KFOR commander: economy is key to Kosovo stability
Der KFOR Kommandant General Giuseppe Valotto, spricht klare Worte das der Kosovo vor allem eine wirtschaftliche Entwicklung braucht.


SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Improving the economic prospects for Kosovo's population is crucial to stability in the province, KFOR Commander Lieutenant General Giuseppe Valotto said in a statement delivered to a security conference in Sofia on Sunday (20 November). "My biggest concern is the economic situation in Kosovo. The great majority of the population is facing extreme difficulties in this field," he said.

Poverty, unemployment, and lack of foreign investment fan ethnic tensions and contribute to corruption, crime and violence, Valotto said, calling for the adoption of a long-term strategy to ensure economic development. The KFOR commander also reiterated that NATO would not tolerate any violence in Kosovo and said the Alliance has strengthened its presence there ahead of the start of status talks (Reuters, RFE, Tanjug, Focus - 20/11/05)