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Wirtschaft Mazedoniens - Економија на Македонија - Economy of Macedonia (Rep. of)

Erstellt von MaKeDoNiJa e VeCnA, 12.04.2010, 13:50 Uhr · 1.291 Antworten · 141.107 Aufrufe

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    Factory for the production of bus chassis in Shtip


    In industrial zone “West ” in Shtip today began construction of factory for the production of welded assemblies for chassis elements for buses. The factory is built by Shtip company “Aktiva” for the needs of the famous Belgian company for manufacturing buses “Van Hall”.

    Manager of “Aktiva” Ilija Nikolov informed that it is built a hall of 8,000 square meters for production of bus chassis. Once we build the first facility, he said, in September will start production and will begin the second phase of the plant.
    - Total investment of the first phase of the plant is 3 million euro, one million is participation of Aktiva and two million is loan with favorable interest rate from Comercijalna Bank. The new production plant for welded assemblies for chassis elements for buses “Aktiva” is built on 70,000 square meters expandable to 120,000 square meters. The plant will produce bus chassis for the needs of the Belgian company “Van Hall”, which has built plant for buses in TIDZ “Skopje” in Skopje, said Nikolov.
    He announced that next year will begin with the construction of the second plant for metal structures on the same site in the industrial zone Shtip “West” at the regional road Shtip – Radovish.
    The owner of the Belgian production company buses Philip Van Hall said he was pleased with the cooperation with the company “Aktiva” from Shtip, which built the factory in Bunardzik. He added that currently the company “Van Hall” produces buses for the U.S. market and in the future will expand production for the European market.
    Mayor of Shtip, Ilcho Zahariev noted that “Aktiva” is one of the most successful companies in Shtip. With the opening of the new plant will create new jobs and at the outset will employ 50 and later will perform phase employment, Zacharias said.

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    Dräxlmaier announced 600 new jobs


    Dräxlmaier Kavadarci will open 600 new jobs. The factory management gave this promise today to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski, who visited the largest foreign investment in Macedonia.

    - We had discussions for the next period and they plan to open another 500 to 600 new jobs. It’s good because it means that job seekers from Kavadarci, Negotino, Prilep and Veles will be able to find work here. This will help to improve their standard of living, Stavreski said.
    Stavreski pointed out that Dräxlmaier is a synonym of the Government’s success in attracting investments. The company is the largest employer in Macedonia with 4,040 employees so far.
    - I have the opportunity to see many young people who have found work here and secure their own future. It is an indicator of the success of government policies to attract foreign investments, Stavreski said.
    Stavreski said that the government policies to attract foreign investments will continue and that at least 30 companies as Dräxlmaier are entering the country. In addition, Stavreski said, 10,000 new jobs will be created in the free and industrial zones, resulting in improving the living standards of citizens.

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    “Seavus” expands business in Macedonia, 400 new jobs


    The largest software company in Macedonia “Seavus” continues to expand its business in Macedonia and the development of IT industry in the state and announced an opportunity for over 400 new jobs.

    - As a next step, Seavus targeted eight cities who believes that have real potential of IT personnel. They are Gostivar, Tetovo, Kavadarci, Strumica, Prilep, Radovish, Delcevo and Probishtip. With this Seavus is among the one of the few companies in the country that contribute to the development of smaller cities, investing in the development of domestic IT specialists across the country, according to the company.
    Earlier this year, Seavus opened office in Ohrid after three years of successfully work of the office in Bitola.
    This initiative is part of strategy to expand the company in the wider region of Southeast Europe that already operates offices in Belgrade, Nish and Kragujevac.

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    New manufacturing plant in the industrial zone “Prilep 1″


    In the industrial zone “Prilep 1″ two companies from Prilep began to build a new plant, an investment worth € 500,000.

