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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipėrisė - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 141.424 Aufrufe

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    Albania, Unicredit Bank Austria signs 6 million EUR agreement to upgrade health system

    Minister of Finance Ridvan Bode and Unicredit BankAustria AG representative Gerd Rose signed a 6 million euro agreement tofinance the acquisition of CT-scanner and magnetic resonance apparatus in 6major regional hospitals, under a framework agreement with the Austriangovernment.

    Minister Bode said that guaranteeing and upgrading healthcare to the people is a major priority of the Albanian government. According tohim, a special attention is given to increase access to services.

    The Austrian government is providing a 25 million euroloan, part of which will finance the upgrading of health system, and the restfor the water supply and sanitation projects. Business News : Albania, Unicredit Bank Austria signs 6 million EUR agreement to upgrade health system

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    Serbia, Albania sign memorandum of understanding

    Serbian Health Minister Tomica Milosavljevic and his Albanian counterpart Petrit Vasili signed Tuesday in the Serbian government a memorandum of understanding that envisages cooperation between the two ministries.

    Milosavljevic told journalists after the signing ceremony that the document is a good framework for future cooperation and envisages exchange of experience, experts and establishing of more efficient cooperation between the two countries' health institutes.

    Milosavljevic said that the memorandum also envisages work on joint projects, adding that concrete areas of cooperation are to be defined.

    Vasili stated that the visit of the Albanian Ministry of Health to Serbia is very important, adding that he hopes that their future cooperation will be successful.

    He invited Milosavljevic to pay a visit to Albania so as to realize other ideas which were discussed during the day.

    The delegation of the Albanian Health Ministry is on an official visit to the Serbian Health Ministry as of Monday during which they are to discuss health care.


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    Islamic Development Bank to fund important development projects in Albania

    Islamic Development Bank (IDB) officials, at a meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Saturday, have expressed interest to boost the bank's presence in Albania through funding important development projects, ATA News reported.

    The Premier's press office said that during a meeting with the IDB delegation, headed by IDB Vice President for Operations, Mr. Birama Boubacar Sidibe, Prime Minister Berisha, after presenting some of the national priorities with interest for investments by the Islamic Development Bank, invited IDB officials to increase bank's presence through funding Tirana-Elbasan and Berat- Tepelene highways, projects in energy, agriculture and health system projects.

    IDB Vice President Birama Boubacar Sidibe expressed readiness and commitment to strengthen partnership with Albania and offer financial assistance to these important projects. Business News : Islamic Development Bank to fund important development projects in Albania

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    Albania's remittances fell by 6.7% in first quarter of 2010 on the year

    The level of remittances brought to the country by Albanian emigrants working abroad registered a 6.7% decrease in the first quarter of 2010, compared to a year ago.

    According to the latest data published by the Bank of Albania, the remittances managed to finance only 40.6% of the country's trade deficit during the first quarter.

    “Even though foreign investments showed a positive progress in this period, with an annual increase of approximately 26%, the suffix of the capital and financial account managed to finance only 41.2% of the current deficit. This suffix was some 63% lower compared to the same period of the previous year,” the Bank of Albania said.

    The long term stability of the foreign position of Albania's economy continues to remain a weakness which requires constant attention regarding the drafting and implementation of economic policies. The Central Bank said that the slow progress of the domestic demand was reflected in lower demand for monetary means. The monetary supply experienced an annual nominal increase of 7.5% in April 2010.

    “The private sector credit experienced a 7% annual increase in April.
    The data on the crediting activity in the last two months show a positive dynamics with high rates of monthly increase especially when it comes to credits for investments,” the Bank of Albania added. Business News : Albania's remittances fell by 6.7% in first quarter of 2010 on the year

    Dürfte wohl hauptsächlich wegen der Krise in Griechenland zurückzuführen sein, hat aber auch was gutes.. So gewöhnen Sie sich immer alles in den Arsche geschoben zu bekommen ab und werden langsam unabhängig..

  5. #285
    Albania's TACRA approves several important decisions in the field of tourism

    Territorial Adjustment Council of Republic of Albania (TACRA) approved on Tuesday also several important decisions in the field of tourism. Following are the decisions:

    1. Task for project of general adjustment plan of Vile-Bashtove tourist area, approval of general adjustment plan of this area, as well as partial town planning studies for implementation of this plan, Commune Gose, Kavaja.

    Premier Berisha said that in this area will be realized one of the biggest tourist projects in the country, envisaging a 1.2 billion euro investment, and giving Vile-Bashtova back all the values of this area. “In the ancient history, Vile-Bashtova has been one of the most important ports and centers for Elbasan and entire Middle Albania.

    The Project coordinates several elements, such as exploitation of most beautiful views of the zone, construction of sport complexes, which will offer accommodation for 30 thousand holidaymakers, including daily tourism. The Premier pointed to the fact that arable lands are not affected, due to exploitation of wastelands, re-generating them and turning into one of the most beautiful tourist resorts of the Adriatic coast.

    The Premier congratulated the company for the project, as well as local authorities, as a testimony of their iron will for attraction of investments.

