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Greek Automobile Industry

Erstellt von Macedonian, 16.07.2006, 13:05 Uhr · 6 Antworten · 4.463 Aufrufe

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    Greek Automobile Industry


    CIVIL VEHICLES - Coaches

    Modern, Elegance, Comfort, Economy and Safety are the main characteristics of our coaches.
    With an appealing form and streamline bodywork architecture, with perfect engineering which puts safety first in all situations our coaches offer value and operating economy.

    The interior fulfils all the expectations aroused by the exterior: a modern design which means greater comfort, convenience and safety for both driver and passengers

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Inter-city buses

    ELBO's inter-city buses are characterized by mature engineering, balanced integration of all features and high quality of workmanship.
    Comfort, economy and performance are the demands made on along-distance bus travel but attractive styling is important as well.

    The attractiveness of the ELBO buses lies not only in their modern exterior but for the generous comfort offered inside.The ergonomically designed driver's compartment with clear laid out instrument panel provides the driver with much improved working conditions.

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Mobile libraries

    Special designed vehicles are used as mobile libraries.
    These vehicles are equipped with audio visual facilities like computer T.V , video, projector, e.t.c

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Refuse collectors

    Refuse collector with hydraulic packer

    Refuse collector with mechanic rotating packer

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Tippers

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Tippers

    Chassis NEOPLAN N6014 Traction motor SKODA 7ML-3550K/4(210 kW)

    A cooperation product by ELBO-NEOPLAN-KIEPE, manufactured in ELBO's facilities of the latest state of the art design and manufactured according to the European technical specifications and standards.Its main characteristics are the ecological character and the silent - running.

    The frame is monocoque type with electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS), kneeling and total vehicle raising, ABS/ASR.
    The complete electrical equipment of the bus is designed by KIEPE.
    The traction inverter (DPU) is controlled by an electronic drive/brake control unit (EFB). Beside the control function, the EFB provides recording of service data, fault diagnosis and memory.

    The bus is equipped with autonomous group for traction in case of leak of tension from the line, passenger seats of antibandalistic type, air conditioning, preparation for ramp installation which combined with the previous characteristics offer the maximum active and passive safety.

    In the city of Athens, 112 trolleys are going, manufactured by ELBO S.A.

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Urban buses

    Low floor articulated bus (162 passengers)

    Midi bus (58 passengers)

    Typical low floor bus (100 passengers)

    Buses that upgrade the quality of life in the cities.

    ELBO's low floor urban buses combine the high technology, the modern design and the top quality manufacture.

    The passenger-oriented design of the interior, provides more space for smooth passenger flow and convenient entry and exit even for people with special needs.

    The ergonomically designed driver's compartment provides the driver with much improved working conditions.

    They are equipped with the most modern ecological engines for low consumption and environment protection.

    ELBO S.A. manufactured 630 buses (220 articulated, 210 typical,200 midi) for Urban Transportation of Athens.
    Also, ELBO S.A. is manufacturing 54 new, typical lowfloor buses (ELBO S.A. - VOLVO, 100 pax) for the Organization of urban transportation of Thessaloniki.

    CIVIL VEHICLES - Water tanks

    Water tanker tank

    ELBO has produced a wide range of military vehicles that covers all the needs of a modern army .

    ELBO's military vehicles offer outstanding reliability, long service life and excellent economy.

    ELBO is the unique supplier of military trucks to the Greek Army.

    Advancing Truck Technology OSHKOSH

    MILITARY VEHICLES - Cross country 1 1/4 tons military jeeps

    MILITARY VEHICLES - Cross country 1/4 ton military jeeps

    1/4 ton jeep MG3762

    Mercedes Benz, GD 290, MILAN Carrier

    Mercedes Benz, GD 290, TOW Carrier

    PAO 106 mm

    MILITARY VEHICLES - Fire fighting vehicles

    Fire fighting truck

    Fire fighting truck, FLF5500

    MILITARY VEHICLES - General purpose trucks

    Cargo truck (4X4)


    MILITARY VEHICLES - KENTAURUS Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV)

    MILITARY VEHICLES - LEONIDAS Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

    MILITARY VEHICLES - Special purpose trucks

    Fuel tanker

    Trucks with snowcutter


    Truck -mounted sewer cleaner

    Water tanker

    MILITARY VEHICLES - Tractors and trailers

    Tank transporter

    MILITARY VEHICLES - Truck and trailers

    Truck and trailer

    Quelle und mehr Informationen über ''THE HELLENIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY S.A.'':

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    diese firma stellt aber nur fahrzeuge von anderen firmen mit lizenz her oder?

