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Tirana - Bauprojekte

Erstellt von Arbanasi, 24.10.2009, 20:06 Uhr · 719 Antworten · 198.639 Aufrufe

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    sehr viele gebäude und richtig schöne anstatt nur solche wie es die meisten in de sind sind die nicht nur viereckig und glas

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    Zitat Zitat von Arbanasi Beitrag anzeigen
    Albanien wird noch extra turismus für die sehenswerte bauprojekte bekommen eine sehr gute idee.

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    Zitat Zitat von BigBoss Beitrag anzeigen
    Dämnächst wird das hier in Tirana gebaut, und der bau hat schon in jahr 2006 angefangen muste in sommer diese jahres fertig werden, die Albaner glauben das gleich wirklich...!!!

    ist da jemand neidisch hol dir trost vom belgrade un erzähl weiter das tirana hauptstadt von balkan wird und die schönste sein wird.

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    Zitat Zitat von Fatmir_Nimanaj Beitrag anzeigen
    qvar budall koken njerzit
    skan pare buke me ngran ose femijet mi shkollue e po ndertojn kisha dhe xhamia
    let luten tek zoti sa dojn , aj ska mi ndimue kurr ne qoftese nuk i pervjelin monget e kmishes
    mir e ki por apet ide e mir eshte paramendo sa turizmin ka me pas shqiperia per keto projekte qdo njeri ka qef per mi vizetu kto projekte per ta ber ndo nje foto ne at projekt.

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    Zitat Zitat von Arbanasi Beitrag anzeigen
    TIRANA | Archea Tower| 85m | 25 fl | U/C
    Pas rrethimit te zonės ku do tė ndertohet kulla rreth dicka me shume se 1 vit me pare...muajt e fundit ka filluar hapja e gropes.

    .................................................. ...

    Pėr kujtesė:

    The 85 meters high building provides a complex and various functional program: six underground levels for parking, the first four floors for commercial spaces, seven floors for offices and the last eight for dwellings. A luxurious hotel is placed on the top of the building from which a big panorama can be enjoyed. The project, entitled ″4 ever green″, has emerged for the peculiar attention paid to the insertion of the project inside the urban context and for the creation of public spaces in the ground floor, gained thanks to the tightening of the base of the building.
    More then referring to the contemporary skyscrapers characterized by glass and steel, the building refers to the traditional masonry of towers that animated the historical landscape. So as in the movements even the skin of the building reinvents the tradition elaborating the pattern of the ancient tissues of the Tirana land, changing them in a texture which creates vibrating and ethereal fronts.

    Kulla po ndertohet ne rrugen "Deshmoret e 4 shkurtit".(Ne te majte te fotos)

    “ARCHEA ASSOCIATI” – Italy, wins the competition for the Tower Complex in “Dėshmorėt e 4 Shkurtit” street.

    In “Sheraton“ Hotel took place the international competition of the ideas for the architectonic project for the Tower Complex in “Dėshmorėt e 4 Shkurtit” street in front of the Orthodox Cathedral to be selected according to the study “Urban Study for the Center of the City of Tirana”. In this competition presented their ideas 4 studios, among which also an Albanian studio. The studios were:

    “SON PROJEKTIM” – Albania


    “BOLLES+WILSON” – Germany

    “XAVEER DE GEYTER” – Belgium

    After examining their ideas, the jury claimed “ARCHEA ASSOCIATI” – studio Italy as winner of this competition. In conclusion, the Mayor of the Municipality of Tirana Edi Rama, also Chairman of the Jury, after announcing the winner expressed that:

    “We had a long discussion which was focused on two projects, on the project of the Italian studio “ARCHEA ASSOCIATI” and on the project of the Belgium studio “XAVEER DE GEYTER”. It was a very long discussion and practically the jury could not get consensus. Then it was voted and with a result 5 with 4 “ARCHEA ASSOCIATI” studio won.

    I wish to thank all participants, all members of the jury for their work and in particular the friends from abroad Albania with a very high dedication and personalization. I wish to thank the competitors. Unfortunately, in these cases one must always win, but as well as experience has shown and as well as Peter Wilson himself is one of the architects that have contributed for the city of Tirana, though he was presented as winner of the second position in the first competition, now I am convinced that even “XAVEER DE GEYTER” as well will continue to work with the city of Tirana and thanking everyone I am convinced that with this international competition we bring a new contribution to our city“.

