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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipėrisė - Economy of Albania

Erstellt von Bloody, 19.05.2009, 21:23 Uhr · 1.129 Antworten · 143.637 Aufrufe

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    Germany lends Albania 0.8mn euros for sanitation project

    Germany’s ambassador in Tirana, Bernd Borchardt, has signed an 800,000-euro loan with Transport Minister Sokol Olldashi to support improvement of the Albanian city of Pogradec's sewerage system that will help to protect Lake Ohrid.

    “Germany has already provided 5 million euros in funds for the project and with this additional funding 70% of the overall sewerage network in Pogradec will improve,” Olldashi (MPPTT) told a signing ceremony.

    The government is in talks with German authorities for continuation of the project to completion in a third phase, he added.

    “Signing of this agreement ... has become a symbol of very good German-Albanian cooperation in the field of sanitation. We will certainly further this cooperation by expanding our activities in the sector,” Borchardt said.

    Germany has been active in Albania since 1988 with financing of over 850 million euros, mainly in energy. Business News : Germany lends Albania 0.8mn euros for sanitation project

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    Avatar von Arbanasi

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    Zitat Zitat von Laureta Beitrag anzeigen
    Shikoni se cfare bejn ne Shqiperi.
    Die Griechen machen das mit absicht, sie wollen das die Albanischen Kinder eine Identität annehmen welche nicht ihre ist, aber wenn man den Kindern von klein auf schon sagt ''Ti je Grek'' dann werden diese später auch sagen ''Ne jemi Grek''.. Griechische scheiß Politik.!
    Aber die Albanische POlitik ist kein stück besser, sowas in ihrem land zuzulassen ist Idiotisch, zumal die Griechischen Politiker welche in der Europäischen Union mitarbeiten, keine Albanische Schule in Griechenland Fördern.!
    Lang lebe Griechenland, das bald ganz Albanien einnehmen wird.
    Lernt Griechisch ihr armen Albaner.

    Die Albanische Politik ist schuld. Wir sollten das gleiche machen was die mit den Albanern dort machen.
    Ata as Shqip nuk guxojn me fol n'rruge, e na ju hapim edhe Shkolla ne gjuhen Greke, nmes tShqiprise. Edhe prap se prap nuk jan tknaqt. Pushken nkrah edhe...

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    Croatia’s newly elected President wants better relations with Albania

    Croatia’s newly elected President Ivo Josipovic regards Albania and Kosovo as partners Croatia has very good relations with. He says he in favor of developing the ties with Serbia, although Zagreb recognized Kosovo, Alsat-M television channel reports.
    I would like relations with Albania to be even better, Josipovic says in an interview with an Albanian television station.
    We have friendship, common history and common sea and we are geographically close, the Croatian head of state adds.
    He expects excellent cooperation between Croatia and Albania.
    We have many open issues with Serbia, while with Kosovo we have no unsolved issues. We will build specific relations with Serbia, but with Kosovo too, Josipovic says in the interview.

    FOCUS Information Agency

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    Bankers Petroleum of Canada shows 10.2% higher Q4 oil output in Albania

    Canada-based Bankers Petroleum oil and gas, which operates exclusively in Albania, showed a 10.2% year-on-year rise in daily production at its Patos-Marinza oilfield in the fourth quarter to 7,230 barrels a day.

    The average oil price for Patos Marinza increased to to 45.10 USD/barrel, or 61% of Brent Crude, from 40.71 USD/barrel, or 60% of Brent, management said in a statement.

    The company expects to drill 52 horizontal and four vertical wells this year as part of its $152 million 2010 capital program, set to be funded from operations, existing cash resources, and an unutilized $110 million in credit facilities.

    The company completed two new contracts for its crude oil export arrangements with BP Oil International Ltd., UK, and Vitol S.A., Geneva, also renegotiating current agreements with two refineries in Italy.

    Bankers is to build an additional 13,000 metric tonnes, or 80,000 barrels, of storage capacity at the Le Petrolifera Italo Albanese (PIA) terminal in Vlore, Albania, which is due for completion by September 2010, to facilitate larger oil shipments and possibly lead to the realization of higher oil prices, the statement said. Business News : Bankers Petroleum of Canada shows 10.2% higher Q4 oil output in Albania

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    Banka Botėrore, Shqipėria, rritjen mė tė lartė ekonomike nė rajon

    Edhe gjatė kėtij viti, Shqipėria ka lėnė prapa shumė nga fqinjėt e saj pėr sa i pėrket ritmit tė rritjes ekonomike. Banka Botėrore ka parashikuar qė kėtė vit, Shqipėria do tė ketė njė rritje ekonomike prej 3 pėr qind, niveli mė i lartė nė rajonin tonė. Ndėrsa gjatė vitit 2009, ky tregues mendohet se ka qenė 2.2 pėr qind. Nė raportin e quajtur “'Perspektiva e ekonomisė botėrore”', banka jep njė analizė tė detajuar tė gjithė ekonomive botėrore dhe impakteve qė ka patur kriza nė to. Sipas Bankės Botėrore, rrija ekonomike e Shqipėrisė do tė vijė duke u rritur gradualisht, duke kapur nė vitin 2011 nivelin e 4.7 pėr qind.

