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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipërisë - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 20:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 140.323 Aufrufe

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    Turkish-Chinese group invests in Albanian chrome

    A Turkish-Chinese consortium says it has signed a $25 million (euro18.78 million) agreement with Albania to mine and process chrome.

    The 35-year deal will allow Turkey's Kurum Energy, Resources and Metallurgy Sh.a. and China's Sichuan Jiannanchun International Group Ltd. to explore two chrome mines and renovate enrichment plants. The consortium is expected to produce up to 60,000 tons of ferro-chromium every year, it said in a statement Friday.
    Albania has deposits of some six million tons of chrome and copper ore located near the border with Kosovo.

    The statement said the deal was expected to create hundreds of jobs. Albania is one of Europe's poorest countries.

    Turkish-Chinese group invests in Albanian chrome - BusinessWeek

    what ?

    noch nie dort gewesen

    jedenfalls nicht überschuldet wie jedes REICHE land

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    eine frage, dürfen artemi und seine freunde nun nach albanien reisen und heiraten?

    wenn er schwul ist NEIN

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    Launch of Albania's Vlore thermal power plant delayed until May 20

    The starting of Albania's $112-million Vlore thermal power plant has been postponed to May 20 due to final testing, the domestic Shqip newspaper reported.

    The project agreed in 2004 was financed by a loan of $25 million from the World Bank’s International Development Association; $37.5 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; $37.5 million from the European Investment Bank; and $12.6 million from KESH, the Albanian Power Corporation.

    The 97MW plant is oil-fuelled and located on a six-hectare site about six kilometers north of Vlore. Fuel will be brought to the unit through the La Petrolifera Italo-Rumena oil and gas terminal.

    Some 90% of Albania’s electricity production comes from hydropower plants, whose output is variable, depending on weather conditions. Business News : Launch of Albania's Vlore thermal power plant delayed until May 20

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    Israel's Jacob Hai to build in Albania

    Hai is also active in Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, and Israel.

    Einat Paz Frankel27 Apr 10 13:32

    Israeli developer Jacob Hai will build a residential project in the Albanian capital of Tirana for €15 million. Hai's company, Globe International Holdings, will build the 88-unit project, called "Touch of the Sun".

    Hai is also active in Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, and Israel. It has built 30,000 apartments as well as 1.5 million square meters of commercial and industrial space in its 30 years of doing business.

    Israel's Jacob Hai to build in Albania

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    Albania and Bosnia closer to EU visa-free travel

    Two more countries of the Western Balkans may be added to the so-called "White Schengen list" in the coming months, which would allow their citizens to travel to most of the European Union without visas.
    Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina stand a good chance of a positive decision, according to the latest assessment of European Commission experts, seen by WAZ.EUobserver.
    The developments threaten to leave Kosovo in a 'black hole' (Photo: mpd01605)

    Both states have met most of the criteria for visa-free travel, but still have work to do, the EU experts conclude. This means the decision to waive Schengen visas for their citizens may be conditional upon the fulfillment of remaining benchmarks by Tirana and Sarajevo. Insufficient progress in meeting the conditions prevented Albania and Bosnia from obtaining visa-free travel at the end of last year, when Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia were allowed into the scheme.

    EU diplomats expect conditional approval to be granted to both countries, although Bosnia is faring better than Albania in meeting the criteria. The recommendation to lift the visa requirements is to be made by the commission after another assessment later in the year. Final approval will depend on the EU's interior ministers and on endorsement by the European Parliament.

    The benchmarks both countries have to meet are divided into four thematic areas. Bosnia and Albania "appear to meet the benchmarks" in the first section, dealing with security of documents, the commission experts stated. A key condition in this area is the introduction of biometric passports.

    Both countries also "generally meet" the benchmarks under heading four, related to foreign affairs and fundamental rights.