    Marco Casamonti (one of the members of the Italian winner studio “ARCHEA ASSOCIATI”)

    “I am excited to be here in front of you and I think that if I had been a member of the jury it would have been very difficult to choose, because there were four very good projects. But now I am very happy that I had the chance to give my contribution, but of course not just me, but also all those that work in my studio and who work with devotion in order that it will be built as soon as possible.

    It is an interesting situation because Tirana is in the way of development to become a big capital city and we are very happy to give our little contribution for this development. But there is another reason for my happiness, as 50 years ago here, an architect from Florence projected a very important building for Tirana and I hope to continue on his traces”.

    Stefano Boeri, Chairman of the Jury

    “It was difficult for the jury to evaluate the proposals that were presented. We tried to define a list of the common criteria and in fact we want to encourage the first proposal presented by “SON PROJEKTIM” for the project of the facade of this new building, as an interrelation with the other part of the city. Regarding the second proposal by “ARCHEA ASSOCIATI” we evaluated the sculptural aspect dimension of the building and the prospect for its capacity to absorb the surrounding complexity.

    Regarding the third proposal from “BOLLES +WILSON” we evaluated the personality of the building and the internal limpidity of the interior and regarding the fourth proposal presented by “XAVEER DE GEYTER” it seemed very innovatory in its effort to upturn the report between the structure and the facade. “


    The Albanian studio “Son Projektim” considers the center of the city as a transformation object. This studio foresees a glass tower where images of the tree and wood of the tree meet. These images are applied on glass. It has chosen this program and mainly downstairs it has parking, then shopping centers, offices, hotels and apartments.

    Another important element in the project of this studio is “Rinia“ park, which is a park where a great green space prevails. In the project it is foreseen a commercial gallery with 5 five levels (4 upstairs and one downstairs). And also the restaurant in the top floor.

    The tower conceived according to this project exists within and thus it is a kind of city within the city.

    The offices conceived as such will have the possibility of diffusion with a space 50-90 m2.

    The residencies are placed in the upper floors and conceived in four levels 2 +1 and 3 +1 for apartments. It is foreseen the hotel exclusive part with rooms 40-130 m2.

    Parking is conceived in three levels, -2-4 underground related with the same lift.

    The facade is conceived with glass laminated and is perceived through enlightening. In order not to burden green space with a great volume, it aims a simple structure in the urban component.

    Regarding the entrance in “Dėshmorėt e 4 Shkurtit”, it brings to the commercial gallery, which is the most exposed part. Bars and restaurants are considered as private in this project.


    The Italian studio again concentrates on the idea of the tree creating a sculpture, dividing in 4 volumes the vertical capacity of the tower and these volumes that are fragmented create a form of sculpture.

    The Italian studio ”Archea Associati” in its project starts from the concept of the well-known Italian architect Brazini who has projected also the two axes of the city. They keep to the idea of classicism considering that the Italian identity prevails and in particular roman structure being in a certain manner a continuity of those. They want to give the idea of architectural spread. For them the urban situation is very important.

    Based on the project there are two monolith points and the projectors of the studio in their project aim for a building so the city repeats.

    For them it is important the study of urban space and of free spaces. Also greening must be reflected in the building. They have conceived the excision of the tower in four parts, but also have considered public space. They tent to give a clear structure.

    The Italian studio aims to present this building not as a skyscraper, but as a tower where parts of the tower have different identities. The floors are conceived the same.

    In their project parking is an important element and for them does not exist a normal parking. The mechanic parking is considered difficult because there exists the possibility of interruption of power.

    In the ground floor are projected 3-4 levels, the ground floor according to them is important because it correlates with pedestrians, with the street etc. Every part can be used for various activities. Every activity has the lift, the lift for the commercial part, for housing, offices etc, on top there is the hotel, there is a lift for the hotel, for the swimming pool from which there is view of the city, of the mountains etc.

    The building is a simple structure conform the character of Albania.

    According to the projectors if it was projected with glass this will be expensive cost in respect of power.


    The German studio bases mainly on the idea of Mondrian, a very simple and achieved play of the full superficies and of the empty superficies and had a quiet and simple architectural idea.

