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Bosnien:Islamische Architektur

Erstellt von Popeye, 21.05.2008, 20:37 Uhr · 29 Antworten · 13.015 Aufrufe

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    Pfeil Bosnien:Islamische Architektur

    Arnaudija Džamija/Mosque

    Built by Hasan Efendija Minister of Finance of Bosnian Pasaluk

    Date: 1595

    Destroyed: 1993

    Behram-Efendijina Džamija/Mosque

    Date: 1560

    Destroyed: 1993

    Rebuilt: 2006

    Ferhad-Pašina Džamija/Mosque

    Built by Ferhad-Paša Sokolović

    Date: 1579

    Destroyed: 1993

    Statues: Under Construction

    Gazanferija (Gazanfer-Begova) Džamija/Mosque

    Built by Hasan-Efendije Defterdara

    Date: 1760

    Destroyed: 1993

    Status: Under Reconstruction

    Hadži Omerova or Dolačka Džamija/Mosque

    Date: 1686

    Destroyed: 1993

    Hadži Osmanija or Talina Džamija/Mosque

    Date: 1740

    Destroyed: 1993

    Hadži Zulfikareva or Tulekova Džamija/Mosque

    Date: 1760

    Destroyed: 1993

    Mehdi-Begove Džamije/Mosque

    Date: 1630

    Destroyed: 1993


    Opstina Bosanska Gradiska/Gradiska:

    Bosanska dubica:




    Das sieht ja ma hammer aus!!!

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    Gradacac castle

    Kapija on its way towards the castle

    Historical view of the city

    recontruction of the castle in 2003

    after recontruction

    Karadjoz-bey mosque

    This is considered to be the most beautiful mosque in the region of Herzegovina. With it’s big dome and high minaret it is also the biggest one. It was built by the Turkish architect Kodza Mimar Sinan in 1557. The size of the interior is 13,4x13,4 meters. This one, like all the other mosques in Mostar didn’t get pass the hand of the war. In the second world war it was severely damaged, and in the last Yugoslav-war it was almost completely destroyed. However, today the mosque is rebuilt and ready to proudly once again receive visitors.

    Aladža (Hasan Nazirova) Džamija/Mosque

    Date: 1550

    Built by Hasan Nezirov

    Destroyed: 1992

    Under Reconstruction

    Šehova Džamija or Kadi Osman-efendijina Džamija/Mosque

    Date: ????

    Builder:Kadi Osman-efendijina a judge.

    Destroyed: 1992

    Sahat Kula Mehmed-paše Kukavice

    Date: 18th Century

    Builder: Mehmed-paše Kukavice

    Careva Džamija or Sultan Bajezida Valije II Džamija/Mosque

    Date: 1500

    Destroyed: 1992

    Džamija and Medresa Mehmed-paše Kukavice

    Date: 1751 and 1772

    Builder: Mehmed-paše Kukavice

    Destroyed: 1992

    Ghazi Husrev-beg's Madrasa

    Date: 1537

    Builder: Ghazi Husrev-beg

    As an architectural monument this madrasa belongs to the most beautiful monuments of the old Sarajevo, just as magnificent as the mosque.
    The front of the Kurshumli Madrasa, with its entrance and doorjambs, is higher than the building of the madrasa, which, due to its exceptional beauty, leaves a strong impression on any visitor. Above the door, lined up in symmetrical rows, are the stalactites that totally take up the vaulted recess within the massive doorjambs that face upwards. On both sides of the doorjambs, hewed out of solid rock, are two polygon recesses each of them surpassed by a system of stalactite that gradually becomes narrower. Above the entrance door of the madrasa is a stone tablet 180 X 60 cm in size, which has an engraved inscription written in verse and in Arabic language.



    Gradacac castle

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    Kriva cuprija (Crooked Bridge) Mostar

    Beside the famous Stari Most (Old Bridge), a genuine symbol of the town destroyed in 1993, there is another ancient bridge in Mostar: the Kriva cuprija (or the Crooked Bridge). It crosses the Rabobolja creek, a right-bank affluent of the Neretva River. The exact date of its construction and the name of its founder are not known.

    Kriva cuprija is a stone one-arch bridge of small dimension and closely resembles the Stari Most. The arch is a perfect semicircle 8.56m in width and 4.15m in height. The frontage and vault are made of regular stone cubes incorporated into the horizontal layers all along the vault. The space between vault, frontal walls and footpath is filled with cracked stone. The bridge footpath and the approaching roads are paved with cobblestones, as is the case with the main roads in the town. Stone steps enable people to ascend to the bridge either side. The war damaged it heavily and finaly the floods of December 2000 destroyed this bridge.
    A reconstruction project has been initiated by UNESCO, financed by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The project was completed in the year 2001.

    Karadzozbey mosque i wrote more about it in a one previous post

    Front yard of the Koski Mehmed pasha mosque (Mostar)


    Koski Mehmed pasha’s mosque

    Completed in 1618, this mosque is the second biggest in Mostar. It is slightly smaller than Karadjoz-bey mosque but non the less of a similar character. The interior is 12,4x12,4 meters. It is placed just 150 meters north of the Old bridge on the very edge of the river bank. That position gives an unforgettable view over the Old town from the mosque’s minaret. This mosque too was almost destroyed in the recent war but is now rebuilt.

    Blagaj is a pilgrimage site as it holds a maquam (a shrine) sacred to the Sufis around the world. Legend says that a fourteenth century Baktashi saint Sari Saltik visited Blagaj decades prior to the Ottoman armies arrival. His shrines can also be found in Romania (Babadag), Macedonia (near Ohrid) and in Albania (Kruja).



    Bugojno Mosque in the evening:

    Mosque in village outside of Bugojno:

    Jajce Mosque in middle of reconstruction



    Bosanska krupa:

    Bosanski Petrovac:

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    Sanski Most:



    Donji Vakuf:

    Gornji vakuf:


    Novi Travnik:





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    Registriert seit
    sehr schöne bilder

    die ferhadija find ich war aber die schönste moschee in BiH.

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    Vorallem sehr schöne Architektur!!!

    Ich hab z.b solche Moscheen wie das hier noch gar nicht gesehen:


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    Avatar von Mr.Mackey

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    Der Islam macht sich bereit für die Zukunft

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    Pfui Volci, diese Moschee is ja ma der HAMMER!

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    1. Es gibt viel zu viele Gotteshäuser(Das betrifft sowohl Moscheen als auch Kirchen), in Sarajewo wird gerade mal ein Drittel genutzt und die anderen stehen nur unnötig dar kosten Geld und nehmen Bauland ein, das sowieso schon rar ist
    2. Finde ich die neuen Moscheen scheiße, muss ich echt sagen, genau wie die neuen Kirchen aus Beton usw. Das sieht richtig kacke aus.
    Am schönsten sind die ganz alten, die noch aus Holz sind und die alten steinernden. Das ist noch wahre Architektur, nicht wie dieser möchtegern futuristischer Style

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