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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipėrisė - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 141.394 Aufrufe

  1. #251
    Albania makes significant gas find

    Emerging oil and gas explorer Sky Petroleum said it uncovered significant amounts of recoverable hydrocarbons at its leases in Albania.

    Sky Petroleum under an exclusive production-sharing contract with the Albanian government explored three blocks encompassing more than 1 million acres, or roughly 20 percent of the Albanian landmass.

    Dritan Prifti, the minister of economy, trade and energy for Albania, said the region covered in the exploration area holds as much as 900 million barrels of oil equivalent in recoverable hydrocarbons.

    "We are very pleased to add these significant world-class assets into our portfolio and look forward to developing these blocks as well as extending our footprint in the region," said Karim Jobanputra, president and chief executive at Sky Petroleum.

    Sky Petroleum, based in Texas and Dubai, describes itself as an emerging oil and gas company exploring development activity in Albania.

    Source: Latest news, Latest News Headlines, news articles, news video, news photos -


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    Abdullah bin Zayed opens Sheikh Zayed Airport in Kukes, Albania

    Jun 26, 2010 - 04:12 -

    Kukes, Albanian, 26 June 2010 (WAM) - Foreign Minister H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan last night inaugurated the Sheikh Zayed International Airport in the Albanian city of Kukes in presence of Albanian Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta, Interior Minister Lulzim Basha, Abdul Hadi Abdul Wahid Al Khaja, UAE Ambassador to Greece '&' non-resident Ambassador to Albania, Mohammed Saif Hilal Al Shihi, Director of European Affairs at the UAE Foreign Ministry, senior Albanian officials and scores Albanian citizens.

    Upon arriving, Sheikh Abdullah said: "I was very sad when I visited this city 11 years ago. I kept remembering smiles on the faces of people here despite the hardship they faced during that time." "We, in the UAE, are proud of our relations with Albania, and of our brothers the Albanians. We hope to see these relations developing and growing and we wish your country further progress and prosperity. The same wish goes to your neighbours in Kosovo." Sheikh Abdullah expressed the hope that the Sheikh Zayed International Airport in Kukes will serve as a symbol for the strong relations between the two countries.

    Albanian Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta said: "This Airport shall bear for ever the name of a great world personality, as Sheikh Zayed was and remains by virtue of his work; it was thanks to his personal engagement that the Kukes Aerodrome adjusted at that time to carry humanitarian aids directly from UAE in Kukes has become an airport of international standards." "Bearing the name of His Highness, Sheikh Zayed, this Airport shall be an exceptional monument for life; it will not only bring to memory this extraordinary generosity by Emirates during a hard time for the Albanian people and our nation; it will also be made available for the community there and for the further strengthening of bonds among Albania, Kosovo and UAE," he added.

    A film on the life of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was shown during the ceremony. Sheikh Abdullah then toured the airport's departure and arrival terminals, control tower and runway.

    Construction of the US$22 million Kukes international airport started in 2003. It has a 1,900-meter runway, with a control tower, an air navigation facility, an integral fire brigade building and stores.



  3. #253
    Berat -->

    Albania Taps into Tourism Potential

    With an unspoiled coastline, clean water, medieval castles and Illyrian ruins, Albania has much to offer visitors, yet its potential as a holiday destination remains largely untapped. The government is trying to change that through promotional campaigns and greater attention to tourism infrastructure.
    The timing could not be more urgent, as Albania needs new sources of income to keep its economy going. If the efforts succeed, there is hope that increased revenues from a burgeoning tourism sector will help offset the financial woes caused by the global recession.

    This year the tourist season opened with paragliding off the southern coast of Albania -- a month earlier then previous years. Major Russian TV stations advertise Albania as a new undiscovered tourist attraction. They are calling it a "small, secret place" in the western Balkans.

    "Albania is expecting 3.5 million tourists this year, compared to 3 million last year," said Minister for Tourism Ferdinand Xhaferri for SETimes. "We have significantly improved the road infrastructure and our tourist spots. Promotional ads in many countries are advertising Albanian tourism," he said.

    The government has opened tourist offices in cities frequented by visitors. "These offices will deal with tourist complaints among other things and agencies can receive a fine in case of poor service, tourist guide quality, accommodation and other issues," said Xhaferri.