    The criteria on illegal migration and readmission, which under heading three, have also been covered, although Albania's efforts in this area are yet to be verified by the European Commission, particularly in relation to the development of a strategy to support the reintegration of Albanian returnees deported by EU member states.
    Work remains to be completed in area three however, which also refers to the rule of law, security and the fight against organised crime and corruption. According to the summary of the draft assessment by the EU experts, the commission will ask both countries to make "further efforts regarding the strengthening of the capacities of law enforcement and effective implementation of the legal framework for the fight against organised crime and corruption, including through allocation of adequate financial and human resources."

    Several EU member states insist that the decision on visa liberalisation be made as soon as possible, especially in the case of Bosnia, where elections are scheduled for the autumn of this year. Although they are closer than ever to visa-free travel to most of the EU, both Sarajevo and Tirana have to step up their efforts to meet the remaining benchmarks, EU diplomats warned.

    The EU is still looking for a way to include Kosovo in the process of visa liberalisation. Otherwise the citizens of Europe's youngest state may be left in a "black hole" inside a region where most people will soon enjoy the end of restrictions to free travel. / Albania and Bosnia closer to EU visa-free travel

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    Verbund and EVN to co-operate on Ashta

    Austrian utility Verbund and Albanian firm EVN have signed a syndicate contract that will give both companies 50% ownership of the 50MW Ashta power plant being developed on the River Drin in Albania.

    The Albanian government started the tendering procedure for the Ashta hydro power plant on 15 January 2008, with Verbund being named winning bidder for the project. Construction of the run-of-river plant – which will be equipped with Hydromatrix technology from Andritz Hydro – began in March and it is scheduled for completion in 2012.

    Implementation of the power plant project has been assigned to Tirana-based Energji Ashta, with construction and management assigned to Verbund within the framework of a service contract.

    International Water Power and Dam Construction

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    Albania and Ukraine discuss deepening cooperation

    Speaker of the assembly of Albania and the Ambassador of Ukraine to Albania met yesterday to discuss establishing a strong and concrete contact for deepening cooperation. The Speaker of the Assembly expressed her desire to intensify relations through economic and trade plans as well as establish direct links between the chambers of commerce and industry. The Ukraine Ambassador praised the fact that a time of economic crisis, Albania's economy is growing. Source: Government of Albania Business News : Albania and Ukraine discuss deepening cooperation

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    Montenegrin and Albania Business people gather at an event for promotion of business cooperation

    A Business Forumorganized by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro and Tirana brought togetherabout 70 Montenegrin and Albanian Business People on the 26th ofApril, reported the Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro. Addressing the Tiranabusinessmen and their Montenegrin counterpart, Ivan Saveljic, Vice PKCGstressed that this meeting represents a continuation of the two connections ofthe chambers of commerce in order to create favorable environment for thepromotion of business cooperation.This is evidenced by the data onexternal trade of Montenegro and Albania, which last year amounted to 14.9million, which is 0.8 percent of total merchandise trade between Montenegro andother countries.

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    Montenegrin police seize 100 kg drugs from Albania to BiH

    Montenegrin police seized 100 kg synthetic drug that was transiting crossing the territory of Albania, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte News online edition announced.
    Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro has announced there is an investigation of organized criminal group that transported and sold synthetic drugs skank from Albania in Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. The total amount of the prepared dope is 200 kg.

    FOCUS Information Agency

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    [h1]Sixth Crans Montana business forum held in Tirana Albania[/h1]

    The Sixth Crans Montana Forum, a key meeting place for foreign investors interested in doing business in Albania, is being held in Tirana on May 6-7th.

    Due to take part are government and corporate leaders in order to share expertise, develop common strategies, and evolve business networks, organizers said in a statement.

    On the agenda for debate are peace and stability in the South-Eastern Europe, NATO integration and the new position of Albania and Croatia in the Western Balkans, impact of the crisis on South-Eastern Europe, the new and performing investment climate, and investment opportunities through privatization - top Albanian Government priorities to attract long-term investments. Business News : Sixth Crans Montana business forum held in Tirana Albania

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