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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipërisë - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 141.419 Aufrufe

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    Zitat Zitat von Albyyy Beitrag anzeigen
    Hast mal ein Danke von mir für das Interesse an meinem Heimatland
    Vielen Dank Euer Gnaden

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    IBNA Special Report/Albania has the largest oil reserves in Europe

    Tirana, May 30, 2013

    By Ariola Imeri
    Albania is the country with the largest oilfield in Europe and is highly rich in minerals. So far, an oil reserve amounting to 430 million tons has been discovered in different areas of Albania, says Glen McNamara, general director of the Canadian “Petromanas” group.
    “Albania has the largest oilfield in Europe, it has several active areas and a considerable potential yet to be discovered”, said McNamara during the forum “For the development of the economic model, based on the sector of energy and fuels”, held in Tirana.
    The considerable resources of Albania found underground were explicated in detail during the forum by Sokol Behaj, Executive Director of the National Agency for Natural Resources. He said that the Albanian state has signed 7 contracts with different companies.
    “Stream Oil&Gas” controls 4 of them in the area of Ballsh-Hekal, Cakran-Mollaj, Gorisht-Kocul and Delvina.
    “Bankers Petroleum” is in Patos-Marinez, “Sharewood International is in Kuçovë and “Transoilgroup AG” is in Visoke.
    Director of NANR also talked about the explorations being carried out for oil in the seas of the country and said that “San Leone” company is exploring in Durres.
    Three agreements have been signed with “Petromanas Albania” for blocks “A&B, D&E, 2&3”.
    “Bankers Petroleum” is searching in block “F”.
    “Capricorn” company is searching in block Ion-5.
    “Emanuelle Adriatic Energy Limited” is searching in sea blocks 2, 3, 4.
    Meanwhile, the other sea and land blocks are part of the license held by state owned Albanian company “Albpetrol”, the privatization of which failed earlier this year.
    Talking about mineral resources, Sokol Behaj said that 648 permits have been given for the extraction of minerals in the country. More licenses (226) have been issued for the extraction of chrome.
    31 permits have been given for the extraction of iron-nickel in 6 counties of the country. 7 permits have been issued for the extraction of copper, as opposed to 4 in 2012.
    Chrome reserves in Albania amount to 34.9 million tons, iron-nickel amount to 230 million tons and copper amounts to 32 million tons. /ibna/

    IBNA Special Report/Albania has the largest oil reserves in Europe | Independent Balkan News Agency

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    2 Milionen Tonnen Magnesium im Wert von 200 Miliarden US-Dollar wurden in Tropoja, Albanien entdeckt.

    Albanian Minerals Bytyci SHPK: Magnesium, Tropoje, Albania
    - See more at: Tropoje, Albania has $200 billion dollars in magnesium reserves | New York News

    New York News: One of the world’s largest magnesium ore reserves has been discovered in Tropoje, Albania. According to drilling results and intensive study by Albanian Minerals and Bytyci SHPK’s engineers. This body of magnesium ore hold over 2 billion tons of mineral worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said, “We have a lifetime mining permit to mine magnesium ore in Tropoje, Albania. The geologically proven reserves are 500 million tons of magnesium ore. The estimated reserves are 2 billion tons” .
    Sahit Muja said, The Magnesium content is + 55% this mine has the richest magnesium content in the world.The price of pure Magnesium in today’s market is $3200 per metric ton. The price for raw magnesium is $100 FOB. The value of the raw material is $50 billion dollars for the proven reserves. The price for low-grade magnesium, battery-grade mischmetal is $25,626 per metric ton. If we produce pure magnesium the value hundreds of billions of dollars.The magnesium prices have hit $7000 dollars in 2008 before economic crises.
    Albanian Minerals CEO Sahit Muja added that, Global need for Magnesium is accelerating and the production will not be able to meet the demands.Magnesium is used extensively in the steel industry, agriculture, energy sector, cars, construction, defense, manufacturing and chemical industry.
    Sahit Muja said: Magnesium is set to become one of the world’s most important metals. Demands for magnesium has more than tripled between 2000 to 2010 and forecasts of demand growth or magnesium is driven both by the growth of developing economies and new emerging technologies.Magnesium stores about 10 times as much energy as hydrogen. Magnesium weighs only a quarter as much as steel and is 35% lighter than aluminum.
    Mr. Muja said, “The need for lower emissions coupled with the development of electric vehicles continues to make light weighting a key strategic objective of all vehicle manufacturers and magnesium sheet can provide a further major contribution to its achievement”.
    Toyota Motor Corp; the world’s largest seller of hybrid autos, said it’s developing a magnesium battery that holds twice the energy of lithium-ion cells as automakers seeks better ways to power electric cars.Japan, has developed an innovative technology capable of generating hydrogen energy at the world’s lowest cost.
    This newly developed technology generates hydrogen by adding a magnesium to what is known as “functional water” in the boiling state. The amount of hydrogen generated 3.3L per 1g of magnesium.
    By Anna Cohen
    New York News
    - See more at: Tropoje, Albania has $200 billion dollars in magnesium reserves | New York News
    Tropoje, Albania has $200 billion dollars in magnesium reserves | New York News

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    Roberto ist reich, gepriesen sei Shkenderbeu.

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    Erst das größten Ölreserven in Europa und nun so einen riesen Magensiumfund. Warum ist Albanien noch nicht das neue Norwegen?

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    Zitat Zitat von Ibrišimović Beitrag anzeigen
    Erst das größten Ölreserven in Europa und nun so einen riesen Magensiumfund. Warum ist Albanien noch nicht das neue Norwegen?
    weil sie jetzt erst entdeckt wurden ??

    außerdem hat kosovo die drittgrößten braunkohlereserven europas, größte blei und zink vorkommen europas und drittgrößte weltweit
    und ist trotzdem kein reiches land

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    wie sich das blatt aendert, jetzt gehen arbeitssuchende griechen nach albanien um einen job zu finden sie verdienen ca 40 euro am tag oder auch etwas weniger..

    Greeks Work in Albania for 40 Euros

    By Maria Papathanasiou on November 19, 2013 In News
    509 21

    6 717
    A few years ago, the Albanians came to work and to build a life in different cities of Greece. Today, the unemployed Greeks go to Albania to work. The salary, there, is from 400 Euros to 500 Euros.
    Most of them have been unemployed for years; they used to work as builders or technicians. Now, they choose to pass the boarders and work in order to earn from 7 to 20 Euros per day. However, there are also better choices, for example the waiters whose payment is 40 Euros per day in the regions of Vlore and Durres, where, during the last summer, tourism is the “emerging industry” for the neighboring country.
    The President of the Association of Albanian “Illiria” confirmed, in his interview for the magazine Tahidromos, the “wave of immigration” to the neighboring country during the summer months. He also said that many Albanians are returning home but not permanently; many just want to temporarily go back until Greece exits the crisis and things are better.
    A resident of Nea Ionia, was unemployed for three years and last May he went abroad to search for work. Then, his friend who owns s tavern in Albania told him to go to Albania. Without second thoughts, he provided the required papers and went to Albania in September. There, he worked as a waiter and earned 35 Euros per day without paying for his accommodation. According to his family, his environment was really good because the culture of Albanians has a lot in common with the Greek culture.

    Greeks Work in Albania for 40 Euros | Latest News from Greece

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    was verdient mal in der Türkei? 20€ am Tag?

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    Von dem Geld werden die Albaner nie was sehen. Wahrscheinlich wird eine ausländische Firma via Korruption die Stellen aufkaufen, Billigarbeiter anstellen und den Gewinn für sich einsacken.

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