    2. The task of Project for a Master plan in tourist area of Pogradec-Drilon and master plan of tourist area Pogradec-Drilon, in commune Buēimas, Korēa District.

    Premier Berisha urged respect of Convents for preservation of Ohrid Lake, as well as possibility of integration of this area in general master plan of the Lake, which should start from Lin to Tushemisht. The Coast, together with Drilon, - the Premier said – consists of a precious tourist pearl of all the shores of the lakes and seas of the country. Source; Government Business News : Albania's TACRA approves several important decisions in the field of tourism

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    European Parliament to Debate on Albania

    The European Parliament will hold a debate on Albania on Wednesday, with MEPs and the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton expected to participate.

    The Parliament is also expected to vote on a resolution on Albania drafted by Greek left-wing MEP Nikolaos Chountis. Speaking for Deutsche Welle radio Chountis said that the resolution was the result of the consensus of all the parliamentary groups in the European Parliament.

    “My opinion is that we should help Albania to push forward with necessary steps toward democracy in order to move closer to the European Union,” Chountis said.

    “We back the visa liberalisation that should happen as fast as possible, however the country has many problems and the government and the main opposition group should try harder to resolve the political crisis,” he added.

    Albania has faced political deadlock since the country's June 2009 parliamentary elections. Prime Minister Sali Berisha from the ruling Democratic Party and opposition leader Edi Rama of the Socialists have been locked in a stalemate over the results of the elections, which Berisha's party narrowly won.

    Berisha and Rama have so far failed to agree on the powers of a parliamentary commission set to investigate alleged irregularities in the parliamentary ballot held on June 28, 2009.

    While the Socialists seek a recount of the ballots, claiming that the government’s alleged fraud was to blame for their electoral loss, the majority insists that the opposition has exhausted all legal means for a recount to take place.

    European Parliament to Debate on Albania ::

  7. #287
    Dutch Government supports Albania project to generate solar energy for nurseries

    The Dutch Government has supported a project which is implemented by the Tirana Municipality for installation of solar panels in kindergartens and nurseries in Tirana in order to generate electricity for them.

    The project, “Solar energy as an economic and in favour of environmental”, is in the starting the phase and aims to provide solar panels for all the kindergartens and nurseries in the capital of Tirana.

    Mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama, expressed that all kindergartens and nurseries in Tirana will have to use solar panels to lower economic costs, and changing the quality of life. Business News : Dutch Government supports Albania project to generate solar energy for nurseries

  8. #288
    The Greek police busted a drug channel from Albania

    The Greek police busted a major line for import and spreading of cannabis, the online edition of Greek newspaper Naftemporiki reported.
    Four Greek men, aged between 19 and 40, a Greek woman, a French man, and a Romanian woman were arrested, as their Albanian compliance is wanted.
    The criminal group was smuggling cannabis from Albania and then spreading it in Greece. The arrested members will be interrogated by a prosecutor.

    The Greek police busted a drug channel from Albania - FOCUS Information Agency

  9. #289
    Kėtė vit do tė pranohen 23 534 studentė tė rinj

    Universitetet publike do tė pranojnė kėtė vit akademik 23 534 studentė tė rinj, bėri tė ditur nė mbledhjen e Qeverisė, kryeministri Sali Berisha.

    Studentėt e rinj do tė kenė mundėsinė tė ndjekin studimet nė 181 degė dhe profilet e tyre.

    Kryeministri Berisha theksoi se kjo rritje pėrbėn njė hap tė rėndėsishėm drejt pėrmbushjes sė objektivit, qė nė tre vitet e ardhshme tė arrihet numri i 150 mijė studentėve nė shkollat publike dhe private.

    Gazeta Start: Kt vit do t pranohen 23 534 student t rinj

  10. #290
    Pogradec, arrestohet kryeplaku pėr kultivim droge

    Policia e Pogradecit arrestoi sot kryeplakun e fshatit Ondisht nė komunėn e Trebinjės, Avni Ponēi, i akuzuar pėr shpėrdorim detyre.

    Avni Ponēi, 52 vjeē, u arrestua pasi nė tokat e tij kishte mbjellė 25 rrėnjė kanabis sativa. Mbi tė rėndon akuza "Shpėrdorim i detyrės zyrtare dhe kultivim i bimėve narkotike".

    Po nė fshatin Ondisht, policia arrestoi sot edhe shtetasin tjetėr, Erion Hyka, 24 vjeē, pasi kishte mbjellė 42 rrėnjė kanabis sativa, por ai do te ndiqet penalisht ne gjendje te lire pėr shkak se ėshtė invalid i grupit tė parė. Nėn pranga ra edhe Mevlan Xhika, 52 vjeē, banor i kėtij fshati, i cili kishte mbjellė 28 rrėnjė kanabis sativa.

    Sipas policisė, bimėt narkotike u shkulėn dhe u sekuestruan si provė materiale. Ky ėshtė rasti i tretė qė policia e Qarkut tė Korēės gjatė dy javėve tė fundit kryen arrestime pėr veprėn penale tė kultivimit tė bimėve narkotike.

    Gazeta Start: Pogradec, arrestohet kryeplaku pr kultivim droge

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