    - There will be two investors in the new facility that we are building. One of powder products, it is our firm “Godam” and the other “Unikat gradba” will have elements of construction that will construct the indoor works. The building extends to 1,100 m2, says Mile Ilioski, owner of the company “Godam”.
    “Unikat gradba” owner, Tode Ilioski, noted that they would expand their operation in the field of construction, they will also open facility and warehouse for manufacturing of PVC – program.
    - Immediately after completing of the infrastructure, investors came and began construction of its facilities, so we expect all 21 plots- sold last year, to start with construction, says Ilija Kareski, Head of the Department of Urban Planning at the local government in Prilep.
    The first industrial zone Prilep 1 will extend almost all activities in Prilep economy. So far five companies from the graphic, food and knitwear industry have begun construction.
    Source: MIA

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    Neue große Investition die 5000 Arbeitsstellen eröffnen wird

    April 25,2014    
    WEIBO Group sets up Europe’s Largest Integrated Textile and Ready-to-Wear Industrial Zone
       WEIBO Group has made a decision to set up Europe’s largest Integrated Textile and Ready-to-Wear Industrial Zone in the North East region of Macedonia.

       Initial contact with the Government of Macedonia was established at the end of December 2013, and after performing a thorough analysis of various regions and investment opportunities of Macedonia as well as other countries, the North East Region of Macedonia was chosen as most suitable.

       WEIBO Group is the largest Turkish investment in China and its CEO/Owner Selçuk Alperen is VP of Foreign Investors Council in China.

       WEIBO GROUP is a world-wide merchandising-production organization, managing the sourcing requirements of numerous clients. Our global leverage, years of experience, avails our clients of the best product at the best possible price.

       The company specializes in supply chain and production of high quality, time sensitive goods for leading retailers and brands worldwide via an extensive global network. These clients include some of the most significant brands, specialty and department stores, catalog companies and importers in North America, Europe and UK. Our company provides sophisticated, one-stop-shop supply chain solutions to meet customer’s specific needs. From product design, raw material sourcing and production management to quality control, logistics, shipping and other important functions...

       We are a full package service and production company. We offer a completely transparent supply chain, with no hidden costs and encourage our clients to visit our factories which are vertical, as well as some of our other partners, who are material, trim etc… suppliers with whom we work when ever nominated or needed. The company is committed to the highest operational standards, conducting its business with integrity and good corporate governance practices with an emphasis on transparency and accountability. Sustainability considerations are embedded into its corporate policies and risk management systems...

       We have a zero-tolerance policy for any violation or abuse of human rights, child-labor laws and factory safety standards. Weibo Group has a passion for detail, quality, service and the ethical conduct of commerce.

       We have a long proven record, as one of the biggest producer for Massimo Dutti, Cortefiel (Spain), Barutti, Roy Robson, Brax, Hirmer, Peek & Cloppenburg (Germany), Saks 5th avenue, Dockers (USA) and many well known brands in Turkey.

       We own three vertical operations in Cambodia, China and Turkey and we also work closely with some of our partners that are also vertical operations in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala producing wide line of products from Dress shirts, Casual shirts, Chino pants, Suits, golf apparel, specialty knits, shoes, bags and accessories.

       We are first established in Guangzhou China, with roots in European garment industry for more than 20 years, provides European quality standards in design development, client engagement with professional production management skills in Asia and provide our professional service through all stages of the supply chain in manufacturing high quality Men’s clothing.

       Our Asian HQ/ Showrooms with 200 employees located at Guangzhou/ China, factories in China & Cambodia and Istanbul, Turkey, European HQ / Showrooms located in Munich/ Germany and Istanbul /Turkey, who strives to meet client’s needs and expectations with multiple quality choice option is becoming one of the fastest expanding international export-oriented enterprises, collaborating with leading garment brands across Europe, Asia, USA

       Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Down filled and washed Jackets, Coats, Classic and washed Pants are core products of our wide product range, all characterized by style and quality. We own advanced production facilities equipped with the most recent technologies run by qualified and experienced professionals. Factories are located in the PHNOM PENH/ Cambodia and FUJIAN / CHINA, Istanbul, Turkey regions known for its pro-business environment, strong logistic infrastructure ability for the company to recruit and retain experienced employees. These facilities allow us to stay globally competitive in the garment industry.