    This year Albania is also promoting cultural and mountain tourism. Gjirokastra, a city some 200 km from Tirana, is one of the most visited cities in Albania. It's the birthplace of a prominent writer, Ismail Kadare, and the nation's former communist dictator, Enver Hoxha.

    Last year, the city drew 27, 000 visitors. This year the number is expected to be higher.

    Also, if interest is Berat, a 2,000-year old city with unique architecture. It is on the UNESCO list of protected sites. Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, visited Berat in May.

    Valbona Valley, one of the most beautiful places in Albania, organised a folk festival on June 12th. Agim Selimi, a tour operator, said that the aim was to attract interest in mountain tourism.

    "This year a number of public persons and journalists will be invited in order to boost interest," he said. "The road to Valbona has been asphalted this year and is one of the country's most panoramic drives."

    Tourism revenues are crucial to Albania's economic prospects. Remittances from Albanians living abroad have slowed down with the global economic downturn. The government hopes Albania's beaches, historic sights and cultural attractions will draw visitors and help fill the revenue gap.

  4. #254
    Elbasan, tre tė rinj nė pranga, u kapėn me drogė dhe armė

    Njė operacion i policisė sė Elbasanit, i koduar “Ura e Lizės”, ka pėrfunduar me arrestimin e tre shtetasve, pasi nė makinėn me tė cilėn udhėtonin ėshtė gjetur njė sasi droge dhe armė.

    Nė pranga ranė Ilir Refat Jakupllari, 24-vjeē, banues nė Pogradec, Elton Beqir Abrashi, 19-vjeē, lindur e banues nė Pogradec si dhe Roxhens Fatjon Nurēellari, 19-vjeē, lindur e banues nė Pogradec.

    Arrestimi i tyre u bė pasi, nė aksin rrugor Elbasan-Librazhd, tek ura e Lizės gjatė njė kontrolli rutinė tė forcave tė rendit nė njė mjet tip Benz, ku udhėtonin shtetasit e mėsipėrm ėshtė gjetur njė armė zjarri si dhe njė sasi lėnde narkotike.

    Policia tha se arma tip pistoletė me mbishkrimin EKOL Major si dhe njė krehėr me katėr fishekė iu gjet nė trup shtetasit Elton Abrashi.

    Gjatė kontrollit tė mjetit nė pronėsi tė shtetasit Muharrem Isa, taksist, u gjetėn edhe dy qese drogė e llojit Kanabis Sativa. Nė cilėsinė e provės materiale u sekuestruar arma si dhe lėnda narkotike me peshė 500 gram.

    Gazeta Start: Elbasan, tre t rinj n pranga, u kapn me drog dhe arm

  5. #255
    Lehtėsohet hyrja nė kufi pėr pushuesit kosovarė

    Nė ditėt e para tė sezonit turstik nė autostradėn e re nga Morini nė drejtim tė kryeqytetit Tiranė dhe bregdetit shqiptar ka njė fluks mė tė madh tė qarkullimit tė automjeteve, sidomos tė turistėve nga Kosova.

    Nė njė anė tė rrugės dhe nė patrullime tė bie nė sy se patrullat e policisė rrugore janė tė pėrbashkėta, me pjesėtarė tė policisė sė Kosovės dhe Shqipėrisė.

    Pėr herė tė parė policia e Kosovės arrin tė kryejė shėrbime provizore jashtė Kosovės dhe kjo vlerėsohet si njė tregues i besimit dhe sigurisė pėr udhėtarėt nga Kosova, por dhe Shqipėria.
    "Policia na ka pritur shumė mirė, nė rrugė ka mė shumė siguri, sidomos pėr ne qė vijmė nga Kosova," thotė njė pushues nga Gjakova.

    "Sivjet me rrugėn e re dhe me sigurinė qė ėshtė do tė ketė edhe mė shumė pushues nga Kosova pėr nė Shqipėri," parashikon ai.
    "Ėshtė shumė mirė edhe pėr kosovarėt qė tė shohin nė rrugėt tona patrulla tė pėrbashkėta mes dy policive," thotė njė shofer nga Kukėsi.
    "Ėshtė njė siguri mė shumė si pėr ne ashtu dhe pėr shqiptarėt e Kosovės," shton ai.

    Marrėveshja pėr kufirin

    Marrėveshja ėshtė nėnshkruar nė pikėkalimin kufitar tė Morinit, porta mė e madhe lidhėse mes Shqipėrisė dhe Kosovės dhe parashikon vetėm njė kontroll nė kufi dhe jo dy si mė parė.

