Weil durch die neue Regierung es bereits erhebliche Fortschritte in Albanien gab, schliesst die NATO zwei ihrer Stützpunkte in Albanien. Einer davon ist die Italienische Küstenwache direkt im Hafen von Durres.


NATO closed two of its military bases in Albania

TIRANA, November 12, 2005 -- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Friday closed two military bases in Albania, the newspaper Gazeta Shqiptare reported on Saturday.

One of the bases was located at the Durres port along the Adriatic Sea,and the other in the inland area of Kukes bordering Kosovo.

Present at a closing ceremony in Durres were Albanian Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu and representative of NATO military forces Attilo Massimo Iannuci, also Italian ambassador to Albania.

Iannuci explained that the situation in southeast Europe has changed and NATO has accomplished its military mission in Albania.

Mediu expressed hope that Albania will continuously intensify its cooperation with NATO, particularly Italy, and try to gain the membership of the group by 2008.

The two bases were established in 1998-1999 to guarantee NATO logistic support and traffic security on the roads to Kosovo when NATO launched air strike on former Yugoslavia and Kosovo was mired in armed conflicts.

Source: Xinhua via COMTEX