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Famir Sejdiu annulliert Besuch in Mazedonien!!

Erstellt von Balkanese, 28.05.2009, 12:33 Uhr · 2 Antworten · 561 Aufrufe

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    Famir Sejdiu annulliert Besuch in Mazedonien!!

    Fatmir Sejdiu annulliert Besuch in Mazedonien!

    Sejdiu cancels Macedonia visit
    28 May 2009 | 10:10 | Source: Tanjug
    PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu has canceled his planned trip to Skopje after the Macedonian side altered the character of the visit, Sejdiu’s cabinet announced.

    Media in Priština reported yesterday that the character of today's planned visit had changed from an official visit to a private one without state ceremony, which was why the visit had been called off.

    According to a statement from the president’s cabinet, Sejdiu received an invitation from new Macedonian President Gjorgje Ivanov to make a one-day visit to Skopje on May 13, which he accepted the same day, but “in the meantime, because the Macedonian side has changed the character of the visit, President Sejdiu has canceled the visit to Macedonia planned for May 28."

    Priština media stated that, according to a copy of the invitation which they have seen, the Kosovo president had been invited to make a state visit to Macedonia.

    “President Sejdiu and the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo remain committed to good neighborly relations with all countries in the region, particularly with its neighbors, giving those relations the weight and gravity they deserve,” the statement concluded.

    Priština media reported yesterday morning that the plan had been for today’s meeting between Ivanov and Sejdiu to be held in Ohrid without an official ceremony, not at the Macedonian president’s official residence in Skopje.

    Albanian dailies said that this was another Macedonian “diplomatic gaffe” towards Kosovo, in the wake of the snub to Sejdiu for Ivanov’s inauguration ceremony.

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    und die mazedonische Präsidentschaft "bedauert" es.....

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    In der Mazedonischen government Website ist die Albanische Sprache nicht vorhanden!

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