       We have 5 factories in China & Cambodia,

       • China Leather Accessories, Total production capacity of the factory reaches 9,000,000.00 pc per year with 800 employees

       • China Pants, Total production capacity of the factory reaches 2,100,000.00 pcs per year with with 1200 employees.

       • China Jackets & Coats, Total production capacity of the factory reaches 1,200,000 pcs per year with 1000 employees.

       • Cambodia Shirts, Total production capacity of the factory reaches 4,224,000 pcs per year with 2000 employees.

       • Cambodia Pants, Total production capacity of the factory reaches 10,032,000 pcs per year with 5750 employees.

       Field Presence Technology cannot replace the hands-on management of thousands of details in the field and around the world. Managing the flow of goods from factory floor to distribution is WEIBO GROUP’s core competency. This cannot be accomplished electronically or by remote control. We manage a universe of detail and complexity with proven personnel on the ground in the countries, communities, and factories where our clients' interests lie. This is "field presence."

       There is only one way to manage the business, to have dedicated people on the ground, in all places, all the time.

       The textile and ready-to-wear plant in the region that will be referred to as “SELÇUK ALPEREN WEIBO INDUSTRIAL ZONE”, will encompass, amongst other operations, weaving, spinning, and dying. The project shall start late 2014 and be operational by the end of 2015.

       The initial investment for the project is planned to be 180 million USD, and the area of facilities, plants, and factories to be constructed will cover 240000m2, on land of 400000 m2. The total investment is expected to reach 400 million USD in five years time.

       Investments expected to be made within a four years period in the WEIBO INDUSTRIAL ZONE will contribute to the realization of a textile city in the region and create 4000 to 5000 new jobs.

       As a result of this investment, an export capacity of 600 to 800 million USD is expected to be reached during a five years period.



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    Glaubst du denen? Jetzt im vollen Wahlkampf?

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    Glaubst du denen? Jetzt im vollen Wahlkampf?
    Das letzte ist eine offizielle Pressemitteilung der Firma.

    Hier noch mal eine:

    Македония становиться ближе

    Вернуться в "Новости"

    Дружественная Украинскому народу Македония открывает небывалые перспективы развития совместного бизнеса.



    “ENERGIA” Ltd. diversified company from Kiev, Ukraine, is pleased to announce their investment plans for setting up new production plant in Macedonia.
    The plan consists of construction of production plant for OXI systems (efficient, economically viable and safe method for water and waste disinfection by means of OXI gases) for enterprises manufacturing drinking water, disinfection of waste waters, water sports centers, etc. The production is based on a new technology with highest environmental standards, patented in the United States. OXI disinfection systems are widely use in the Latin American countries, USA and Canada. The targeted location for the new plant is TIDZ Skopje 2, near Skopje city, Republic of Macedonia at an area of 8 hectares.

    The initial investment is planned to be around 18 million USD, and will create 150 new jobs. Main market for the goods will be Middle East, the African continent as well as the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, with an annual expected export of around 20 million EUR.

    The construction of the plant shall start in 2014 and operation shall began in mid 2015.

    About ENERGIA Ltd. (info for the company)

    “Energia” Ltd. is a company from Ukraine, established in Kiev in 1998 and operates in different areas industry.

    Today in our companies operate: 73 employees.

    During the last three years, the company has earned 5 450 000 Euros

    Our production is based on the highest environmental standards.

    Primary activity of holding "Energy" is:

     Design

     Delivery equipment for atomic power stations in Ukraine;

    Ø Investment projects in highly technological industries of Ukraine.

    Ø Develop of new models wind generators - alternative energy sources;

    o Develop of the automated mobile complexes;

    o Develop of the software;

    o Creation, installation and connection wind generators 

     Development and construction;

    Ø We have good experience in reanimation (restoration) of the old, fulfilled oil wells.