    Gjatė verės kufiri do tė kalohet me ēdo lloj dokument identifikimi.
    Memorandumi pėr patrullim tė pėrbashkėt tė akseve rrugore mes dy policive, asaj tė Kosovės dhe Shqipėrisė, gjatė sezonit veror ėshtė vlerėsuar nga ministrat e brendshėm tė dy vendeve, jo vetėm si hap i madh bashkėpunimi, por dhe integrimi, ashtu siē veprohet nė kėto raste dhe nė shumė vende tė Bashkimit Evropian.

    Ministėri i Brendshėm i Shqipėrisė, Lulzim Basha, shpreh bindjen nė suksesin e kėtij bashkėpunimi, duke falenderuar dhe qeverinė e Kosovės pėr gatishmėrinė e treguar.

    "Kjo do tė pėrmirėsojė cilėsinė dhe transparencėn e kėtij shėrbimi, duke ulur nė minimum ankesat e qytetarėve dhe duke shtuar nė maksimum sigurinė e lėvizjeve tė tyre dhe kėnaqėsinė e pranisė sė tyre gjatė sezonit turistik, nė territorin e Republikės sė Shqipėrisė," thotėl zoti Basha.

    Homologu i tij kosovar, Bajram Rexhepi, thotė se memorandumi i bashkėpunimit "ėshtė nė vazhdėn e bashkėpunimit tė madh

    ndėrinstitucional nė mes tė dy shteteve".

    "Ne jemi nė procesin e lėvizjes sė lirė dhe tė lėhtėsimit tė kalimit tė kufirit," thotė zoti Rexhepi.

    "Patrullat e pėrbashkėta nė trafikun rrugor do tė parandalojnė aksidentet qė nuk kanė munguar dhe do tė rrisin besimin e udhėtarėve," thotė zoti Rexhepi.

    Sipas pikave tė memorandumit patrullimet e pėrbashkėta do tė jenė deri nė fund tė sezonit turistik dhe do tė shtrihen nė tė gjitha rrugėt nacionale tė Shqipėrisė, sidomos nė ato qė tė ēojnė drejt pikave turistike.

    Shqipėria si vend pritės do tė paguajė gjithė shpenzimet dhe akomodimin e policėve nga Kosova.

    Hapja e tunelit tė Kalimashit dhe vėnia nė punė e autostradės nga Morini drejt Durrėsit do t’i sjellė pushuesit nga Kosova pėr tre orė nė bregdetin e Durrėsit.

    Sivjet, sipas tė dhėnave qė ka policia kufitare dhe agjencitė turistike, pritet qė tė shėnohet numri mė i madh i pushuesve nga Kosova nė brigjet shqiptare.

    Gjatė vitit tė kaluar afro gjysėm milioni pushues kaluan pushimet nė brigjet e Jonit dhe Adriatikut. | Rajoni | Lehtėsohet hyrja nė kufi pėr pushuesit kosovarė

  6. #256
    Wien bei Lebenshaltungskosten auf Rang 28

    Die Kosten in Wien werden vor allem durch moderate Mieten gedämpft. Weltweit am günstigsten leben Ausländer in Karachi (Pakistan). Die billigste Stadt in Europa ist Tirana (Albanien) vor Skopje (197) in Mazedonien, Sarajevo (196) in Bosnien-Herzegowina und Minsk (192) in Weißrussland.

    Wien bei Lebenshaltungskosten auf Rang 28 - Nachrichten auf - Salzburger Nachrichten

  7. #257
    Azerbaijani president receives Albanian parliament speaker

    Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has today received an Albanian delegation led by Parliament's Speaker Jozefina Topalli, AzerTaj state news agency reported.

    The Albanian Speaker praised Azerbaijan's achievements, saying she had witnessed rapid development processes during her stay in the country.

    Jozefina Topalli said Albania was interested in expanding political relations with Azerbaijan, and emphasized the necessity of developing economic ties. She noted there was great potential to enhance the bilateral cooperation in a range of fields, in particular energy, tourism and culture.

    Jozefina Topalli said the expansion of the interparliamentary cooperation was of great importance in terms of strengthening the bilateral relations.

    President Ilham Aliyev stressed the importance of expanding the Azerbaijan-Albania ties.

