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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipėrisė - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 141.447 Aufrufe

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    Beeindruckende Leistung die die albanische Wirtschaft zur Zeit erbringt.

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    Zitat Zitat von IbishKajtazi Beitrag anzeigen
    Beeindruckende Leistung die die albanische Wirtschaft zur Zeit erbringt.
    Und dann kommen so User wie Pejani angekrochen und behaupten, dass Albanien nicht mal selbst, wirtschaftlich auf den Beinen steht..

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    UNDP programme results in a mine-free Albania

    More than a decade after the 1999 Kosovo conflict left behind a trail of mines and unexploded ordinances along Albania's northern border, the country has been declared officially mine-free thanks to a joint UNDP and Government demining programme that also provides assistance to mine victims.

    "This area is no longer a place of sorrow, but a place of peace and harmony," said Rama Basha, a representative of Shishtavec Commune in Kukes, a district in northern Albania where many of the mines lay buried. "Now this area is free."
    As a result of the programme, over 16 million square metres of land in northeastern Albania were cleared of mines and unexploded ordinances, which are weapons like bombs and bullets that did not explode when they were initially used and still pose a threat to anyone who might stumble onto them. Altogether, the programme led to the clearance of over 12,000 anti-personnel and 152 anti-tank mines while almost 5,000 unexploded ordnances were found and destroyed.

    "We would like to thank the de-miners for the work they have done," said Rujmene Begiraj, from the village of Borja. "Now our children can play freely, we can make use of our land and graze our sheep without fear that they will be injured."

    Along with providing financial, technical and policy advisory support to government institutions charged with clearing the mines, UNDP also embarked on a mine risk education project in affected communities, resulting in the end of mine accidents within several years of the programme's start.

    To provide effective and ongoing support to the 238 people who were injured by the mines, UNDP established the National Prosthetic-Orthotic Centre in a regional hospital in northern Albania, staffed with two medical specialists, a physiotherapist, a neurologist and a prostheses repair technician. An additional 30 nurses from the affected communities were also trained with the skills required to support the rehabilitation needs of mine survivors.

    Izet Ademaj lost a leg after stepping on a mine in 1999 as the Kosovo conflict raged on nearby. He worked as a policeman and was patrolling the border as refugees streamed into the country.

    "After nine months, I was given my first prosthesis at the regional hospital in Kukes," he said. "I am able to walk freely, to dance, to play football and I'm really very happy for this."

    Ademaj, along with other survivors, also benefitted from UNDP-supported vocational training for mine survivors and their family members. Over 80 families have established animal husbandry businesses after receiving technical assistance and microloans whole another 95 have completed vocational training courses.

    ReliefWeb » Document » UNDP programme results in a mine-free Albania

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    Turkey, Albania business council held in Tirana

    Turkish State Minister Kavaf participated in the Turkish-Albanian business council meeting in Tirana, Albania.

    Turkish State Minister Selma Aliye Kavaf participated in the Turkish-Albanian business council meeting in Tirana, Albania on Friday.

    Delivering a speech in the meeting, Kavaf said Turkey and Albania were the stability factors in Balkans and Albania was the strategic partner of Turkey in the region.
    "Turkish investments in Albania were 35 million U.S. dollars in 2002, 100 million U.S. dollars in 2004 and investments have become 1 billion U.S. dollars currently. We are eager to boost trade volume between Turkey and Albania. Nearly 80 Turkish companies are operating in Albania," Kavaf said.

    "We also want to improve cooperation in the areas of tourism and energy with Albania," she said.

    Turkish foreign policy's main goal was to preserve peace and stability in the region, Kavaf added.

    Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha also attended the Turkish-Albanian business council meeting and said there were great opportunities in Albania for Turkish businessmen.

    Turkey, Albania business council held in Tirana [ WORLD BULLETIN- TURKEY NEWS, WORLD NEWS ]

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    Zitat Zitat von VushtRrinazZ Beitrag anzeigen
    Und dann kommen so User wie Pejani angekrochen und behaupten, dass Albanien nicht mal selbst, wirtschaftlich auf den Beinen steht..

    das hat pejani gesagt?

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    Nein natürlich nicht..

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    Gazeta Shqip

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    Albanian opposition ends parliament boycott

    Albania's main opposition Socialist lawmakers have been sworn in to parliament, ending a six-month boycott over alleged fraud in June's general elections.

    The Socialists, who control 65 of the house's 140 seats, have demanded a parliamentary investigation of the election result, including a partial vote recount.
    They have threatened to resume street protests if the governing Democrats hinder an investigation, and claim conservative Prime Minister Sali Berisha manipulated the vote count to secure re-election.

    Berisha denies that, but says he will back a parliamentary probe _ though not a recount.

    Berisha controls 75 seats in parliament.
    The Socialist ended their boycott Thursday after international mediation to end the political crisis.

    Albanian opposition ends parliament boycott - Taiwan News Online

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    The French are interested in water and energy projects in Albania

    Prime Minister Sali Berisha received Anne-Marie Idrac, the French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, attached to the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment.

    The Prime Minister I acquainted the minister will all our efforts for double and over double the infrastructure and all-round links with the region, the Free Trade Agreement in the region and its implementation by the government of Albania as a condition for enhancing the market space in our region, efforts toward a friendly climate and cooperation with all the countries of the region The Prime Minister stated that "Ms. Idrac comes to Albania to stimulate the political relations between the two countries as well as economic and trade relations. We discussed on the major opportunities that Albania presents for the French investors. We notice with pleasure that there are several French entrepreneurs that operate in Albania, Sagem Sécurité is one of them –it operates in the important field of production of ID cards and biometric passports, among the most modern in Europe- Société Générale is another great guarantee for the French investors, but even a good investor in Albania. During the recent days Albania will ratify in the Parliament the agreement with Eurocopter Group; it will modernize its helicopter fleet with productions of this company.

    French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, attachee to the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment remarked about their target to stimulate French investments in Albania and station the French enterprises here. "Two French ministers have visited Albania in the last three months, Mr. Pierre Lellouche and my visit, at request of President Sarkozy. Last year trade exchanges with Albania have doubled because as Mr. Prime Minister said, of the recent buying of helicopters and regional aviation. I believe there is a great potential for development of bilateral relations. We target to stimulate French investments in Albania and station the French enterprises here. I had the opportunity of visiting Sagem Sécurité Albania producing safe documents for the Albanians on their way to integration and we are proud of it. I believe the French can be present in other fields in Albania like water and energy and the Rhone is interested in investments in hydropower stations. Mr. Prime Minister told me of about 100 projects for building of electricity power stations. Likewise, I think all French enterprises that provide different infrastructure services like engineering, projects, or even building on the ground can take part and be present. I would like to encourage and express my consideration for the government of Albania commitment to create a favorable climate for the entrepreneurship and business. The modernization of the administration and all state structures, the progress made in the fiscal field, the fiscal law all should attract more and more investors to Albania. This is the message of trust I express here in Albania, but even the French companies should be as present as possible here" said French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, attachee to the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment Business News : The French are interested in water and energy projects in Albania

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    Albanian police seize marijuana stash

    Police seized 75kg of marijuana during a routine vehicle inspection near the southern town of Gjirokaster on Sunday (February 21st). The drugs are believed to have been destined for Greece. Four people were arrested. On Friday, police seized 250kg of marijuana in the town of Saranda, 2km from the Greek border. It was also apparently bound for Greece.

    Albanian police seize marijuana stash (

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