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    Zitat Zitat von TanushTopia
    diese firma stellt aber nur fahrzeuge von anderen firmen mit lizenz her oder?
    Ja, auch (Siehe Mercedes Jeep), aber auch eigene Fahrzeuge (Siehe Leonidas, KENTAURUS) u.s.w. Später füge ich noch einige Fahrzeuge hinzu, auch einige interessante ältere Modelle :wink:


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    Zitat Zitat von Macedonian
    Zitat Zitat von TanushTopia
    diese firma stellt aber nur fahrzeuge von anderen firmen mit lizenz her oder?
    Ja, auch (Siehe Mercedes Jeep), aber auch eigene Fahrzeuge (Siehe Leonidas, KENTAURUS) u.s.w. Später füge ich noch einige Fahrzeuge hinzu, auch einige interessante ältere Modelle :wink:

    Nur her damit hehe

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    In Griechenland zusammengebaute DEUTSCHE Panzer (Leopard 2A6 HEL)

    Um die Bilder zu vergrößern, einfach anklicken!

    Wie auf den ersten Bild zu erkennen ist, werden auch die Leos von der Frima ''ΕΛΒΟ'' zusammengebaut.

    Mehr Bilder von den Leopard 2A6 HEL findet ihr hier! (Runterscrollen!)


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    [align=justify:1554275984]Sfakianakis group of companies is a Greek conglomerate with a wide range of activities employing (in 2005) over 1600 in three countries; its origins were based on vehicle manufacture. It was founded in 1961 succeeding earlier trading companies founded by the same family. Initially building bodies on imported chassis, it soon developed its own chassis family. The company's SS500 chassis ('SS' standing for 'Stratis Sfakianakis') was subsequently further developed, and a great variety of bus types was designed and built over it in the following years, with limited exports to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Other industrial activities included construction of truck bodies and Japanese Hino chassis assembly. The company was renamed Sfakianakis S.A. in 1993 and among the last types it designed and produced were the SS400 and SS380 minibuses and a new series of SS500 inter-city and coach variants. The Sfakianakis industrial division had managed to survive for decades without any state support, despite fierce competition from imports; a flood of cheaper imports, though, eventually made bus manufacture unprofitable. Production ceased in February 2006, after the group had very successfully diversified into other business areas including vehicle import and sales and the services sector.[/align:1554275984]

    Sfakianakis Police Bus, one of many specialized types developed for state authorities and organizations

    Sfakianakis SS380L minibus (2003)

    Sfakianakis SS500LF coach (2005)

    [align=justify:1554275984]Scavas is the name of sports cars created by Greek engineer Vassileios Scavas. With precious experience gained from his work at Biamax, he started his first car design in 1969, undertaking the entire vehicle development. Scavas 1, a sports car with a 1200cc NSU engine was introduced in 1973. The car got a registration licence, but was not produced. His second model, the sharp-looking exotic Scavas 2 was introduced in 1992, and was intended for production. Once more, although the car got a registration licence, no permit for production was awarded by the state, for bureaucratic reasons. Scavas 3 of 1996 never got past the design stage.[/align:1554275984]

    Scavas 2 (1992)


    NAMCO PONY SUPER (1990 model)

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    Concept Car: TWT Aletis

    Development order of TWT GmbH from the Greek vehicle manufacturer Hellenic Vehicle Industry EL.B.O. S.A.

    This is what you could be driving on your next Mediterranean holiday, if Hellenic Vehicle Industry of Thessaloniki has its way. The Aletis, developed by TWT Information & Engineering Strategies of Neuhausen, near Stuttgart, is a 'fun-roader' - an open four-seater, rather like the old Mini Moke or Citroen Mehari.

    But it's altogether more sophisticated than either of those, because it's based on the platform and powertrain of the current-generation Volkswagen Polo, using its 1.4-litre petrol engine (75 bhp). And it has been styled by Italian styling house Pininfarina, which makes it a truly European affair. It has a full-length sunroof which folds back to form a canopy or sunshade, and open sides with advanced fabric panels.

    TWT won the contract to build the Aletis in 'a competition to design a car for Greece', explained company spokesman Manolito Vujicic. TWT has previously developed parts for BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Porsche, Audi, ZF, Bosch and Volkswagen, as well as non-automotive companies such as Electrolux and IBM, although the Aletis is its first complete car. Hellenic Vehicle Industry also has a track record in Greece, making buses, trucks and military vehicles. Its aim is to make the Aletis the official car for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, which would be the ideal opportunity to promote it worldwide, and then to market it across Europe and in other warm countries with a tourist industry. The Greek motor industry starts to go international from here.

    Das Fahrzeug "Aletis" wurde im Auftrag des griechischen Fahrzeugherstellers Hellenic Vehicle Industry EL.B.O. S.A. aus Thessaloniki von der deutschen Firma TWT gebaut.

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