    The Azerbaijani leader said the Albanian Speaker's visit was of particular importance for exploring the prospects for the bilateral relations in the fields of politics, economy and culture, and cooperation within international organizations.

    President Ilham Aliyev emphasized the importance of building relations between government and parliament members.

  8. #258
    Biomass potential in Albania is studied

    Financially supported through the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) and the Italian supported CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD , the University of Bologna, Italy (Department of Agriculture) has successfully completed the BIOM-ALBA project aimed at identifying the economic potential and technical impact of the biomass supply chain in Albania.

    In analysing the feasibility of the establishment of a small pilot plant for the direct combustion of biomass from agricultural products such as olive oil solid waste, the study has revealed that investing in integrated energy systems based on the extensive use of the Albanian biomass is highly efficient.

    Awareness of this sector’s potential to enhance and improve local rural economies and life conditions in Albania was also raised among institutions and policymakers.

    The project has enabled the exchange of researchers within summer schools and training activities. Source: CEI Business News : Biomass potential in Albania is studied

  9. #259
    Albania Receives 2010 United Nations Award

    Albania was recognized by the United Nations for its contribution to improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the public sector last week. Albania's Public Procurement Agency was awarded the 2nd place prize for Public Service in Europe for the development of an electronic procurement platform, made possible through the MCC Albania Threshold Program administered by USAID.

    The electronic procurement platform is a web-based application that enables secure transactions among Albanian public institutions and the national and international business communities. It offers a secure, efficient and transparent preparation and administration of all tender-related documents, removing unnecessary paper work and providing secure data flow throughout the entire process. The e-procurement system has reduced administrative costs associated with procurements by 15%, increased competitiveness, and introduced transparency, bringing Albania into full EU compliance for e-procurement.

    Albania is the first country in the world to develop an obligatory electronic procurement system for 100% for all public sector procurements above the threshold of 3000 Euro. Source; US Aid Business News : Albania Receives 2010 United Nations Award

  10. #260
    UAE considers financing the building of Albania's Tiranė-Elbasan road, ports, tourist resorts-Source

    Prime Minister Sali Berisha received on Friday in a warm and friendly meeting the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the delegation accompanying him. Welcoming the guests, PM Berisha expressed gratitude for the constant and all-round support of the United Arab Emirates for the development and modernization of Albania.

    Your visit, said PM Berisha, makes an important contribution to further strengthening of the good relations between the two countries. The excellent political relations between the two countries strongly in favor of deepening the economic relations are the best way to consolidate and promote cooperation into a higher level, said PM Berisha.

    On his part, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan thanked PM Berisha for the hospitality and said that a year on from his last visit, Albania has undergone even deeper changes owing to the extraordinarily reforms and vision of PM Berisha and the government of Albania.

    Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan conveyed to PM Berisha warm and cordial greetings of the top authorities of the United Arab Emirates and extended their invitation for PM Berisha to visit their country, an invitation the prime minister accepted with pleasure.

    Likewise, the UAE foreign minister, who is scheduled to attend the inauguration ceremony of Kukėsi Airport, said he was honored this airport would be named after “Sheikh Zyed” and voiced deep gratitude to PM Berisha for the government of Albania deciding to give to the airport such an honored name. The meeting focused on the economic and trade relations between the two countries of great potentials to deepen them further. PM Berisha made a panorama of Albania great potentials which arouse the interest of the foreign investors like in the field of energy, tourism, ports and infrastructure. In regard to this, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates emphasized that Albania positive trend of economic growth during the recent years, especially during this time of global crisis, owing to the deep economic reforms and the favorable business climate, has aroused the interest of investors from the United Arab Emirates to invest in Albania.

    The United Arab Emirates, said Minister Al Nahyan, will finance building of Tirana-Elbasan road, one of the most priority infrastructure projects of the government of Albania and is seriously considering even other major projects like the Southern Axis, ports, tourist resorts, projects on cooperation and air transport. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan said that opening in Abu Dhabi of Albanian Embassy and opening in the near future of the respective embassy of the United Arab Emirates to Albania, will promote further the successful cooperation between the two countries.

    PM Berisha extended to Minister Al Nahyan the invitation for the top authorities of the United Arab Emirates to visit Albania, an invitation received with pleasure. Source; Government Business News : UAE considers financing the building of Albania's Tiranė-Elbasan road, ports, tourist resorts-Source

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