Man sieht es ja immer wieder, wie das abläuft in Albanien.

Der Manager vom Rogner Hotel musste deshalb auch überstürzt vor einem Monat das Land verlassen.

Two Christian missionaries engaged with Muslim young women
DURRES, Dec 28 (ATA) - By S. Gjordeni: Two Canadian missionaries of Christian religion found their love in two Muslim young women in Durres. Patric and David, missionaries of a Christian sect, operating in Durres, did not resist the beauty and simplicity of two young women from Durres and fell in love though they were Muslims. "Such engagement and marriage are normal in Albania," the young men from Canada said adding "they are happy that the religion has not divided but joined people in Albania." "This is a sign of emancipation and vitality of your people, but even of tolerance and understanding between religious beliefs in Albania," Patric said. People of different beliefs get married all over the world but Albania is an example which deserves respect to that end, he added. Patric and David will go one day to Canada with their Muslim spouses from Durres. "This will not be a concern for their families and their religious believe because love does not consider any religion."