Und wieder ein wichtiges Projket in den Balkan! Dann kann der Balkan ja Österreich den Gas Hahn zudrehen?

Bis 2011, soll die Pipeline volständig auch nach Ungarn und Österreich gebaut sein.

Balkan nations join Nabucco pipeline project


VIENNA, Austria -- Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey have joined Austria and Hungary in an effort to build a pipeline that would bring natural gas from the Caspian region to Central Europe. The energy ministers of the five countries signed an agreement to proceed with the 4.6 billion-euro project, which is to be completed by 2011. Five companies -- Turkey's Botas, Bulgaria's Bulgargaz, Transgaz of Romania, Hungary's Mol and Austria's OMV Gas -- have formed a joint venture, Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, to build the 3,300km pipeline. The EU has endorsed the project, which could potentially reduce its dependency on Russian natural gas. (Sega, 24 Chasa - 27/06/06; AFP, EU Web site - 26/06/06)