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Bosnian Liberation Theology

Erstellt von Zmaj, 20.02.2010, 14:10 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 647 Aufrufe

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    Bosnian Liberation Theology

    Bosnian Liberation Theology is based on popular populist teachings of the Great Kunta Hajji Bosnewsky and his spiritual revolutionary struggle for freedom, independence and dignity for all the natives of Bosnia and Herzegovina regardless of their confession or ethnicity, and against neocolonialism and modern slavery.

    Bosnian Liberation Theology is continuing the anti-imperialist, anti-slavery and anti-exploitation spiritual and social struggle of the Prophets of Monotheism (Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed) against the Emperors, selfish rulers and ruling classes of their times; the 19th and 20th century Marxist and proletarian struggle against all forms of modern slavery and system of social classes; the WWII Antifascist People's Liberation Movement/Struggle against Axis powers, as well as traditional Franciscan and Sufi struggle against feudalism, injustice, colonialism, imperialism and exploitative capitalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Bosnian Liberation Theology takes side of the paupers, working class, peasants, all the natives as colonial subjects, exploited masses, socially disadvantaged classes, inferiors, slaves. It takes side of the oppressed - of the "Mazlums".

    It is based on Utopian Socialist dream with the Socialist Native Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as its political goal - the best and the most natural solution for the natives of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    "The BOSNIAN DREAM" is a utopian socialist dream - the sweetest dream. It is "the right path". The "Holy Spirit" of the Bosnian Liberation Theology is Revolutionary spirit.

    NIKAD ROBOM ("never a slave", or "never a merchandise"), as well as "Death to Imperialism - Freedom to the people" are the slogans of the Bosnian Liberation Theology.

    Mystical transcending of "the Dualism" is crucial for both ideological and spiritual initiation and right path to the core of the truth of the teaching called "Bosnian Liberation Theology".

    The dualism between "materialism" and "spirituality" has to be transcended, because every struggle for economic and social justice, for dignity, freedom, every struggle against tyranny, slavery and exploitation - is a spiritual struggle.

    This false dilemma, this Dualism, has to be transcended in our minds and hearts. Our dream has to be one, our faith has to be revolutionized in order to achieve Socialist Utopia and the Second Coming of the Communism.

    Kunta Hajji Bosnewsky

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