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Wirtschaft Mazedoniens - Економија на Македонија - Economy of Macedonia (Rep. of)

Erstellt von MaKeDoNiJa e VeCnA, 12.04.2010, 13:50 Uhr · 1.291 Antworten · 139.825 Aufrufe

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    German "Marquardt" to Open Factory and 600 New Jobs in Macedonia

    April 8, 2014, Tuesday @ 21:40 in Business » INDUSTRY | Views: 16

    Marquardt factory in Rietheim-Weilheim Photo: Wikipedia

    The German company "Marquardt" has launched the construction of its factory in Veles. An investment worth EUR 35m should provide 600 job openings.
    "This is the first foreign investment in Veles. The factory should be opened in the first quarter of 2015", municipality spokesperson Martin Majstorov said at the press conference Tuesday.

    The facility will be located in the industrial zone "Karaslari" and will produce high-tech parts for the German automotive industry, for Merzedes, Audi and BMW.
    Marquardt Group is a family enterprise headquartered in Germany. It is a manufacturer in the field of electro-mechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. Its systems are found in household appliances and other industrial applications. The company has over 6,500 employees worldwide at 12 locations in nine countries on four continents. The annual turnover is more than EUR 680m.

    - See more at: German "Marquardt" to Open Factory and 600 New Jobs in Macedonia -

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    IMF: Macedonian economy with the highest growth in the region and most of the EU countries


    International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a new economic forecast for this year.

    Macedonian economy will have an increase of the gross domestic product of 3.2 percent, which is 0.2 percent more than the previous analysis of IMF.
    This forecast coincides with the government’s which also cited growth of 3.2 percent. IMF predicts growth of 3.4 percent of the Macedonian economy for the next year.
    Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and most of the countries of the European Union are behind us.
    Only UK stands out with growth of 2.9 percent for this year

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    Four major foreign investments in Macedonia


    German company ODW ELEKTRIK investment, which was announced yesterday, is the fourth new foreign investment within the last 15 days.

    Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on the rally in Struga on 25 March said that a German company producing automotive parts and other electronics industries decided to invest in our country, particularly in the Ohrid- Struga region, and plans to hire 800 people.
    Several days later, on 3 April, the leading company for security products, Key Safety Systems, announced to expand its European capacity and plans to open a plant in Macedonia.
    - Airbags will be produced in the initial phase of investment and 800 to 1,000 new jobs will be created. KSS Investment plans in Kicevo is a result of our commitment to provide services to our customers around the world by providing products with the best quality, price and technology, said Jim Scarpa, KSS Senior Vice President of global operations.
    On 5 April, during the great rally of VMRO – DPMNE in Skopje, the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced another foreign investment, the Italian company “Diatec”, which will create 200 jobs.
    Yesterday was revealed that the German company ODW ELEKTRIK will invest in the free economic zone in the Ohrid- Struga region and create 1,000 new jobs and will invest € 15 million.
    Gruevski announced another German company decided to invest in Macedonia, but as he stressed, the company must announce it first, according to the principle in the business world.
    - I expect that soon they will announce the investment, because the decision is taken, and we are informed about it. It will bring 800 employments, along with these 1,000 jobs, is a total of 1,800 employees gradually over the next two to three years in Ohrid – Struga region, President of the Government Nikola gruevski said.
    Additionally, a few days ago in Veles began construction of the factory of the German company “Marquardt GmbH”. It will employ about 600 people.

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    Macedonia Increasingly Attractive for German Investors

    April 10, 2014, Thursday @ 19:12 in Business | Views: 36
    Macedonia Increasingly Attractive for German Investors business Photo:
    Business climate in Macedonia has significantly improved compared to last year, show the results of the survey on the situation in Macedonia, conveyed by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Macedonia for the period February 1 -March 3, 2014.

    "The current economic situation in Macedonia has been estimated as good by 19% of the companies, while 57% have estimated the situation as satisfying, 24% have said the condition is bad and 43% expect improvement in 2014", said the Director of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Macedonia, Martin Knapp.

    He underlined that 43 companies were included in the survey, small and medium size enterprises registered in Germany.

    The results show that most of the companies are satisfied with the country’s tax policy and administration. They indicate that the public should reach the level of efficiency of the tax administration for the country to be able to attract more foreign investments, Knapp said.

    "Macedonia is ranked as an attractive country for investing in comparison to its neighbors… It means that the Government’s measures have been yielding results. Several German companies are already present in Macedonia, setting a solid example to all others that plan to invest here," Knapp said.

    Germany is among the top ten foreign investors in Macedonia, National Bank Vice-Governor Maja Kadievska Vojnovic said.

    Last year the German direct investments in Macedonia were at EUR 27 million. According to the members of the German Chamber, Macedonia is far more attractive for investors compared to the countries in the region.

    - See more at: tors#sthash.ihui1BWM.dpuf

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    Dutch company to invest in Macedonia, it will employ 100 people


    Dutch company R & S Tissue Culture Laboratories will invest € 3 million in Macedonia.