    According to the projectors of this studio if we discuss for the character of the city we cannot judge through digital images.

    The tower conceived according to this studio is a tower that needs no under text. According to them, this building must be an image, a clear icon.

    The tower is conceived in two parts:

    The frontal part directed to the park

    The other part from the west

    The building is conceived as a white and black building. They aim a simple form to occupy the entire superficies and respect the project. The urban space is the street.

    A great importance for the projectors has the vivacity of the building. According to them in Tirana it can be lived even in small spaces.

    The projectors of the studio Bolles+ Wilson know where can be experimented. They know borders. They look at two different systems to secure the building from land shakes, seismologic shakes. Yellow image prevails in the top. According to them it is the image of the painter Albert that they have used for the walls. The stabilizing walls near the building compose bordering.

    Meanwhile that according to the plan of Mondrian the facade is conceived with glass. The lift must be external, according to the plan of Mondrian because they want to occupy the center.

    The columns, walls are interrelated with functional levels. According to them a street with trees is a pleasure for the summer period.

    The facade is conceived with stable columns and creates space in the entrance.

    Regarding the system of windows it is not uniform.

    In the center of their conceiving there is the image of the Albanian jublet (a traditional folk Albanian jacket) and they have tried to present this in the tissue of their facade. Thus, the metaphor is the Albanian jublet, black color and then the bright part.

    They tend to bring a phrase from the famous novel of the writer Ismail Kadare entitled “Kronikė nė gur- Chronicle on stone” and the phrase they aim to is “U ngrit njė sfinks” – “A sphinx was raised”. There is another raise in the project in the southern and northern part and it is of glass, it is a standard system.

    Thus it is an architecture that resembles to a rug.

    They thought to bring lodges in the inhabitation part and as shelters that do not permit sunrays when it is hot. The lift in the down part. There is also the lift for the apartments, for the offices, for the hotel.

    The idea of layers and the black and white performance are two elements that are important for this studio. The plans are simple. The lane for vehicles coming out is 5-6 m. The image “icon” is very important for them.


    “XAVEER DE GEYTER” studio made a structural volume within, clenched by a system of columns. This studio does not contain to tradition, but keeps in mind the development of the city. According to them it is an element of the master plan.

    Regarding the form they think of a simple economy where buildings are still in a construction phase. They think of a sculptural shape that is grasped by a simple concrete structure. Concrete columns 30-30 are foreseen.

    The building conceived according to them has a central part toward the yard. The facades are of glass with various colors. Not the entire glass part is transparent.

    The shape does not correlate directly with this program.

    The projectors aimed to create a shelter 50 cm to secure shadow and a bow in the top to secure the elegance of the building.

    There exist 4 facades. There is no real frontal facade. There is a combination of the two elements. The escalators behind the frontal part brig to the shopping center.

    The projectors tried to create a free plan for the shopping center in a manner that they must be as shops apart. Also the projectors of this studio did not decide if it would be used normal concrete or white one.

    In this conceiving we have to do with a facade that incurves behind and in the upper levels is not visible. There can be made a shadow performance.

    The ambition of the urban plan makes up a contrast regarding the square around. The yard is not conceived as a public area, but as a half-public space would say the projectors of this studio.

    Parking is conceived 3m wide. In level –1 there is the shopping center.

    According to the studio the yard’s part must be with glass tiles, it has a level for the garage in levels –3, -4. There are 170 cars that can be parked. Also, it was projected a simple flower park, the floor with glass tiles, green color walls. The other levels are projected as open commercial superficies.

    According to the projectors the planning program of commercial centers is open.

    There are planned duplex apartments, if it is necessary. In the upper floor there is a swimming pool connected with the restaurant.

    The projectors of this studio are sure that it can be built also with simple systems. For them it is important the dimensioning of the columns.

    The frame part must be considered for transparence. The thickness of the floor in the facade is 30 cm. The height of the floors is diverse, thus higher than in the commercial part than in the residential one. Hanging walls are behind the glass facade.

    It is a regular structure that considers seismic criteria.

