Na, das kann ja wohl wirklich Nichts werden!

Police and Justice Ministries on Kosovors’ hands
The U.N. created two new ministries in Kosovo Tuesday, transferring responsibilities for justice and police to the province's authorities. The move was welcomed by Kosovo's Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi, who said the government can meet the new tasks, but failed to say who will head the two key ministries. The transfer represented a "proof of confidence" that the province's fledgling institutions are capable of taking on "full responsibility and accountability" on these sensitive matters, said Jean Dussourd, a U.N. official dealing with the issue. The U.N. has warned that the duties will be transferred on the condition that there is effective monitoring, accountability and training.Despite the transfer, the global body maintains its authority over the province's affairs. The work of the two new ministries will be subject to a three-month review, Dussourd said.