    They start with brownfield investment, then the plan is to spread the production investing in greenfield investment.
    Kanal 5 received an exclusive statement from general manager Edwin Ross. He said, they made decision to expand their business outside the Netherlands and South Africa, because of the good business conditions offered by the Macedonian government, flat taxes and educated workforce.
    - We are Tissue Culture Laboratories, a factory for growing plants in environmentally clean environment without bacteria under laboratory conditions, with our kind of horticulture seeds in a clean environment. It is an agricultural sector, but not in green houses or something like that, but in laboratories. We decided to invest in Macedonia, because there is a good investment climate and we need well educated staff. There is good business climate, flat taxes, and is close to Europe so many customers will be directly supplied, Edwin Ross said to Kanal 5.
    The Dutch are coming to Macedonia at the end of May. The plan is to start to work in Vinica – Kocani region. The production will be exported from Macedonia to Western Europe, says Ross for Kanal 5.
    They will employ 100 people in the next three years, 35 % of them with higher education and needed skills.
    The Dutch company Antura has already announced its investment in Macedonia and started building a factory or seed flowers laboratory. Tissue Culture Laboratories with Antura will make joint Dutch cluster, and this idea should result in an opportunity to join other such companies.

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    Greek company will invest 6 million euros in Macedonia


    Greek company “Harmon Fruit” will invest six million euro in Macedonia. By the end of the year is announced the construction of center for the purchase and packaging of agricultural products and refrigerator in Gevgelija, which will mean investment of three million euro.

    The work plans of the company that is registered in Macedonia under the name “Agritera”, Greek investors today discussed with the Minister for Foreign Investments Jerry Naumof. They made investment decision after consultation with Naumof and representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management.
    - “Agritera” is surprised by the competitive business climate that Macedonia offers to investors and allows export of high quality agricultural products in Europe and beyond, said Minister Naumof.
    Besides the 3 million euro, which this year will be invested in ransom center, “Agritera” plans to invest additional three million euro.
    Owner of “Agritera” Christos Kelesidis says ideal location, favorable climatic conditions, and quality of agricultural products were crucial to making the decision to invest in Macedonia.
    - I want to thank you for your hospitality and working conditions that you enabled us. We have great experience in this business and we want to change the way of working in your country in agriculture and manufacturing. Here, we want to make big factory that will be competitive in the European market, said Kelesidis.
    “Harmon Fruit” is one of the largest Greek companies for purchase of agricultural products with 20 years of experience. Its products are placed on the markets in Europe, Middle East, and Russia.

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    Führst Du hier Selbstgespräche? Mach mir Sorgen um Dich!

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    Führst Du hier Selbstgespräche? Mach mir Sorgen um Dich!
    Klar. :

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    ODW Elektrik to open Macedonian cables plant
    By Jaroslaw Adamowski
    Posted 17 April 2014
    German cable and wire manufacturer ODW Elektrik is planning to set up a new production facility in Macedonia’s Ohrid-Struga free economic zone, Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced at a press conference.

    Macedonia’s government and the company completed negotiations on April 11, according to Gruevski. Under the plan, ODW Elektrik will build its first Macedonian plant on a 10,000 square metre site. The factory is expected to become operational by the end of this year, and it will create about 1,000 new jobs.

    The project in south-western Macedonia is estimated to be worth about €15m.

    Based in Steinau an der Straße, the manufacturer operates three production facilities in Germany, Ukraine and Hungary. The company makes its output with the use of various plastics, including PA and PTFE.

    Ludwig Bathon, chief executive of ODW Elektrik, said that Macedonia’s labour force and the support provided by state institutions were among the reasons which convinced the manufacturer to launch its greenfield investment in Macedonia.

    ODW Elektrik is forecasting revenues of €75.2m for 2014, an increase of 3.4% from €72.75m a year earlier.

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    Jetzt sind Wahlen, Zoran, sei mal ein wenig sparsamer mit den Propaganda-Meldungen. : Was jetzt gelabert wird, ist nicht mal halb so wert wie sonst. :

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    über die makedonier her ziehen aber danach in die rep.makedonien fahren zum schoppen,casino oder zum zahnarzt:

    immer mehr griechen aus nordgriechenland fahren in die rep makedonien zum schoppen oder tanken oder zum arztbesuch weil es einfach dort günstiger ist als in nordgriechenland.

    wenn sie wieder zürück sind meckern sie wieder bestimmt über die rep makedonien wie man auch hier im bf sehen kann

    Greeks Head to Skopje for Gas, Dentists and Casinos

    Cars from across northern Greece are queuing outside Skopje, while it was found that the Greek state has suffered more than 13 million euros from sales losses just in the prefecture of Kilkis.

    The northern Greek prefecture of Macedonia is suffering, not so much due to the irredentist policy followed by their neighbor, Skopje, but due to the economic decline.

    Hundreds of thousands of people from northern Greece are moving to Skopje due to the financial crisis, in search of cheaper goods and services and the gods of fortune. This mass exodus has a severe impact on the local and national economy, driving some local tradesmen and professionals out of business. The financial drain of Greece is methodical. The unbeatable prices, the unique products or services but most of all the luxurious casinos that can be found in FYROM are taking a great toll on Greece. Skopje which seems to be a small Las Vegas, located right at the countrys borders, lured in more than one million Greeks to spend their money during 2013.

    Anyone who visits the casinos also has the chance to fill their tanks up with cheap gas, do some shopping and even visit the local grocery shops. Others receive medical and cosmetic services from experts in Skopje, while family men and retirees chose to settle permanently in the towns of the region, while at the same time the frontier zone of Greece wastes away due to the lack of such resources. Meanwhile, the distress calls of local bodies for the State to take action in order to limit the economic bleeding are still awaiting response.

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    über die makedonier her ziehen aber danach in die rep.makedonien fahren zum schoppen,casino oder zum zahnarzt:
    Was willst du uns jetzt damit sagen? Viele Türken kommen auch auf die griechischen Inseln um Alkohol zu trinken, was bei euch ja nur beschränkt möglich ist.

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