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EU Parlament: 50% des BIP in Albanien ist Geldwäsche

Erstellt von lupo-de-mare, 28.05.2007, 21:06 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 698 Aufrufe

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    EU Parlament: 50% des BIP in Albanien ist Geldwäsche

    Inzwischen bessert sich zum Glück die Lage, und wird sich weiter verbessern, wenn es einen neuen Staatspräsidenten im Juni gibt.
    Der Staatspräsident wird von der EU scharf kritisiert, weil er das Buss GEld Gesetz, nicht unterzeichnete.

    Monday, May 28, 2007
    Deputy FinMin Says EU Against Return of Internal Audit, Fines Laws
    President Moisiu had sent the laws back to parliament for reviewTIRANA – European Union (EU) experts backed the government’s internal audit and fines laws and were surprised that they were returned by the President during the first meeting of the working group Albania-EU on economic, financial and statistical issues in Brussels on May 23-24, Deputy Minister of Finance Florion Mima told a press conference on Sunday

    Der EU Report befasst sich mit den kriminellen Vorgängen in Albanien und der Vorgänger Regierung vor allem unter Ilir Meta, Artan Dade, Sokol Nako
    Doc. 1011623 March 2004

    Honouring of obligations and commitments by Albania

    D. Organised crime and corruption

    49. The scale of organised crime and corruption remains the single most important problem for Albania. The fall of the hermetic and paranoid regime was followed by a period of political instability, coupled with general poverty and lack of economic opportunity. It resulted in a massive exodus of population towards Western Europe. This provided the first opportunity for criminal enterprise, and huge illegal benefits, produced through human trafficking, were later “reinvested” in the development of more diversified criminal activities, from drug and weapon smuggling to prostitution.

    50. In the course of 2003 the Albanian authorities have stepped up their efforts against the organised crime. During the operation code-named “The Iron Fist”, 310 persons affiliated to 88 different criminal groups were detained and significant property was confiscated from persons involved in the trafficking of human beings.

    51. The situation is made worse by the very poor state of the administration, lack of resources in police and judiciary, and, most of all, because of widespread corruption. The collapse of state authority following the pyramid schemes in 1997, made an already bad situation even worse. Most of the country’s criminals escaped from prison and many were never caught. Huge amounts of weapons disappeared and very few were recovered.

    52. Today, Albanian crime syndicates are part of the European crime network. They control large parts of drug and prostitution trade in Northern and Central Europe, and have developed close collaboration with criminal gangs from the former Yugoslavia and Russia. These illegal activities produce huge gains, a substantial part of which is allegedly sent back to Albania.

    53. According to International Crisis Group14 an estimated 50 % of Albanian GDP is generated from illegal activities ranging from people and drug trafficking to the smuggling of cars and cigarettes. Much of these illegally earned benefits are laundered through the building of hotels, bars, restaurants and flats.

    54. Another serious problem is widespread corruption which, in spite of considerable efforts invested by the authorities, in close cooperation with the civil society,

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    ja und?
    wenigstens machen wir das beste aus dem geld was wir haben
    und nicht wie ihr die ihr ganzes geld für irgend ein mist verschleudern

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