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Auf jeden Fall, werden 15 Luxus Autos jede Woche in Tirana gestohlen und die Polizei macht Nichts.

Albanians call pals, not cops, to get their own back

November 24, 2005

Tirana, Albania - Albanians are so sick of police doing nothing about the theft and hijacking of luxury cars that they've taken to setting up their own informal networks of hot-lines and road blocks.

When a big new Mercedes was stolen at gunpoint from a car park here the car park owner called friends across the country instead of the police.

Using cellphones, three cars homed in on the Mercedes from three directions and an unofficial road block was set up near the northern town of Lezhe.

The car-jackers saw the private roadblock, got out and ran away, the Gazeta Shqiptare newspaper said.

The Mercedes owner got his car back so fast he didn't believe it had been stolen until the car park owner showed him its radio was damaged.

The paper said statistics showed "you could count on the fingers of one hand" the number of car theft cases solved by police; private recovery, however, seemed to be very effective.

About 15 luxury cars are stolen each week in Tirana, the paper said, citing prosecutors' figures.

Nobody was allowed a car in Albania until the collapse of communism in 1991 and through the 1990's the country was known as the most likely destination of cars stolen in western Europe.

"Do business in Albania," ran a joke popular among German businessmen, "your car's already there."

Source: Motoring & Independent Online