council was gathered to discuss further steps, where they decided to call all the oilmen in a one-hour strike on Tuesday. “In the conclusion of today’s meeting, we decided to call the oilmen in a general strike, as ‘Albpetrol’ Company has not taken in consideration our economic demands, especially regarding the fourteenth salary and general increase of oilmen payment,” – said the head of oilmen union, Dilo Xhelili. But, he stressed “the essence of this strike has to do with the relations with Sankson Company, which is barbarically exploiting Marinez resource.” “In a meeting we had some time ago, on November 24, it was declared the “Albpetrol” Company has bankrupted. And all this because, all oil wells are being exploited by this company, which is about to fire 750 employees,” – the oilmen say. “We, as Union, do not yet know what are the conditions defined in the contract between “Sankson” and our company. Although we have also asked from our company officials to acknowledge us with the conditions, we still have no information,” – the oilmen said. On the other hand, the head OPC Union in Marinez, Llazar Kumaraku said that if the officials of the company do not sit to discuss and recognise the accomplishable conditions of oilmen’s demands, then we will start a general strike, up to hunger strike.