Die Zerstörung der Wasser System, zeigt ihre Folgen, durch die illegalen Bauten. Es gibt allein an der Haupt Wasser Leitung direkt 5.000 illegale Anschlüße, wo durch die schlechten Schweissnähte, oft Abwasser ins Trinkwasser System sichert.

5.000 Anschlüße bedeutet dann weit über 40.000 illegale Anschlüße, wenn man die neben und Unter Anschlüße mitzählt.

Water Pollution Spreads Hepatitis Epidemic
Durrës- Since a while, polluted water flows from tabs of Durres inhabitants.The situation alarmed the inhabitants of various quarters of the city. The hepatitis outbreak due to pollution of running water is present at any moment. Water pollution in quarters 14, 17, 18 and lately in the beach zone was approved by officials and specialists of the primary health institution. They said the situation in these zones is extremely heavy, which has come as consequence of the water system downgrading as well as of mixture of drinking water with sewages. This situation has exceeded the borders of Durres city reaching even Kruja town, where the situation is pretty the same alarming. The inhabitants have often raised the voice for the pollution of drinking water, but the responsible authorities justified with lack of funds.