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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipėrisė - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 141.430 Aufrufe

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    EBRD to finance feasibility study for Albania's Tirana-Durres railway network

    Albania’s Prime Minister Sali Berisha appreciated the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD ) in funding projects in sectors of importance for the Albanian economy, mainly in the sector of transports and energy.

    During a meeting with the EBRD Director for Western Balkans, Claudio Viezzoli, Berisha expressed the Albanian government's full commitment for the realization of Tirana ring-road project, considering it one of the vital projects for the economic development of the country and the capital, but also as a project to improve the citizens' living standards.

    Claudio Viezzoli highlighted the progress of cooperation with the Albanian government.

    Caludio Viezzoli praised the positive progress of cooperation with the Albanian government and briefed on the expansion of this cooperation through financing the feasibility study for Tirana – Durres railway network, which will include Tirana airport . Business News : EBRD to finance feasibility study for Albania's Tirana-Durres railway network

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    Albania plans to increase salaries and pensions by July 1

    Albania plans to increase salaries and pensions in thepublic sector in Albania starting from July 1, Albania’s Prime Minister SaliBerisha said during e meeting of the government.

    The plan foresees anincrease of 4% for higher salaries and 10% for lower salaries, while thepensions will grow by 7% in cities and 15% in villages. Everything will bedecided after the first six months analysis.

    “Increase of exports, increase of bank deposits by14% and increasein registration of new businesses in the first five months of this yearby 28%, are indicators that determine us to increase salaries and pensions”, the prime minister said.

    “The salaries and pensions increase goes against current economictrend and measures taken by European and world governments, which haveannounced significant cut of salaries, and frozen pensions and other economicincentives by around 75 -100 percent”, the primeminister added. Business News : Albania plans to increase salaries and pensions by July 1

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    Albanian Power Corporation to export 14.8 million euro electricity in June

    Albania is reportedly exporting electricity surpluses due to a sharp rise in hydropower output stemming from high water levels, the local newspaper Panorama reported.

    Albanian Power Corporation is expected to collect 14.8 million euros from exporting electricity to several energy companies abroad in June.

    Albania expects to raise 100 million euros from electricity exports at the end of the year, the economy, trade and energy ministry has said in a statement.

    In the first quarter of the year, the country banked 40 million euros from electricity exports, but in April and May the exports were likely to have been even higher, the ministry added. Business News : Albanian Power Corporation to export 14.8 million euro electricity in June

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    Albanian inflation reached 3.1% in May down from April's 3.5%

    Albania's consumer price inflation was an annualized 3.1% in May, down from 3.5% a month earlier, the Institute of Statistics reported.

    Month on month, the consumer price index registered a 1.2% decrease.

    Food and non-alcoholic beverages decreased 3% from April, driven mainly by price hikes in vegetables.

    Clothing and shoes remained unchanged, while alcoholic beverages and tobacco rose 0.6% from the previous month, INSTAT said in a statement. Transport rose 0.2%, diesel fuel 2.3%, and gasoline 2.1%, the statement added. Business News : Albanian inflation reached 3.1% in May down from April's 3.5%

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    Albania's Tirana Bank opens new branch as part of its 2010 plan to increase its network

    Tirana Bank announced that it has increased its network by one new branch which raises the number of total branches in Albania to 51, the bank reported.

    “With the opening of the 51st branch, Tirana Bank proves its commitment to further develop the branch network in order to meet its customers' changing needs and to offer them every banking product they need,” Tirana Bank reported in a statement.

    The new branch of Tirana Bank is opened in Fier city, Southern of Albania.

    Tirana Bank with the opening of the new branch continues its plans for a further increase of its network in line with the new objectives of Pireaus Bank Group . Business News : Albania's Tirana Bank opens new branch as part of its 2010 plan to increase its network

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    albania property may be boosted by visa free eu deal

    The government will establish a special structure to deal with repatriated citizens from Europe, a key condition set before the EU offers Albania visa-free travel.

    This is a much bigger step for Albania than it sounds, because it is a step out of its past as a former communist state where warlords held the power, the a democratic state that can punish warlords and tackle corruption.

    On Tuesday, during a meeting of the Cabinet, Prime Minister Sali Berisha talked of an Albanian-specific issue related to repatriation. This was a reference to Albanians from Macedonia and Serbia who applied for asylum in some EU countries after Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro were included in the Schengen white list.

    Before Brussels makes a decision, Albania has to boost efforts in the fight against corruption and implement a law that would allow officials to seize the assets of criminals.

    This will be beneficial to the property market in 3 main ways:

    One, corruption and Albania's past are a concern for foreign buyers, a concern which prevents many people from buying, for their fears that their property could fall victim to corruption and that they could lose their money.

    Two, if agreed, visa free travel between EU states and Albania will undoubtedly be a massive boost to the Albanian tourism industry.

    And three, it is a vital part of Albania's accession into the EU that they reduce corruption with laws like this. EU membership would benefit the property market immensely, by greatly increasing foreign demand.