    RolexAL (SSC)

    Die Bilder sind etwas älter

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    Sheshi "Nėnė Tereza"


    Ols (

    Sheshi "Nėnė Tereza", Konkurs pėr rikonstruksionin e tij

    TIRANE - Bashkia e Tiranės nisi sot punimet pėr rehabilitimin e sheshit “Nėnė Tereza”. Kryetari i Bashkisė, Edi Rama, tha se, "sheshi do tė jetė i transformuar dhe cilėsisht njė hapėsirė urbane".
    “Kjo nuk ėshtė njė betejė lineare, ėshtė njė betejė e nisur nė bashkėpunim me qeverinė italiane prej disa vitesh. Do tė ketė njė konkurs pėr sheshin “Nėnė Tereza”, pėr tė bėrė tė mundur qė me rehabilitimin e rrugės sė parkut tė Liqenit dhe me domosdoshmėrinė qė tė lehtėsohet lėvizja e makinave dhe qytetarėve nė rrugėn e hyrjes nė park nė pjesėn pas sheshit “Nėnė Tereza”, si dhe pėr tė bėrė tė mundur qė edhe vetė sheshi “Nėnė Tereza” tė jetė lehtėsisht i kalueshėm, lehtėsisht i pastrueshėm dhe njėkohėsisht i transformuar nė njė hapėsirė urbane”, tha Rama.

    “Kjo ėshtė njė ndėrhyrje e kėrkuar nga qytetarėt e Tiranės dhe ne po e plotėsojmė kėrkesėn e tyre. Sheshi do tė jetė tėrėsisht i transformuar”, u shpreh Rama.

    Tashmė nė sheshin “Nėnė Tereza” po operohet me vėnien e pllakave tė reja, ndėrkohė qė punimet po zhvillohen paralelisht me ato nė sheshin “Skėndėrbej”.

    Asfaltohet sheshi “Nėnė Tereza”, sė shpejti konkursi pėr rikualifikimin urban

    Bashkia e Tiranės nisi ndėrhyrjen nė sheshin “Nėnė Tereza”, ndėrhyrje e cila ka si qėllim asfaltimin e sheshit nė rreth 12 mijė metra katrorė, deri nė zhvillimin sė shpejti tė konkursit tė planifikuar nė bashkėpunim me Qeverinė Italiane, pėr transformimin cilėsor tė kėtij sheshi dhe zbatimin e njė projekti tė mirėfilltė, i cili do t’i jepte sheshit “Nėnė Tereza”, imazhin e njė sheshi tė standarteve europiane.

    Duke folur para mediave tė pranishme mbi kėtė ndėrhyrje, e cila vjen edhe si kėrkesė e qytetarėve tė kryeqytetit dhe qė do tė lehtėsojė maksimalisht trafikun dhe qarkullimin e mjeteve nė kėtė zonė, Kryebashkiaku Rama u shpreh: “Sikundėr e kemi planifikuar, nė bashkėpunim me Qeverinė Italiane, prej disa vitesh, do tė ketė njė konkurs pėr sheshin “Nėnė Tereza”, por ndėrkohė me rehabilitimin e rrugėve tė Parkut tė Liqenit dhe me domosdoshmėrinė qė tė lehtėsohet maksimalisht lėvizja e makinave dhe qytetarėve nė aksin qė lidh rrugėn e hyrjes nė Park, me pjesėn tjetėr pas sheshit “Nėnė Tereza”, si edhe pėr tė bėrė tė mundur qė vetė sheshi “Nėnė Tereza”, tė jetė lehtėsisht i kalueshėm, lehtėsisht i pastrueshėm dhe njėkohėsisht i transformuar edhe cilėsisht nė njė hapėsirė urbane, ne po bėjmė kėtė ndėrhyrje, njė ndėrhyrje e kėrkuar edhe nga qytetarėt, tė cilėve sot, kemi kėnaqėsinė t’u themi se kėrkesa e tyre po plotėsohet”.

    Bashkia - Arkivi i lajmeve

    Top Channel - Video: Shtrohet sheshi ?Nėnė Tereza?