    Postuar: 15:26 / 22 Janar 2010 | RSS

    Banka Botėrore, Shqipėria, rritjen mė tė lartė ekonomike nė rajon Ekonomi - Telegrafi

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    Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline Co. Opens Offices in Albania, Italy, Greece

    TIRANA (Albania), January 20 (SeeNews) - The company that would build and own a trans-Adriatic gas pipeline said it has opened offices in Albania, Italy and Greece, aiming to ensure liaising with the authorities in the host countries in preparing and submitting all necessary applications.

    The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) company, a Swiss-based joint venture equally owned by Norway’s Statoil and Swiss-based EGL Group, would build the pipeline designed to carry natural gas from the Caspian Sea and Middle East regions to Europe.

    "The opening of the new offices in Greece, Albania and Italy is another sign of TAP's continuous progress. These permanent representations will help us develop stronger relationships with local stakeholders and further create trust in TAP," TAP external relations director Michael Hoffmann said in a statement.

    The 520-kilometre long pipeline ( will transport natural gas via Greece and Albania and across the Adriatic Sea to Italy's southern Puglia region and further to Western Europe. The pipeline has a design capacity of 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas per year, expandable to 20 bcm per year depending on throughput.

    The project also envisages the development of natural gas storage facilities in Albania to further ensure security of supply during operational interruptions of gas deliveries.

    First deliveries are expected in 2012.

    The TAP company is a Swiss-based joint venture company equally owned by Norway’s Statoil and Swiss-based EGL Group.

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    jeder weiß was griechen sind und wie sie ticken also über dieses thema meine albanischen freunde könnten wir wochen reden

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    Albania’s Tirana airport growing at 10% p.a.; Belle Air operates 20 routes mostly to Italy

    Not many airports with over one million annual passengers have been able to report double-digit growth in both 2008 and 2009, but Tirana International Airport in Albania is one of them. The country, on the opposite side of the Adriatic from the heel of Italy, has the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia as neighbours. It is similar in size to Belgium but with a population of just over three million people. The airport is currently managed by a consortium lead by Hochtief AirPort of Germany.

    Belle Air: Albania’s very own LCC

    Traffic has been boosted in recent years by the arrival of Belle Air, a low-cost airline that started operations in November 2006. It operates to around 20 destinations (nearly all in Italy, plus Zurich) using a fleet of five aircraft, including two A320s, one A319, one MD82 and one ATR 72-500. According to the airport, Belle Air was by far the busiest airline at Tirana in the first nine months of 2009, accounting for 42% of passengers. This is well ahead of Alitalia (13.5%), Albanian Airlines (8.9%), Austrian (6.0%) and Turkish Airlines (5.3%).
    Demand to and from Albania peaks in August. Despite the recent growth, the seasonality profile has remained remarkably consistent for the last three years.

    Served by several flag carriers

    For passengers outside of Italy there are a number of carriers providing non-stop flights to the Albanian capital. These include Adria Airways (to Ljubljana), Aegean Airlines (to Athens), Austrian (to Vienna), British Airways (to London Gatwick), germanwings (seasonal services to Cologne/Bonn), Lufthansa (to Munich), Malev (to Budapest), Olympic (to Athens) and Turkish Airlines (to Istanbul).

    Albanian Airlines under new management

    According to the airline’s website, Albanian Airlines has been under the ownership of the Azerbaijan-based Evsen Group since last August. The airline’s booking tool suggests that flights are currently on sale to Bologna, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London Stansted, Milan Malpensa and Turin. The website also indicates that the airline soon is hoping to operate a fleet of two 747-400s, two 757-200s and four 737-300s and plans to start services to several new destinations, including Berlin, Jeddah, Madrid, Paris and Rome. The acquisition of some Fokker 100s has also been indicated on the airline’s website. will be following the airline’s development with interest to see if it can usurp Belle Air as the country’s leading airline.

    Albania’s Tirana airport growing at 10% p.a.; Belle Air operates 20 routes mostly to Italy |

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    Albania rises to 53rd place in economic freedom index

    Albania’s economy ranks 53rd out of 179 countries, up from 62nd place last year, in the 2010 Economic Freedom Index, compiled by US think-tank Heritage Foundation.

    The Balkan country's economic freedom score is 66.0, top for the region, with Bosnia-Herzegovina the least free, and Bulgaria the sole regional country to show a decline.

    “Albania is ranked 25th most free among the 43 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is above the world average,” the report showed.

    Albania's level of economic freedom increased by 2.3 points over the past year, due primarily to trade, property rights, labour, and corruption.

    Albania’s economic freedom is comparable to that of other developing Balkan states like Croatia and FYR Macedonia, the ranking showed.

    Fiscal freedom, investment freedom, and financial freedom rated significantly higher than typical levels. However, Albania’s overall score was reduced by weak property rights and pervasive corruption.

    Money laundering remains a major problem in the cash-based economy. A low score for property rights is largely a result of political interference in the judiciary, according to Heritage Foundation (The Heritage Foundation - Conservative Policy Research and Analysis). Business News : Albania rises to 53rd place in economic freedom index

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    Italy's Frattini predicts visa-free travel for Albanians by summer

    Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini believes that Albania will see its EU visa barriers fall by summer. In a speech on Tuesday (January 26th), Frattini expressed hope that political parties in Tirana will understand the country's broader interest and help it join the EU as soon as possible. The opposition Socialist Party has been boycotting parliament for months, demanding an investigation into June 2009 general elections.

    A reported 89% of Albanian citizens support EU integration, according to a survey by the Institute for International Studies in Tirana.

    Italy's Frattini predicts visa-free travel for Albanians by summer (

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