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    Albanian government declares Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda illegal

    The government has declared two groups, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda, illegal in Albania. During a meeting Wednesday (June 16th), the cabinet also announced a list of 62 businessmen and nine commercial companies believed to be connected with al-Qaeda and the Taleban, groups that the UN considers sponsors of terrorism. Entities and individuals related to these organisations will now be subject to asset confiscation if found in Albania.

    Albanian government declares Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda illegal (

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    Wreck of WWII freighter believed found off Albania

    Using undersea scanning devices, archaeologists from the U.S. and Albania believe they have found the wreckage of an Italian ship that British forces torpedoed during World War II when Albania was occupied by Mussolini's Fascists.

    The remnants _ found just off Albania's coast last weekend _ probably were part of the 8,000-ton Rosandra freighter, which was hit by a British submarine on June 14, 1943, the team said on Monday, the 67th anniversary of the sinking.

    The vessel was located 260 feet (80 meters) beneath the surface of the Ionian Sea near Albania's Karaburun Peninsula, 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of Tirana, the capital, during a survey of the country's seabed that began four years ago.

    Expedition coordinator Auron Tare of Albania said the size of the wreck, and sonar images of two holes apparently caused by torpedo explosions, matched information from Italian and British sources on the Rosandra.

    "If the data coincide with the conclusions of the further study of that archaeological relic, then we may say the expedition has discovered the Italian Rosandra ship," Tare told The Associated Press.

    Six people died in the attack on the Axis vessel, which was carrying 400 tons of food and military supplies to Italian occupation forces in neighboring Greece, but 173 were safely evacuated to land, 400 meters (yards) away.

    A freighter converted to a refrigerated ship, the Rosandra had been headed from the Albanian port of Vlora _ 70 miles from Italy _ to Patras in Greece.

    Albania was under Fascist Italian occupation from 1939 until September 1943, when Italy surrendered to Allied forces. During the Second World War, Italy lost about 90 percent of its merchant fleet.

    Albanian archaeologists and the RPM Nautical Foundation of Key West, Florida, have found 18 wrecks from ancient, medieval and modern times in their survey off the Balkan country's coast.

    "This important discovery once more shows the important relics hidden deep in Albanian waters," the expedition said in a statement.

    It is creating an underwater cultural heritage map of the Albanian coastline with the aim of opening an underwater archaeological museum in Porto Palermo in what is regarded as Albania's Riviera, a 90-mile (140-kilometer) stretch of coastline from Vlora to Saranda.

    On Monday, the expedition expanded its mission north to cover waters off neighboring Montenegro.

    Wreck of WWII freighter believed found off Albania - Saturday, June 19, 2010 | 9:51 a.m. - Las Vegas Sun

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    Korrupsioni, arrestohen 2 punonjės tė Gjykatės sė Korēės

    Dy punonjės tė Gjykatės sė Korēės u vunė sot nė mėngjes nėn pranga me akuzėn e korrupsionit.

    Zėdhėnėsja e Policisė sė Shtetit, Laura Totraku nė njė konferencė pėr shtyp sot, tha se, nė kuadėr tė operacionit tė koduar "Kancelari" u bė i mundur arrestimi nė flagrancė i shtetasit Arben Hoxha, vjeē 51 banues nė Korēė me detyre shef i personelit tė institucionit tė ekzekutimit tė veprės penale si dhe ndalimi i shtetasit Shkėlqim Kajmaku, vjeē 52 banues nė Korēė me detyrė kancelar i gjykatės sė Korēės.

    Ajo tha se, "kėta shtetas akuzohen pėr veprėn penale tė korrupsionit pasiv nga persona qė ushtrojnė funksione publike e kryer nė bashkėpunim parashikuar nga nenet 259 dhe 25 tė Kodit Penal".

    Sipas saj, "shtetasi Arben Hoxha ėshtė kapur nė flagrancė nga strukturat e policisė pasi i kishte marrė shumėn prej 500 mijė lekė njė qytetari nė kėmbim tė nxjerrjes mė shpejt tė njė vendim-ekzekutimi pėr njė ēėshtje civile, qė e kishte nxjerrė kancelari i gjykatės, Shkėlqim Kajmaku".

    "Nė momentin e ndalimit tė tyre, u sekuestrua nė cilėsinė e provės materiale shuma prej 500 mijė lekė, vendimi i gjykatės dhe dokumente, qė vėrtetonin shkelje ligjore tė kancelarit tė Gjykatės", tha zėdhėnėsja Totraku.

    Strukturat e policisė do tė vazhdojnė hetimet pėr zbardhjen e fakteve pėr shkeljet lidhur me me nxjerrjen e kėtij vendimi nga gjykata e rrethit tė Korēės, ndėrsa materialet procedurale nė ngarkim tė shtetasve i kanė kaluar pėr ndjekje tė mėtejshme Prokurorisė tė rrethit gjyqėsor Korēė, tha Totraku.

    Gazeta Start: Korrupsioni, arrestohen 2 punonjs t Gjykats s Kors

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