    Range of construction of the company wide enough: from traditional, financial accessible accommodation, up to exclusive objects of the international class.



    Apartment houses and micro districts of cities

    Industrial targets (factories and power stations)

    Power stations (hydroelectric power stations, industrial solar

    and wind turbine capacity from 2 mWt to 10 mWt)

    The organization of representations and trading networks.

    Tallness of buildings which construction we took part

    in is above 25 floors.

    OOO ‘ENERGIA’ is a founder and owner of many know-hows in most diverse areas.

    1. Documentation on production of blade for wind generators with rated power under 10 MW and with length equal to 72 m.

    2. Wind generator rated by 10 MW.

    3. Factory for production of blades for industrial high-power wind generators with length up to 72 m.

    4. Metal-air storage battery with extended capacity.

    5. Oil renew Well

    6. Oxi gases generator for water disinfection. Disinfection of drinking quality and industrial water, municipal waste water and other sewage waters, which represent high infectious danger.

    7. Filters for purification of aerial effluents of nitrogen fertilizers enterprises, coal power plants and other enterprises, which produce contaminated air emissions.

    8. Large cooling tower with appliance for removal of moist air that speeds up wearing-out of the tower and decreases its efficiency.

    9. Satellite of universal nanosatellite type.

    10. Method of gravitational orientation of satellite.

    11. Environmentally friendly engine for ultra-lightweight carrier-rocket.

    12. Lightweight carrier-rocket for satellite delivery to low and mean orbits.

    13. Recoverable space aircraft.

    14. Technology of eco-system implementation of ‘Znay-project’.

    Смотрите репортаж с Македонии:

    ????: ?????? ????????? ??????????? ?? ???????? 2 ?????? 18 ???. ???? ???????? ?? ??????? 150 ???? -

    Link: ????????? ??????????? ????? » ???????? ? ???????????? » ??????? ??????? ? ???????????? » ???????? ? ????????? » ????????????? ? ????? » ????????????? ???????????? ???????? ??? ???? » ??????????-???????????? ???????? ??? ???? » ????????????-??????????

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    Werden in dieser Statistik die Beschäftigten in der Subsistenzwirtschaft auch mitgezählt bzw. werden die Kleinbauern auch als Arbeitslose gezählt? Ich glaube eher schon...

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    Werden in dieser Statistik die Beschäftigten in der Subsistenzwirtschaft auch mitgezählt bzw. werden die Kleinbauern auch als Arbeitslose gezählt? Ich glaube eher schon...

    Die informelle Wirtschaft fließt mit ein. Das hatten wir hier schon mal diskutiert mit einem Griechen. D.h. du kannst gerne von 27% ca 10% abziehen dann dürfte das die reale Zahl mittlerweile sein wenn 2010 statt 32% eben 20-25% reale Arbeitslose geschätzt wurden.


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    Das Statistikinstitut in Albanien zum Beispiel zählt die nicht mit, deshalb ist die Arbeitslosenrate dort bei rund 13 Prozent. Unglaublich. : Aber dann macht das Mazedonien ja gut...

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    Zitat Zitat von Ohër Beitrag anzeigen
    Das Statistikinstitut in Albanien zum Beispiel zählt die nicht mit, deshalb ist die Arbeitslosenrate dort bei rund 13 Prozent. Unglaublich. : Aber dann macht das Mazedonien ja gut...
    Ich hatte schon mal gesagt das ich glaube das das nur Theater ist damit man von EU entsprechende Fördergelder kriegt und man dies auch als Argument verwenden könnte "ohne EU Aufnahme hohe Arbeitslosigkeit". Mittlerweile ist viel Zeit vergangen, ich weiß nicht warum die Zahlen nicht bereinigt werden. Das schlimme sind nicht diese Zahlen sondern die Schattenwirtschaft die in dem Link mit 40% geschätzt wird. Und das ist hoch, sehr hoch.


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