Die Licht Ampeln in Tirana funktioniren nicht und die Verkehrs Polizei trinkt lieber Caffee, so das Nichts mehr in Tirans funktioniert.

Dies führt zu einer extrem schrecklichen Verkehrs Situation in Tirana

Crossroads in Tirana without traffic lights and policemen
The main crossroads in Tirana are overloaded with vehicles and the traffic is extremely heavy. Taking in consideration the complete lack of orientation in the streets, there is no chance to calmly pass from one side of the road to the other without becoming victim of a possible accident. The main crossroads have no traffic lights, but the most significant lack is the one of traffic policemen, who are paid by Albanian taxpayers exactly to adjust the traffic in the city or interurban roads. But, Tirana’s crossroads, de jure, should be covered in policemen as their take non-stop shifts.But it is hard to find policemen during twenty four hours, who could adjust the traffic. But, besides that there are problems even among people. The police forces show up after they have finished the turn’s coffee. So there is no wonder why the traffic in Albania is terrible.