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    Ish-Kombinati i Tekstileve rikthehet park pėr ēlodhje

    Mbaron agonia dy-dekadike e Ish-Kombinatit tė Tekstileve. I gjithė kompleksi do tė ketė tashmė njė pamje tjetėr, falė ndėrhyrjes sė njė projekti tė Bashkisė sė Tiranės. Ai plotėson idenė e shumė-qendėrsisė sė metropolit mė tė madh tė shqiptarėve, Tiranės. Kjo epokė e re e zhvillimit urban ka lidhje me projektin e Bashkisė sė kryeqytetit, “Rikualifikime Urbane”, qė pas rehabilitimit tė sheshit “Garibaldi”, synon tė transformojė fasadat e objekteve tė ansamblit arkitektonik tė ish-Kombinatit tė Tekstileve.

    Dihet se kėto fasada mbartin vlera historike dhe arkitektonike tė njohura, duke qenė tė pasura me elementė dekorativė. Sipėrfaqja totale e cila do tė rikonstruktohet ėshtė 3200 metra katrorė. Rikonstruksioni do tė kryhet duke iu referuar elementėve bazė tė pėrdorura nė ndėrtimin origjinal, qė ėshtė zbatuar qysh nė kohėn e ndėrtimit tė objekteve. Me anė tė kėsaj logjike, ėshtė respektuar origjinaliteti i patjetėrsueshėm dhe vlerat historike, monumentale dhe arkitektonike tė kėtyre lloj objekteve.

    Rikonstruksioni i fasadave tė objekteve, nė sheshin “Garibaldi” do tė jetė ndoshta hapi i parė drejt rikonsiderimit dhe vlerėsimit tė hapėsirave tė brendshme tė ish - kompleksit tė “Kombinatit tė Tekstileve”, si njė territor i cili do tė pėrmbajė kėtej e tutje brenda tij, energji pozitive zhvillimi, tė cilat koha i ka lėnė nė harresė.

    Ky projekt pėrfshin edhe rikualifikimin urban tė hapėsirave publike, nė zonėn pėrbri ish-Kombinatit tė Tekstileve. Siē dihet, vendndodhja e hapėsirės nė fjalė, pėrkon me njė prej hyrjeve tė Tiranės, e pikėrisht me atė jug-perėndimore, sipas aksit rrugor tė rrugės sė “Kavajės”. Hapėsira ėshtė totalisht e amortizuar dhe jashtė ēdo lloj funksioni. Kanė qenė vetė qytetarėt, tė cilėt e kanė orientuar investimin e Bashkisė drejt kėtij destinacioni.

    Ndėrhyrja do tė pėrfshijė transformimin e 5500 metrave katrorė nė sipėrfaqe tė gjelbėruar dhe pedonale. Projekti i ri ėshtė krejt nė harmoni me sheshin “Garibaldi”, tashmė i rehabilituar.

    Pemėt qė do tė mbillen do tė jenė dekorative, si nė stinėn e lulėzimit ashtu dhe nė atė tė zhveshjes nga gjethet. Nė kėtė hapėsirė do tė mbillen rreth 116 rrėnjė pemė.

    Kėshtu, ky park i vogėl i gjelbėruar do t’u ofrojė banorėve dhe vizitorėve disa panorama interesante sipas stinėve. Nė kėtė hapėsirė do tė vendosen edhe 64 stola tė integruar, me hapėsirėn dhe nėn hijen e pemėve.

    Ndriēimi ėshtė element i rėndėsishėm nė tė tilla hapėsira. Ėshtė menduar, qė pėr shkak tė vendndodhjes pranė aksit rrugor dhe pedonal tė rrugės sė “Kavajės”, tashmė tė ndriēuar, tė pėrdoret pikėrisht po i njėjti ndriēim edhe pėr hapėsirėn e re tė gjelbėruar. Gjithashtu duke qenė e gjitha hapėsirė pėr banorėt dhe kėmbėsorėt, trajtimi me gjelbėrim masiv, do ta bėnte mė tėrheqėse dhe mė ēlodhėse e gjithashtu edhe mė piktoreske.


    Bashkia - Lajmet e Ditarit

    Flickr Photo Download: Sheshi Garibaldi / Panoramic

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    Kisha Ortodokse



    Die Blaue Farbe stört nbisschen. Man hätte es Weiß lassen, oder wie geplant eine Glaskuppel drauf bauen sollen.

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    TID Tower


    Hoffe dass dieses hässliche Gebäude Rechts neben TID, bald weg ist.


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