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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipërisë - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 141.525 Aufrufe

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    US Report: Albania tops economic freedom scale in the Balkans

    All Balkan countries except Bulgaria are better off today -- and more economically free -- than they were a year ago, according to the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) latest global survey on economic freedom, published last month.

    The 16th annual edition of the Index -- which lists Albania as the most economically free nation in the Balkans -- covers 183 countries.

    Indicators include business freedom, trade freedom, fiscal freedom, government spending, monetary freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom, property rights, freedom from corruption and labour freedom.

    US Report: Albania tops economic freedom scale in the Balkans (

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    Zitat Zitat von IbishKajtazi Beitrag anzeigen
    Haha und da erzählen mir Serben was von Heiligtümern
    Von wegen Heiligtümern.. Die ganze Welt glaubt diese Märchengeschichte schon lange nicht mehr ..

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    Italy gave 3.9mn euros in soft loans to smaller Albanian firms in 2009

    A credit line from Italy supplied 16 Albanian small- and medium-sized enterprises with a total of 3.9 million euros in soft loans, the domestic Lajmi newspaper reported.

    The 30-million-euro project was financed by the Italian government, comprising 25 million euros in soft loans, 2.5 million euros for creation of a guarantee fund for smaller firms, and a 2.5-million-euro grant for technical assistance to the economy ministry and other institutions, the newspaper said.

    The program aims to foster economic and social growth in Albania, supporting the access of smaller firms to the credit system and enhancing the economy, it added. Business News : Italy gave 3.9mn euros in soft loans to smaller Albanian firms in 2009

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    Weak earthquakes registered in Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, West Turkey

    Weak earthquakes have been registered on the territory of Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Western Turkey overnight, an inquiry of FOCUS News Agency on the official website of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre shows.
    A 2-magnitude earthquake was registered in Bulgaria at 19:18 on Wednesday. The epicenter of the jolt was located 22km to the North of the town of Montana, 14km to the Southwest from the village of Valchedram and 90km to the Northwest from the Romanian town of Craiova.
    Earlier, at 16:26, there was a 2-magnitude earthquake with epicenter at 99kim to the South from the capital Sofia, 17km to the Southeast from the town of Blagoevgrad and at 7kim to the East from the town of Simitli.

    FOCUS Information Agency

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    Albanian Power Corporation to export 201,600MWh of electricity to Switzerland, Serbia

    Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) has signed contracts with three energy companies abroad for electricity exports in February.

    The agreements were made with Switzerland's EFT and EGL, and Rudnap of Serbia, KESH said in a statement. The value of the contracts was not disclosed.

    EFT has secured 151,200 MWh in supplies from Albania, EGL 16,800 MWh, and Rudnap 33,600 MWh.

    The Balkan country's electricity exports for January and February 2010 are set at 471,200 MWh. In 2009, 444,028 MWh of power were exported, totaling 23,912,360 euros, the statement added. Business News : Albanian Power Corporation to export 201,600MWh of electricity to Switzerland, Serbia

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    Sonic announces PetroSonic heavy oil upgrading JV in Albania

    Vancouver-based SONIC Technology Solutions Inc. has entered into a joint venture in Albania to build and operate a 1,000 bopd PetroSonic heavy oil upgrading facility. The joint venture is with a private company which will provide an existing lease and facility which has been utilized in the past for crude blending operations. The PrivateCo will contribute an initial $1 million in capital required into the joint venture.
    Sonic, through its wholly-owned subsidiary PetroSonic will provide the license for operating Sonic generators and the process for upgrading of heavy crude oil along with the initial one or two sonic generators to process 1,000 barrels per day of heavy crude oil.

    The joint venture will be owned 60% by PetroSonic and 40% by PrivateCo. Since much of the infrastructure is already in place at PrivateCo's facility, it is expected that the capital required to commence operations will be approximately $1 million. The joint venture anticipates start-up of the facility this June 2010.
    Albania provides an excellent region for the application of the PetroSonic process. Albania has the largest onshore heavy oilfield in Europe, with low recoveries to date, and several companies are re-developing the oilfields with production growth expectations. The oil is typically heavy, high in sulphur, and incurs significant pricing discounts relative to conventional oil along with transportation challenges. These factors make Albania an attractive location for PetroSonic's first facility.
    Richard Wadsworth, Sonic President and CEO, stated 'I am pleased to be entering into a joint venture with an Albanian partner, bringing a clean upgrading technology to Albania where I believe we can improve the quality and economics of the heavy oil. With our clean de-asphalting and upgrading technology we can improve on the challenges Albania faces with its environmental, transportation, refining and energy needs'.

    The PetroSonic process consists of a first phase of rapid de-asphalting of oil that is expected to increase the API of typical Albanian heavy oil by approximately 6-10 degrees, reduce sulphur and metals by 40% and lower viscosity by 99%. The second phase of the process utilizes a chemical oxidation process which can upgrade oil by an additional 6-10 API. The Joint venture will initially focus on the first phase de-asphalting process. Once de-asphalting operations are successfully established and cash flow is being generated, the joint venture plans to integrate the second phase.

    Tests in Alberta's oil sands have proven that the PetroSonic scalable upgrader technology can be designed to maximize oil product revenues or integrated to optimize overall oil and energy revenues; - Asphaltene by-product quality can be adjusted depending on the end- use; - Sonic reactor technology reduces processing costs in a low temperature and pressure process; and - PetroSonic field upgrading reduces or eliminates the need for diluents for pipeline transport.

    Sonic announces PetroSonic heavy oil upgrading JV in Albania on Environmental Expert

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    Albania vows to ID mass grave victims

    Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha has promised that authorities will identify all 19 corpses found in a mass grave. The victims are believed to be prisoners executed during the former communist regime.

    Berisha, speaking Monday, says DNA tests will be used to identify the bodies unearthed at a former army barracks outside the capital Tirana.

    The bodies, executed with single gunshots to the head, began being discovered last year _ prompted by the efforts of a man looking for the remains of his murdered father.
    Albania's ruthless Communist regime ruled for four decades until 1990.

    Albania vows to ID mass grave victims - Taiwan News Online

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    Telecoms is most rapidly growing sector in Albania, minister says

    The telecommunications sector is Albania's most dynamic in terms of economic growth, Minister of State Genc Pollo reported.

    “This sector recorded growth of 34.3% in third-quarter 2009 compared to third-quarter 2008, up 20.5% compared to second-quarter 2009,” Pollo said in a statement.

    The increase resulted from the introduction of a third mobile phone operator in the Albanian market, which has boosted competition, lowered prices, and improved quality in other operators, he added. Business News : Telecoms is most rapidly growing sector in Albania, minister says

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    Czech firms seek to invest in Albanian infrastructure, renewable energy, sewerage and urban waste

    A group of companies from the Czech Republic -- Powerex, Tesla and Rexim -- is interested in investing in Albania infrastructure, renewable energy, sewerage and urban waste.

    “Rexim group has had a successful history of cooperation with the Albanian government and business companies in the past in the engineering field for energy production and aims to extend this in the future”, the government quoted a representative of the companies as telling Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

    Berisha especially welcomed investment proposals on renewable energy production in the Balkan country, the statement added. Business News : Czech firms seek to invest in Albanian infrastructure, renewable energy, sewerage and urban waste

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